Studying Visual Communication Design in Turkey دراسة الاتصالات المرئية في تركيا

Visual communication Design

Studying Visual Communication Design in Turkey

Overview of Visual Communication Major:

The visual communication design major is one of the newly emerging majors that emerged as a result of the great developments in our time and lifestyles based on advanced technology and digital intelligence.

It is a term that refers to the delivery of ideas and information through visual presentations in a creative way, and visual communication includes the basics of painting, printing, web design, photography, designing visual identities for brands, in addition to designing advertisements and important designs for publishing books, and this science occupies great importance as it is more powerful and influential than verbal and written communication.

One of the things that the visual designer does is to combine images, symbols and words in order to apply and display ideas in the form of a visual image, and you can say that the science of visual communication design is a product of the ideas and feelings that revolve in the minds of designers who apply those ideas in an image that people see and interact with.

Advantages of studying visual communication in Turkey:

As a result of technological development and people's dependence on technology and passion for it and in its various different fields, universities had to keep pace with development and the times and provide modern technological majors, of which this specialization is one of them, and one of the most prominent universities that provided the specialization of visual communication is Turkish universities, as it is a desirable specialization that attracts students who have skills and tendencies in drawing and design in order to obtain high-quality education such as that provided by Turkish universities.

Among the advantages of studying the visual communication major in Turkey in particular:

  • Providing the latest and best equipment necessary to train students practically

  • Qualifying students and equipping them with sufficient knowledge that qualifies them to enter the labor market with high efficiency

  • Provides a lot of job opportunities for graduates due to the high demand for visual communication specialists 

  • Practice and practical applications besides theoretical study

  • Possibility to work independently

  • Average salary is relatively high

  • The possibility of studying this specialization in Turkish or English 

  • Modest tuition fees in Turkish universities compared to others

  • Preparing students and qualifying them to enter the labor market strongly

  • Global recognition of Turkish university degrees

  • Living with low money in Turkey compared to others

  • Scholarships and tuition discounts offered by Turkish universities

  • Availability of the best and highly qualified academic teaching staff

Duration of studying  visual communication in Turkey:

You can study the visual communication major in English or Turkish in Turkish universities within 4 years, and an additional fifth year may increase, which is a preparatory year to study the language, if the student does not have a certificate in the language.

Lessons and contents of the visual communication in Turkey:

The topics covered by the visual communication design major vary, and the subjects vary from one university to another, as well as their names, and the subjects taught in it include:

  • Introduction to Communication.

  • Political Science.

  • Introduction to Law.

  • Positive psychology and communication skills.

  • Introduction to basic design.

  • Basic concepts of sociology.

  • Introduction to Economics.

  • Basic concepts in philosophy.

  • Methods and techniques used in social science studies.

  • Telecommunications Law.

  • Graphic Design.

  • History of communications.

  • Use English in communication.

  • Basic concepts of photography.

  • Social psychology.

  • Apply the principles of typographic design.

  • Political communication.

  • Web Design.

  • Digital illustration.

  • Entrepreneurship and project culture.

  • Communication theories.

  • Web and multimedia applications.

  • Visual perception.

  • Multimedia technologies and systems.

  • Visual texts.

  • Creative design and printing practices.

  • Coding as a form of design and production.

  • Animation.

  • Printing techniques.

  • Imaging techniques of anatomical structures.

  • History of visual communication design.

  • Visual culture.

  • Design and programming language.

  • Design information.

  • Vocational training.

  • Video image techniques and practices.

  • Design and communication.

  • Interactive media design.

  • Animation.

  • Media environment.

  • Digital game design.

  • Occupational health and safety in telecommunications.

  • Design culture.

  • Creative thinking techniques.

From adepartment majoring  in visual communication in Turkish universities:

  • Networking field.

  • The field of maintenance which is related to communication devices such as telephones.

  • Studies and research centers as well as the field of satellites and control.

  • Domains and institutions concerned with the provision of Internet services.

  • The field of programming and software.

The best Turkish universities that teach  visual communication:

The best private universities to study visual communication in Turkey:

  • Istanbul Aydin University

  • ÜskÜdar University

  • Medipol University

  • Bilgi University

  • Okan University

  • Istinye University

  • Izmir Economic University

The best public universities to study visual communication in Turkey:

  • Ege University

  • Malatya University 

  • Sakarya University

  • Osman Ghazi Mosque

  • Nevşehir University

  • Kocaeli University

Costs of studying visual communication Design in Turkey:

It is known that tuition costs in public universities in Turkey may differ from the costs of private universities in Turkey as well, as public universities are less expensive than private. In general, studying in Turkey's universities, whether private or public, is low or medium fees and affordable compared to the costs of studying in universities in other countries.  

It is worth noting that a number of Turkish universities allow studying this specialization in English.

  • Costs of studying visual communication in public universities in Turkey:

 The fees of study visual communication specialization in public universities in Turkey are about (200 to 1000) USD annually.

  • Costs of studying visual communication specialization in private universities in Turkey:

The fees of study visual communication specialization in private universities in Turkey are about (3000 to 10.500) USD annually.

Master of Visual Communication:

It is available for students to study a master's degree in visual communication in Turkey in Turkish or English and its fees are about (2900 to 9500) dollars annually.

The Salary of Visual Communication Specialist:

The salaries of graduates of this specialization start from (4500) Turkish liras up to (13400) Turkish liras approximately per month, as they increase with the number of years of experience of the specialist and according to the sector.  

Areas of work of the Visual Communication specialization:

Due to the connection between the field of visual communication and other majors, multiple and varied job opportunities have been provided to graduates, and their chances of obtaining high jobs increase with the increase of practical scientific interests, from the centers and jobs in which they can work:

  • Work as engineering communications.

  • Work as a radio frequency engineer.

  • Work as a network engineer.

  • Work as a software inspection engineer.

  • Work as an electronics engineer.

  • Work as a sales engineer.

  • Work in advertising companies.

  • Work in private companies.

  • Work in media organizations.

  • Work in web agencies and SEO 

  • Work in public institutions.

  • Work in academic fields

  • Work as a mobile application designer.

  • Work as a support engineer.

  • Work as a Research Engineer and develop.

  • Work as an engineer in artificial intelligence.

  • Work as a communications future engineer.

  • Work as a network engineer.

  • Work as a design engineer.

  • Work as a project manager.

  • Skills required and developed in the study of visual communication:

The visual communication major requires the availability of multiple abilities and skills in the student who chooses to study, to help him to be creative and succeed in his work as he aspires to, including: 

  • Possess effective communication skills

  • Attention to detail and precision

  • Ability to innovate and generate ideas

  • Having a creative aesthetic look

  • Continuous development and increase knowledge

  • The ability to visualize, imagine and draw shapes

  • Work in an organized and planned manner

  • Ability to see relationships of form and space

  • Interest in television and cinema

  • Interest in fine arts

  • Interest in technology

  • High General Culture

  • Creativity at work

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