Translation and Authentication
Translation and authentication services: Turkish, Arabic, English and French translationImtiyaz is one of the companies certified by the notary public (Noter) and the Turkish courts in the field of translation. In its structure there are 5 sworn and certified translators for various languages in the Notary and a sworn translator in the Istanbul court. It has more than one certified sworn translation office in Istanbul. Imtiyaz provides sworn translation services in Turkey (written and oral) for each of the languages (Arabic - Turkish - English - French)About translation in Turkey: Turkish is the official language of the Republic of Turkey, so all documents must be submitted to official references translated into Turkish. The Turkish people are very fanatical about the language and we rarely find speakers of foreign languages in the Turkish center, so most people need a Turkish translator at the beginning of his career in Turkey. The sworn translator in Turkey: The sworn translator or certified translator is a person who speaks more than one language in addition to the Turkish language, after providing the necessary evidence and fulfilling the conditions, the sworn translator is granted the translation control by the notary public in Turkey, and he signs all oral or paper transactions that he translated. Definition of notary in Turkey:The notary public authenticate the papers after they have been translated by the sworn translator, so that they are valid for use in all Turkish departments, and it is considered a valid local authentication inside Turkey only. It also completes each of the following transactions: various types of agencies, legal guardianship, purchase and sale of vehicles, mortgage procedures, work contracts, and sending official notifications.Nots: Some of the official departments require the authentication of documents from the district governor or the governor of the state as well, and the authentication of the mayor and the governor is considered an international documentation (Apostil).all documents bearing international authentication (Apostil) shall act on behalf The governor and the District Administrator authenticationDocuments that are translated from a foreign language (Arabic-Turkish translation, English-Turkish translation, French-Turkish translation, Russian-Turkish translation, Persian-Turkish translation) for use outside Turkey need to be authenticated by the governor, the mayor or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and this department varies according to the country in which the use of the translated documents will be provided. Note: No notary in Turkey certifies or recognizes translated documents by translators from outside Turkey, and each notary has its own sworn translators, and does not certify translated documents by other translators. 
Turkey Visa
General information about Turkey Visa First of all, the Turkey visa system is based on the principle of reciprocity, and applying for a Turkey tourist and business visa differs from applying for the purpose of obtaining a Turkey visa to work or study in Turkey.  In some cases, applicants for tourist and commercial visas to Turkey receive an exemption from the sticker visa, and in other cases, an electronic visa can be obtained to enter Turkey.But in general, all other applicants need to check with the Turkish embassy office to obtain a Turkish visa  . You can alsobenefit from the experience of our card in applying for a Turkish visaDocuments required for a Turkey visa: The documents required to obtain a visa vary according to the type of visa application, but the valid passport, personal photos, flight reservation, hotel reservation, health insurance, bank statement (material guarantee) are the common papers for all types of Turkey visa. How to apply for a Turkey visa: Book a Turkey visa appointment online. Preparing the file as shown on the Turkish embassy website. It is preferable to consult or obtain services from the Turkish visa office. Submit a Turkey visa file at the Turkish embassy office.Contents of the Turkish visa file 1- A copy of the passport. 2- Personal photos. 3- Flight reservation. 4- Hotel reservation. 5- Bank statement. 6- Receipt of payment of visa fees. 7- University Scholarship and University Fee Payment Receipt (only for student visa applicants). 8- Invitation from the hospital with payment of fees (only for applicants for medical visa). 9- Sponsorship from a family member (only for applicants on a family reunion visa)
Diploma Equivalence in Turkey
Turkish universities seek to attract more international students, and Turkish universities have become a point of attraction in the world, in terms of studying abroad due to their fame and academic efficiency, in addition to the remarkable development that Turkey has witnessed at all level.Due to the large number of international students who flock to pursue study in Turkey, and to check the academic competence of students wishing to pursue their studies, universities require the equivalency of the high school certificate from international students.The equivalency of the certificate in Turkey is divided into two parts according to the academic stage, which are as follows: Secondary school certificate equivalency in Turkey University certificate equivalency in TurkeyFirst: Equivalency of the secondary school certificate in Turkey Before explaining the steps of equivalency of the certificate in Turkey, it should be noted that most universities in Turkey do not require the existence of the equivalency document to obtain university admission, it is possible to register at Turkish universities without obtaining the equivalency document. Upon completion of the registration procedures, the university gives the student a period of time to complete the procedures for equivalency of the secondary school certificate, and this period of time varies according to the university ranges from 3 months to a full academic year. It is worth noting that the student can continue studying in Turkey and apply for university tests before obtaining certificate of equivalency of the secondary school certificate in Turkey. If the equivalency document is not brought at the end of the time period granted to the student, the university registration will be freezed or canceled.Second: Equivalence the University certificate in Turkey Due to the principle of equal opportunities between foreigners and Turks adopted by the Turkish government, foreigners wishing to work in Turkey are required to present a university certificate equivalency document if they wish to work. The process of equivalency of the university certificate is carried out in the presidency of the Turkish Higher Education Council in the capital, Ankara.The certificate equivalency document in Turkey for the undergraduate level is required only from those wishing to work, as students wishing to complete postgraduate studies in Turkey's universities for the master's and doctoral stages are not required to present the equivalency document.
