Studying  Landscape Architecture in Turkey دراسة هندسة المناظر الطبيعية في تركيا

Urban and Landscape Architecture

Studying  Landscape Architecture in Turkey

An overview of the landscape architecture major:

The landscape architecture major combines an art major with a science major as it is concerned with the increasingly complex relationships between nature and the built environment.

Landscape architects who study this specialty work on planning and designing traditional places such as gardens, cemeteries, commercial centers, university campuses, transportation facilities, waterfront projects, institutional centers, etc., in addition to planning and designing the restoration of natural sites, such as wetlands, forest lands, mined environmental areas, stream corridors, and much more. They also undertake planning and preservation projects for regional, local, and national historic sites, thanks to their appreciation of landscape, historic, and cultural resources.

Advantages of studying landscape architecture in Turkey:

As a result of the importance of landscape architecture in our time and the great role of its engineers in planning, designing and managing lands, universities took care of it and studied it as an independent specialty, most notably the universities of Turkey, which every year receive large numbers of students who choose it for its many advantages that distinguish it from other universities in the world. Among those features:

  • Qualifying students and equipping them with a large amount of knowledge that qualifies them to enter the labor market with high efficiency

  • Provides many job opportunities due to the constant need for landscape architecture specialists

  • Practical practice and application in addition to theoretical study

  • Possibility to work independently

  • Possibility of studying specialization in Turkish or English

  • Acceptable and low tuition fees in Turkish universities compared to others

  • Certificates from Turkish universities recognized all over the world

  • Low cost living in Türkiye compared to others

  • Scholarships and scholarships for foreign students offered by Turkish universities

  • Availability of the best academic staff specialized in landscape architecture

Duration of studying landscape architecture in Türkiye:

The number of years of studying landscape architecture is 4 years distributed over 8 semesters, and the period may be increased by an additional year, which is considered a preparatory year in which the language is studied, in the event that the student does not have a language certificate.

Lessons and contents of the landscape architecture major in Türkiye:

Among the most important major courses taught in the field of landscape architecture, we mention the following, bearing in mind that these courses or their designations may differ from one university to another:

  • Geomorphology

  • Meteorology and Climatology

  • Basic design

  • General knowledge of soil

  • History of landscape art

  • Plant Sociology

  • Resource analysis

  • Perspective drawing technique

  • landscape construction

  • Urban recreation area planning

  • Planning a rural recreation area

  • Ground quality classification techniques

Equipment and tools used in the landscape architecture profession:

the computer

  • drawing tools

  • Earth measuring devices

  • Soil plowing and leveling tools

The best Turkish universities that study landscape architecture:

  • The best private universities to study landscape architecture in Türkiye:

  • Yeditepe university.

  • Among the public universities that study landscape architecture in Türkiye:

  • Bursa Technical University

  •  Mediterranean University

  •  Recep Tayyip Erdogan University

  •  Istanbul Technical University

  •  Selcuk University

  •  Izmir Democratic University

Costs of studying landscape architecture in Turkey:

Tuition fees and costs in Turkish public universities differ from their costs in Turkish private universities, where public universities are less expensive than private universities. In general, studying in Turkey's universities, whether private or public, is considered low-cost compared to the costs of studying in universities in other countries.

It is worth noting that some universities allow studying this major in English.

  • Costs of studying landscape architecture in public universities in Turkey:

Tuition fees for landscape architecture in public universities in Turkey are estimated at about (500 to 1200) US dollars annually.

  • Costs of studying landscape architecture in private universities in Turkey:

It is higher than the tuition costs in public universities.

Landscape architecture specialist salary:

The salaries of landscape architects start from (6500) Turkish liras to reach approximately (8000) Turkish liras per month, as it depends on the number of years of experience of the engineer and the type of sector in which he works.

Fields of work in the field of landscape architecture:

Job opportunities for landscape architects include working in a number of government institutions or private companies, including:

  • Work in municipalities

  • Work in contracting companies

  • Work in the General Directorate of Highways

  • Work in private departments

  • Work in site coordination and design companies

  • Work in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

  • Work in the academic field

Their chances of getting the best jobs increase with the increase in their practical and scientific experience.

The skills required and developed in the study of landscape architecture:

The landscape architecture major requires the availability of many skills, capabilities and attributes in the students who want to study it. These are various skills that fall into different fields such as mathematics, numbers, landscape architecture, and others, which require high capabilities that help the specialist achieve success in his work and studies. These skills include:

  • Be patient and be careful

  • Love cooperation and teamwork

  • To have an aesthetic artistic view

  • Constant self-development and increase of knowledge

  • The ability to approach events from wide angles

  • Adapting to changes

  • The ability to work in an organized manner

  • Good planning

  • Have a creative sense

  • The ability to imagine the relationships of form and space

  • Possessing the general culture

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