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Student dorms in Türkiye is classified into 3 types

1- Rent an apartment :  

International students can rent apartments in various Turkish states without obtaining a residence permit. House rents in Istanbul for 3-room apartments range from an average of $400 per month, and rents in vital areas of Istanbul reach an average of $600 per month.

The option of renting an apartment is the most suitable option for students who come in groups or starting from the second year of their university studies.

2- Private university housing

Private university residences are spread in various Turkish states and are supervised by the Ministry of Education. and international students can easily register in private university residences. The average cost of private university housing in Istanbul ranges from $200 per month, and the cost increases according to the location.and services Provided by housing.

International students can enroll in these universities without the need for a permitResidence 

The private university housing option is the best option for an international studentthe year The first study, where all services are available in the university housing, such as laundry, food, internet, and cleaning, and thus he has enough time to get acquainted and adapt to the city and the university.

3- KYK state university housing

Students accepted in public universities can apply for a place in these residences, and international student applications are evaluated in the event that there are vacancies in university housing, and international students cannot apply for this residence before obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.

It is characterized by low cost and a high degree of safety because of its support from the government, but the possibility of obtaining a place in this housing is very difficult, especially for international students.

IMTIYAZ  Company Services  in finding suitable housing (Only for students registered through IMTIYAZ Company)

IMTIYAZ Company gives only two options for university housing services, which are as follows:

1- Registration in the university dormitory before the student comes to Türkiye. (University housing vacancies are running out quickly due to the high demand for this service)

2- When the person comes to Turkey, at a cost of $150 per day, which includes a translator and an escort with a private car. This is the best option to avoid wasting time in Istanbul and to get an idea of ​​all housing and apartments in the required area.

Note :

No university accommodation in Turkey can be pre-booked without paying the fees incurred by the student .

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