Studying Tourism Facilities Management in Turkey دراسة السياحة وادارة الفنادق في تركيا

Tourism Facilities Management

Studying Tourism Facilities Management in Turkey

About Tourism Facilities Management:

This specialization works on two aspects, tourism and hospitality, where tourism focuses on the development of the tourism sector, management of the travel industry, tourism services and tourism marketing while hotel and hospitality management focuses on all aspects and activities related to hospitality including restaurants, hotels, parks, cruise ships, clubs, conference centers, and others.

This specialization is considered an educational unit with a bright future, as it draws its strength from the important center of the tourism and hotel sector, and this study aims to carry out research and training activities, develop foreign language skills and educate tourists and hotel managers who will receive and succeed in the local and international markets.

Graduates of Tourism Facilities Management can find many job opportunities, as it has a promising and bright future in Turkey and other countries of the whole world, due to the importance of the tourism and hotel sectors in strengthening and supporting the treasury of countries.

Advantages of studying Tourism Facilities Management in Turkey:  

The tourism sector has always been an important tributary to the national economy in all the world in general and in Turkey in particular, which has worked to develop Tourism Facilities Management specialization programs, taking into account the importance of making this specialization in the right way, as it acquires great importance and great impact in the tourism fields and local and international labor markets, in addition to gaining social acceptance and providing many prestigious jobs for its students.

Therefore, the study of this specialization has several advantages in the whole world and in Turkey, especially despite the intensity of competition and the high number of graduates, and these features include: 

  • Attracting students as one of the most diverse disciplines

  • Acquire tourism, hotel, administrative and marketing skills for students

  • Teaches learners the ability to work flexibly, well communicative, communicative, and time management

  • The availability of the tourist environment in Turkey, which encourages students and attracts them to study and work in this specialization

  • Easy access to jobs for graduates, especially in Turkey

  • The high income that graduates of this specialization can obtain

  • Turkish universities link the academic side with the practical professional side, which qualifies the student to enter directly into the labor market

  • The interest of Turkish universities in keeping pace with digital marketing and technological development to support students

  • The cost of studying in Turkish universities, which is lower than others.

  • Living is low cost compared to living in other countries.

  • Availability of many scholarships and discounts.

  • The excellent educational staff.

If you love active work, tourism, travel, and socializing with different nationalities and people, you will be very happy to choose a Tourism Facilities Management major, especially in Turkey, which is known for the quality of education with its internationally recognized universities.

Costs of studying Tourism Facilities Management in Turkey:

Tuition costs vary according to different universities, but studying in Turkish universities in   general is less expensive than studying in universities affiliated withother countries.

  • Costs of studying Tourism Facilities Management in public universities in Turkey:

The cost of studying in public universities in Turkey is lower than private universities, although both of them have strong infrastructure and advanced social and educational facilities, and the cost of specializing in Tourism Facilities Management in public universities is between (250 to 550) dollars annually.

  • Costs of studying Tourism Facilities Management in private universities in Turkey:

It is more expensive than studying in public universities, where the cost of studying this specialization in private universities is about (2000 to 10.500) USD annually and is taught in Turkish as well as in English. 

Areas of work of Tourism Facilities Management:

There are many and varied fields of work for graduates of this specialization, and they have many job opportunities in hotels and other centers, including:

  • Work in the departments of human resources, reception, advertising, marketing and public relations for hotels.

  • Work as an administrative and technical manager in resorts and hotels.

  • Work as a public relations manager in tourist centers and hotels.

  • Work as a tour manager.

  • Work as a tour guide in tourist centers, hotels and information centers.

  • Hotel manager.

  • Tourist police officer.

  • Tour Representative.

  • Responsible for sightseeing tours.

  • Management of tourist offices.

  • Work in flight reservation offices.

Duration of the study of Tourism Facilities Management in Turkey:

The number of years of studying this specialization in Turkey is only 4 years, and it may increase 5 years in case of studying a preparatory year for the language.

Lessons and contents of the Tourism Facilities Management in Turkey:

  • Fundamentals of Hotel Management

  • General principles of hotel management

  • General principles of human resource management

  • Customer Service & Protocol

  • Food and drink production (hotel gastronomy)

  • International Languages

  • Communication and communication with customer categories and customers

  • Hotel & Tourism Marketing

  • Work Environment in Hotel & Tourism

  • Strategic Business Projects

  • Business Ethics in Hospitality

  • Digital Marketing

  • Public Relations in Hotel and Tourism

  • Hotel logistics operations

  • Technology & Society

  • Introduction to Computer Science

  • Principles of Mathematics

  • Principles of Accounting (The Hotel Accounting) 

  • Principles of Statistics

  • Principles of Economics

  • Principles of Tourism and Travel

  • Insurance Principles

  • Principlesof booking travel and flight tickets

  • Nutritional health and safety

  • Customer psychology

  • Communication and communication skills

  • Management of villages and tourist resorts

  • Human Resources Management in Hotels and Tourist Establishments

  • Conference & Banquet Management

  • Hotel Management

  • Introduction to Hotel Tourism Management

  • Fieldtraining 

  • Menu Planning

  • Scientific Research Methods

  • Engineering & Hotel Maintenance

  • Feasibility studies for tourism projects

  • Supervision and monitoring of feasibility

Specializations related to Tourism Facilities Management include:

Tourism has a close relationship with hotel management in different disciplines, including:

  • Accounting Major

  • Business Administration Major

  • Finance and Accounting Major

  • Information Technology Major

  • Marketing Specialization

  • Human Resource Management Specialization

  • Public Relations Specialization

  • Aviation Management Major

Specialized areas in Tourism Facilities Management:

  • Hotels

  • Thetourism companies

  • Tourist resorts

  • Ministry of Tourism and International Restaurants

  • Entertainment venues and cafes

  • Tourist Villages

Master of Tourism Facilities Management in Turkey:

The cost of studying a master's degree in Tourism Facilities Management in Turkey is about (10.000) USD.

The best Turkish universities that teach Tourism Facilities Management:

  • The best private universities to study Tourism Facilities Management in Turkey:

  • Beşknet University

  • Bilgi University

  • Ariel University

  • Atılım University

  • Istanbul Aydin University

  • Yeditepe University

  • Best public universities to study Tourism Facilities Management in Turkey:

  • Marmara University

  • Istanbul University

  • Hacı Tepe University

  • Eskişehir University

Skills required and developed in the field of Tourism Facilities Management:

The student of this specialization must have qualifications and skills in order to be successful in his professional and academic life, in addition to the fact that this specialization will gain his students additional new skills and enhance their basic skills, and these skills and qualifications include: 

  • Patience and caution

  • Teamwork skills

  • Activity and punctuality

  • Stylish and attractive appearance

  • Refinement in behavior and speech

  • Ability to plan and work organized

  • Ability to continuously improve and develop

  • Cultural general knowledge

  • Ability to communicate with others

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