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Translation and authentication services: Turkish, Arabic, English and French translation

Imtiyaz is one of the companies certified by the notary public (Noter) and the Turkish courts in the field of translation. In its structure there are 5 sworn and certified translators for various languages in the Notary and a sworn translator in the Istanbul court. It has more than one certified sworn translation office in Istanbul. 

Imtiyaz provides sworn translation services in Turkey (written and oral) for each of the languages (Arabic - Turkish - English - French)

About translation in Turkey: 

Turkish is the official language of the Republic of Turkey, so all documents must be submitted to official references translated into Turkish. 

The Turkish people are very fanatical about the language and we rarely find speakers of foreign languages in the Turkish center, so most people need a Turkish translator at the beginning of his career in Turkey. 

The sworn translator in Turkey: 

The sworn translator or certified translator is a person who speaks more than one language in addition to the Turkish language, after providing the necessary evidence and fulfilling the conditions, the sworn translator is granted the translation control by the notary public in Turkey, and he signs all oral or paper transactions that he translated. 

Definition of notary in Turkey:

The notary public authenticate the papers after they have been translated by the sworn translator, so that they are valid for use in all Turkish departments, and it is considered a valid local authentication inside Turkey only. It also completes each of the following transactions: various types of agencies, legal guardianship, purchase and sale of vehicles, mortgage procedures, work contracts, and sending official notifications.


  • Some of the official departments require the authentication of documents from the district governor or the governor of the state as well, and the authentication of the mayor and the governor is considered an international documentation (Apostil).

  • all documents bearing international authentication (Apostil) shall act on behalf The governor and the District Administrator authentication

  • Documents that are translated from a foreign language (Arabic-Turkish translation, English-Turkish translation, French-Turkish translation, Russian-Turkish translation, Persian-Turkish translation) for use outside Turkey need to be authenticated by the governor, the mayor or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and this department varies according to the country in which the use of the translated documents will be provided. 

Note: No notary in Turkey certifies or recognizes translated documents by translators from outside Turkey, and each notary has its own sworn translators, and does not certify translated documents by other translators. 

The need for foreigners in Turkey to have a Turkish translator is divided as follows:

  1. Students who want to study in Turkey: 

Students wishing to complete their studies in Turkish universities need to translate and certify academic documents before applying to the university, private universities require the presence of a translation into the Turkish language, while public universities require the presence of both translation and authentication of the Turkish notary as well. 

You can read more in our article about studying in Turkey.

  1. Those wishing to equivalence the secondary school or university certificate in Turkey 

People wishing to apply equivalence the certificate in Turkey need to translate the academic documents and certify them from the notary public in Turkey first. 

You can read more in our article on equivalence the certificate in Turkey.

  1. Those wishing to register for the Turkish scholarship 

Students wishing to register for the Turkish scholarship are not required to translate the documents before uploading them to the official website of the Turkish government scholarship, but it is better to attach a copy translated into Turkish, as this makes it easier for the scholarship committee to evaluate your academic file. 

You can read more in our article about the Turkish scholarship. 

  1. Tourists: 

Tourists do not need the Turkish language or a Turkish translator because most tourist places contain a Turkish-Arabic translator or a Turkish-English translator, in addition to the fact that many foreigners work in tourist areas, which facilitates the process of communication for tourists.

  1. People who want to establish business relations in Turkey

Turkey has become a destination for many traders and businessmen around the world in the past period, and the amount of Turkish exports has increased significantly, achieving record numbers. Many businessmen have established factories in various Turkish states.

Most factories and commercial companies in Turkey have employees who can translate (Turkish - Arabic - English) or workers who speak foreign languages, but despite that, this thing is not available in many commercial companies in Turkey, or the translator is not fluent in foreign languages and this causes a lot of problems during the supply chain or during the conclusion of agreements,  Therefore, foreign businessmen need to use translation services from sworn translation companies spread in Turkey. 

  1. Those wishing to apply for residence in Turkey: 

Those wishing to apply for residence in Turkey do not need any translation services, residence services in Turkey are very easy and there is a person who translates (Turkish - Arabic - English) in all departments of the immigration directorates in Turkey. 

  1. Filing a complaint or hiring a lawyer in Turkey: 

People wishing to hire a lawyer for various cases need the presence of a Turkish translator, and most courts require the presence of a sworn translator certified by the court, while submitting a complaint in police stations requires the presence of a sworn translator only. 

  1. Buying a property in Turkey: 

The foreigner wishing to buy a property needs the presence of a sworn translator during the official completion of the purchase process in the Tapu Directorate in Turkey, and the sworn translator explains all the terms and restrictions to the person wishing to buy or sell the property, and the purchase or sale process does not take place without the presence of the sworn translator. 

Note: Some Tapu Directorates require their own sworn translators. 

  1. Buying a vehicle in Turkey: 

The process of buying and selling vehicles takes place in the notary departments (Noter) spread in all states and provinces in Turkey, the process of buying or selling to foreigners is not done without the presence of a sworn translator by the notary.

  1. Issuing an agency in Turkey: 

Agencies of various kinds and names are conducted in the notary department (Noter) in Turkey, and a foreigner cannot make an agency without the presence of a Turkish translator sworn by the notary public (Noter). 

  1. Those wishing to establish companies in Turkey: 

People wishing to establish companies in Turkey need sworn translation services in both the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Justice to complete the procedures for opening and registering the company officially and issuing the manager's signature form. 

Those wishing to translate and certify documents from Arabic to English: 

The documents need to be translated into Turkish and Arabic first, then notarized by the notary, and then the document is translated from Turkish to English and notarized. The notary does not authenticate any document from Arabic to English directly, but the translation must be done into Turkish first. 

Turkish, Arabic and English translation prices in Imtiyaz company

Personal identification documents (national identity - passport - driver's license) = 5$

Baccalaureate certificate and transcript = 10$ 

Bachelor's certificate and transcript = 40$ 

Master's certificate and transcript = 25$ 

Written documents from 0 to 1000 characters = 10$ 

Sworn oral translation in Notary = 15$ per transaction 

Sworn Translation Out of Office or Notary = 30$ First Hour + 20$ for Each Additional Hour 

Frequently Asked Questions about Translation in Turkey

  1. What is the Notary in Turkey? 

Noter is a notary in Turkey. It is a semi-official body of the Ministry of Justice responsible for issuing agencies, transactions of buying and selling vehicles, and authentication translated documents. 

2- What is the cost of the Notary in Turkey? 

The cost of the Notary varies according to the state and according to the document or transaction, you can ask the Notary about the cost of the transaction before starting it.

3- What is the alternate notary? 

He is the notary who performs the procedures on weekends. All alternate Notary departments stopped with the start of the Corona virus pandemic.

4- What are the prices of Notary in Istanbul? 

There are no specific prices for the notary, the transaction cost always varies according to the number of words. 

5- Where are the translators' offices located in Istanbul? 

There is a translator in Istanbul who belongs to each notary department. 

6- What are the translation prices in Turkey? 

Our prices at Istanbul Translation Office are mentioned above, and start from 5$ per document. 

7- Is it possible to translate without sending the original documents? 

Yes, translation procedures can be done without sending the original documents. 

8- What are the transactions that can be made in Notary in Turkey? 

All types of agencies, transactions of buying and selling vehicles, official notifications, corporate and labor contracts, signature forms for the manager. 

9- Do academic documents need translation before registering for private universities in Turkey?

Most universities require translation and authentication of documents before completing the registration process at the university. 

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