Residence Permit in Turkey
Residence Permit in Turkey Residence or residence permit in Turkey is an official document issued by the Directorate of Immigration in Turkey and given to people wishing to reside and live in Turkey legally, provided that they enter legally through land, sea or air crossings into Turkish territory.   The type of residence varies according to its purpose, and we will explain all its types and conditions for applying for residence in Turkey.Advantages of obtaining residence permit in Turkey : Staying legally within Turkish territory. The possibility of subscribing to the water, electricity, heating and gas meter. The possibility of obtaining a work permit in the future. The possibility of entering Turkey without the need to issue a visa. Facilitating the process of obtaining a Schengen visa. The possibility of opening a bank account in Turkey.Obtaining a Turkish driver's license.The possibility of entering some countries without a visa. Types of residence permits in Turkey The type of residence varies according to the purpose of the stay. The types of residence in Turkey are classified into: tourist residence, student residence, real estate residence, family residence, work residence, permanent residence, humanitarian residence, therapeutic residence, commercial residence, residence after graduation from the university. We will discuss all the conditions and advantages of these residence types in detail.Tourist residence permit in Turkey It falls under short-term stays, and tourist residence is the most common type of residence in Turkey and can be extended permanently.Entering legally and applying for residence within the visa period only are the conditions for obtaining a tourist residence. Advantages of tourist residence permit in Turkey: Stay legally Entering Turkey without the need for a visa. The possibility of renewing the tourist residence easily. The cost of tourist residence in Turkey is low. The possibility of issuing a work permit. Assistance in obtaining a visa when you want to travel outside Turkey. Obtaining a Turkish driver's license.The possibility of opening a bank account in Turkish banks. Obtaining an identity number, and the possibility of extracting the electronic portal code in Turkey. Documents required to extract and renew tourist residence permit in Turkey: Form of booking the date of tourist residence in Turkey.Health insurance.A copy of the passport and entry stamp. Residence card fees and residence tax. 4 personal photos. Tax number. A rent contract certified by the Noter.Student residence permit in TurkeyAlso called university residence in Turkey, this residence is granted to students registered in universities licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education (Presidency of the Turkish Higher Education Council)Advantages of student residence permit in Turkey: The student residence shares with the tourist residence all the advantages, and the following features are added to it: The possibility of granting student residence for a period of two years or more in the first application. Students do not pay the residence tax, the residence card allowance is paid only. Most universities allow submitting a residence file within the university without the need to review the immigration directorates. Documents required to extract and renew student residence permit in Turkey: Form of booking a student residence appointment in Turkey.Health insurance.A copy of the passport and entry stamp. Residence card fees. 4 personal photos. Tax number. A rent contract certified by the notary, or a document issued by the student housing. student document (Öğrenci Belgesi).Real estate residence permit in Turkey It falls under short-term residencies and real estate residency is granted to foreigners who own properties worth more than 75,000$.The advantages of real estate residence are shared with the tourist residence in Turkey, and the following features are added to it: The possibility of renewing the real estate residence easily. Granting real estate residence for a renewable period of two years. Documents required to renew real estate residence in Turkey: Form of booking a real estate residence appointment in Turkey.Health insurance.A copy of the passport and entry stamp. Residence card fees and residence tax. 4 personal photos. Tax number. A copy of the title deed.Earthquake insurance Family residence permit in Turkey Family residence in Turkey is granted to both foreigners married to a person with Turkish citizenship and married to persons who have a work permit in Turkey and their children, and the duration of the family residence is linked to the duration of the work residence in this case. Advantages of family residence permit in Turkey: First: In case of marriage to a Turkish person: Family residence and tourist residence in Turkey share the same advantages, in addition to the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship after 3 years have passed since obtaining family residence. Second: Spouse and children of the person obtaining the work permit: There are no additional advantages over the advantages of tourist residence. Work residence permit in TurkeyPersons residing in Turkey and working in Turkish companies, whether the company is owned by Turks or foreigners can apply for a work residence after both the company and the person meet the conditions for obtaining a work residence.Advantages of working residence permit in Turkey: The work residence shares with the tourist residence all the advantages, and the following features are added to it: The possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship after 5 years of the work permit. The rest of the family members obtain family residency.Registration in the Turkish Social Guarantees Authority. The work residence helps greatly in obtaining a European visa (Schengen visa). Required papers and conditions for obtaining a work permit in Turkey:Tourist residence valid for at least 3 months.Passport translated and certified by the Notary in Turkey.Notarized rent contract from the Noter. Personal photos. Pay the residence card fees and