Studying Speech Therapy in Turkey دراسة علاج النطق في تركيا

Speech and language Therapy

Studying Speech Therapy in Turkey

Overview of Speech Therapy:

The specialty of speech and language therapy is one of the new specialties, as it was found after 1923, and it is a medical specialty developed to treat speech and language problems, so we find it dealing with studies that are conducted to prevent potential problems or identify existing problems and eliminate them in everything related to speech, voice, swallowing and others.

It is a specialty that aims to train and equip specialists and professionals to deal with these problems correctly in order to reach treatment.

This specialty treats both speech or hearing problems suffered by adults as well as children, such as stuttering, lack of clarity, inappropriate sounds, and other problems that may appear for many reasons, including psychological or organic causes such as hearing problems, laryngeal problems and muscle relaxation in the mouth, so this specialty treats all of this by stimulating social behaviors, strengthening visual and auditory perceptions, and developing language in patients.

Advantages of studying speech therapy in Turkey:

Turkish universities have always been known for their excellence in teaching medical specialties and technological and technical progress inmedical treatments, which include the treatment of speech problems, so we find Turkish university courses in the specialty of speech therapy that provide theoretical and practical explanations of the anatomy of the head, neck and ear area in order to provide an in-depth study for students, which facilitates knowledge of speech and auditory diseases and how to prevent them.

Although studying this specialization in Turkey has some disadvantages such as low average salaries, difficult training, long training period, high costs, and the limited number of appointments in jobs in institutions, it also has many advantages, including:

  • The possibility of working in government institutions permanently

  • The fields of work for speech and language therapy graduates are wide and varied

  • Practical application and training during the study period 

  • Ability to work independently

  • Appropriate tuition costs in Turkey compared to universities in other countries

  • Low cost of living in Turkey compared to other countries

  • Many facilities are available to international students such as scholarship opportunities and discounts

  • The distinguished educational staffs provided by universities in Turkey

If you love medical and humanitarian specialties at the same time and love to help others, especially children, you will be very happy with your choice to study this specialization,   especially in Turkey, which is famous for the quality of education with its internationally recognized universities and all its many health and medical centers.

Duration of studying speech therapy in Turkey:

The specialization of speech and language therapy is taught in Turkey during 4 academic years and within the scope of the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the number of years may increase to five as a fifth preparatory year for the language.

Lessons and contents of speech therapy in Turkey:

It is possible that these subjects vary from one university to another, but the most important main subjects taught in the specialization of speech and language therapy are:

  • Human Anatomy

  • Human physiology

  • Basic Physics and Sound Physics

  • Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of language and speech

  • Acoustics and Acoustics Lab 

  • Ear, Nois, Throat diseases, oral and facial abnormalities

  • Speech science (hearing, speech, phonetics and cognition)

  • Childhood language disorders

  • Motor speech disorders (dysphasia and dyspraxia)

  • Acquired neurolinguistic disorders (assessment and treatment)

  • Pharmaceutical knowledge of speech and language pathologists

  • Speech therapy and rehabilitation in cases of hearing loss

Specializations related to speech therapy include:

This specialty combines a number of medical specialties at the same time, including:

  • Psychology

  • Special Education

  • Psychological and educational counseling

  • Speech and Language Therapy Sciences

This enables graduates to complete their studies and expand their fields through specialization and deepening in one of these branches.

The best Turkish universities that teach speech therapy:

  • The best private universities to study speech therapy in Turkey:

  • Biruni University

  • Medipol University

  • Üsküdar University

  • Istinye University

  • The best public universities to study speech therapy in Turkey:

  • Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University

  • Ege University

  • Istanbul University

  • İzmir Katip Çelebi University 

Costs of studying speech therapy in Turkey: 

The cost of tuition varies according to the universities and types, but studying in Turkey's universities in general is more economical and less cost than studying in universities affiliated withother countries. 

  • Costs of studying speech therapy in public universities in Turkey:

Although public and private universities have excellent equipment and strong infrastructure, the cost of studying in public universities is low compared to private universities, where the cost of this specialization is about (350 to 750) USD annually.

  • Costs of studying speech therapy in private universities in Turkey:

The cost of studying speech therapy in Turkish private universities is high in comparison with public universities, as the cost of studying this specialization is about (3000 to 9000) USD annually. Some universities teach this major in English.

Salaries of speech therapy graduates in Turkey:

The average income and salary of a graduate of speech and language therapy is about 7,900 USD per year in general, and the average in Turkey is about (7,630 to 14,290) Turkish liras per month.

Areas of work of speech therapy:

A graduate of speech and language therapy can work in a number of government and private institutions and centers, and the chances of obtaining better jobs increase as the graduate's practical experience increases, and from the places where graduate can work:  

  • Work in hospitals

  • Work in health centers

  • Work in clinics

  • Work in private centers

  • Work in home care

  • Work in schools

  • Work in associations

  • Work in the public sphere

Skills required and developed in the specialty of speech therapy:

In order for the student of this specialization to succeed in his practical and scientific life, he must possess the necessary qualifications, skills and qualities, which are refined and enhanced by the study and add some new skills to it, including:

  • Ability to deal with children of all ages

  • Enduring hardships and obstacles

  • Ability to solve problems

  • Ability to self-control

  • Patience and accuracy in work

  • Language skills

  • Strong sign language and communication knowledge to enable the ability to communicate with children

  • Patient, long mind, communication skills with parents and guiding them

  • Assessment and diagnosis skills for the child's condition

  • Writing skills for writing and preparing medical reports

  • Love of permanent learning

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