Studying Tourism Guidance in Turkey دراسة الارشاد السياحي في تركيا

Tourist Guide

Studying Tourism Guidance in Turkey

Overview of Tourism Guidance:

After the succession of civilizations in all the world since ancient times until today, antiquities, archaeological and tourist areas have become spread in all countries, turning into part of the global economy so that some countries depend on the tourism sector only!

Hence the importance of this sector and the whole world paid attention to it, especially the countries that included many tourist attractions with the unique charming nature, as is the case in Turkey in particular. After that, the need arose to train and qualify guides who communicate with foreigners and reflect the spirit and culture of the country, so the establishment of colleges and tourism specialties and the emergence of the specialization of tourist guidance as an independent specialization that works to equip tour guides with everything they need to reflect the culture of their country in the best way.

This specialization has a bright future, as it derives its strength from the important and strong center of the tourism sector, and the goal  of the tourist guidance specialization is to  prepare tourist guides, develop their foreign language skills and equip them with other skills required to perform their work correctly and in a way that serves their country and reflects its civilization. 

This specialization falls into the list of specializations that are in high demand due to the increasing importance of tourism all over the world in general and in Turkey in particular, which attaches great importance to this sector.

Graduates of the tourism guidance  major can find many job opportunities  in countries that are interested in tourism and tourists,  because of the importance of this sector in strengthening and supporting the treasury of countries.

Advantages of studying the specialty of tourist guidance in Turkey:

The decision to study tourismguidance in general is a right decision, as tourism has an important position in all countries of the world and an important factor in the growth of the country and its economic support, so what if your destination to study this specialization is Turkey? Where the richness of the tourist environment, charming nature, and famous archaeological and historical monuments, which allows practical learning as well as theoretical learning, intensively and abundantly, as well as the fact that Turkey's universities are also highly ranked among international universities

The study of the specialization of tourist guidance has many advantages in the whole world and in Turkey, especially despite the intensity of competition and the high number of graduates, and these features include: 

  • It is an attractive major for students because it is one of the most diverse disciplines

  • Acquire the tourism, hotel, administrative and marketing skills

  • Teaches the ability to work flexibly, well communicative, and time management

  • The availability of the tourist environment in Turkey, which encourages students and attracts them to study and work in this specialization

  • Easy access to jobs for graduates, especially in Turkey

  • The high income that graduates of this specialization can obtain

  • Turkish universities link the academic side with the practical professional side, which qualifies the student to enter strongly and quickly in the labor market

  • The interest of Turkish universities in keeping pace with digital marketing and technological development to support students

  • The cost of studying in Turkish universities, which is lower than others.

  • Living in Turkey is low cost compared toliving in other countries.

  • Availability of many scholarships and discounts.

  • The teaching staff are excellent.

If you are one of those who love active work, tourism, travel, and social communication  with many nationalities and people, you will be very happy to choose the tourist guide major, especially in Turkey, which  is known for the quality of education with its internationally recognized universities and all its famous tourist attractions.

Duration of studying tourist guidance in Turkey:

The number of years of study of this specialization in Turkey is 4 years in some universities and only 2 years for institutes in other universities. The duration of study may be increased by one year in the case of a preparatory year for the language.

Lessons and contents of the tourist guidance specialization in Turkey:

These subjects vary between archaeology, history, geology, art, languages and communication, and the most prominent materials are:

  • Geography of tourism in Turkey

  • Athologyt

  • Art History

  • myths

  • The guidance

  • Anatolian Civilizations

  • Turkish Culture and Folklore

  • First aid

  • Tourism Seminar

  • General Tourism

Successful students can transfer to 4-years undergraduate programs  and study specializations such as:

  • Tourism Management

  • Tourism Guidance 

  • Travel & Tourist Guidance Department

  • Travel Management

The best Turkish universities that teach tourist guidance:

  • The best private universities to study tourist guidance in Turkey:

  • Istanbul Ariel University

  • Istanbul Aydin University

  • Istanbul Topkapi University

  • Best public universities to study tourist guidance in Turkey:

  • Adnan Menderes University

  • Muğla University

  • Eskişehir University

Costs of studying tourist guidance in Turkey:

The cost of tuition varies according to universities and types, but studying in Turkish universities in general is more economical and less than studying in universities of other countries.

  • Costs of studying tourist guidance in public universities in Turkey:

It is less expensive than studying in private universities, although both have strong infrastructure and advanced educational and social facilities, and the cost of directing tourism in public universities ranges between (350 to 900) USD per year.

  • Costs of studying tourist guidance in private universities in Turkey:

It is more expensive than studying in public universities, where the cost of studying this specialization in private universities is about (1700 to 3500) USD annually and is taught in Turkish, or in English.

Master of Tourism Guidance:

The cost of studying a master's degree in tourist guidance in Turkey is about (3000) USD.

Areas of work of tourist guidance:

The tour guide's field of work is very enjoyable and is related to the archaeological, touristic and natural monuments in the country in which he works, and job opportunities include:

  • Work in tourism companies

  • Work in the Ministry of Tourism

  • Work in museums

  • Work in tourism marketing

  • Work in tourist resorts

  • Work in airlines and reservations

  • Work in medical tourism companies

  • Work in religious tourism companies

  • Work in tourist sites of all kinds

Skills required and developed in the specialty of tourist guidance:

The student of this specialization must have qualifications and skills in order to succeed in the profession and study, and the students will gain additional new skills and enhance their basic skills, and these skills and qualifications include:

  • Physical strength

  • Communication Skills

  • Teamwork skills

  • Vitality and activity

  • Ability to plan and organize

  • Ability to manage

  • Ability to solve problems

  • Desire to learn a foreign language

  • Kindness and understanding

  • Knowledge of the field of history

  • General rich culture

  • Patience and caution

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