tax in case of approval of the work permit. The company is required to have 5 Turkish workers for each foreigner.Note: The application for the work residence is made by the company and its chartered accountant, unlike other residencies, the person cannot apply for the work residence himself, and obtaining the work residence is linked to the company's fulfillment of all conditions and the company's capital and its payment of all financial dues on a regular basis. Permanent residence permit in Turkey People who have completed staying in Turkey for 8 years can apply for permanent residency. Conditions for obtaining permanent residence permit in Turkey: Stay in Turkey for 8 years legally.Proof of sufficient income for living.A document proving that the person has not received social assistance in the last 3 years.Health insurance.Copies of the previous residence.A document that is not sentenced (not committing any previous crime)Rent contract, title deed or proof of housing from the Directorate of population Personal photos. Application form for permanent residence.Humanitarian residence permit in Turkey This residence permit is granted to passport holders without regard to its validity period, provided that the residence file is rejected and unable to renew residence in Turkey. It is granted to refugees coming from war countries only. Reasons for refusing to residence permit in Turkey Not attaching all the required documents completely. Book the appointment after the expiry of the previous visa or residence period.Those entering Turkey illegally are not granted residence permits.Violation of the conditions of residence in Turkey.Disturbing security and committing crimes in Turkey.The existence of judgments for previous crimes in Turkey or abroad.For individuals of nationalities who are not required to have a visa to enter Turkey, do not pay the visa allowance before applying for residency.Providing the residential address in areas that are not allowed to foreigners such as Fatih and Esenyurt, and neighborhoods and areas prohibited to foreigners are permanently updated through the website of the Directorate of Immigration in Turkey.In case of that the previous visa or residence period expires and leaves Turkey before the evaluation of the residence file is completed. Medical residence permit in Turkey This residence permit is granted to foreigners coming for treatment at Tukey, and a reservation is required in a Turkish hospital. Commercial residence permit in Turkey This residence permit is granted to businessmen wishing to establish business relations with Turkish companies, and its duration is only 3 months.Residence after graduation from the university in TurkeyStudents who have completed their university studies in Turkey can apply for a short residence permit for 6 months to complete the graduation procedures from the university.
Student Accommodations
University Accommodation servicesStudent dorms in Türkiye is classified into 3 types1- Rent an apartment :  International students can rent apartments in various Turkish states without obtaining a residence permit. House rents in Istanbul for 3-room apartments range from an average of $400 per month, and rents in vital areas of Istanbul reach an average of $600 per month.The option of renting an apartment is the most suitable option for students who come in groups or starting from the second year of their university studies.2- Private university housing : Private university residences are spread in various Turkish states and are supervised by the Ministry of Education. and international students can easily register in private university residences. The average cost of private university housing in Istanbul ranges from $200 per month, and the cost increases according to the location.and services Provided by housing.International students can enroll in these universities without the need for a permitResidence The private university housing option is the best option for an international studentthe year The first study, where all services are available in the university housing, such as laundry, food, internet, and cleaning, and thus he has enough time to get acquainted and adapt to the city and the university.3- KYK state university housing : Students accepted in public universities can apply for a place in these residences, and international student applications are evaluated in the event that there are vacancies in university housing, and international students cannot apply for this residence before obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.It is characterized by low cost and a high degree of safety because of its support from the government, but the possibility of obtaining a place in this housing is very difficult, especially for international students.IMTIYAZ  Company Services  in finding suitable housing (Only for students registered through IMTIYAZ Company)IMTIYAZ Company gives only two options for university housing services, which are as follows:1- Registration in the university dormitory before the student comes to Türkiye. (University housing vacancies are running out quickly due to the high demand for this service)2- When the person comes to Turkey, at a cost of $150 per day, which includes a translator and an escort with a private car. This is the best option to avoid wasting time in Istanbul and to get an idea of ​​all housing and apartments in the required area.Note :No university accommodation in Turkey can be pre-booked without paying the fees incurred by the student .
Students Packages
The Imtiyaz Education family is keen to help its new students in their educational career, starting from providing counseling to enable them to choose the appropriate academic specialization for their inclinations and skills until completing registration at the University and getting them to their seats at their universities, through our distinctive and diverse service packages that save the student a lot of money and effort and provide him with his basic requirements,so the student can choose from them what suits him according to his needs:
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