Studying Psychology in Turkey

Overview of Psychology Major:

Psychology is concerned with the study of human behavior and living beings scientifically so that it can understand and interpret this behavior and even predict it, and it also searches for the relationship of behavioral aspects to mental perception through a deep academic study and a research approach based on practical applications

It aims to analyze conscious and unconscious behavior, thoughts and feelings to achieve an understanding of human behavior in particular, help others choose the right ways of thinking, teach people how to organize their lifestyle, teach students ways to invest and organize time and other things that serve humanity and all living beings.

It is one of the specialties that are in high demand year after year due to the need for psychologists, the increasing demand for psychological counseling and people's increasing awareness about the importance of consulting psychologists. 

Advantages of studying psychology in general and in Turkey in particular:

The specialization of psychology is one of the sub- majors of the fields of social sciences  that raise the level of mental abilities and positive interactions with society and individuals, and the study of this specialization in Turkey in particular is a high-quality experience where a lot  of practical application, practical projects and modern curricula that qualify students to work inside and outside Turkey, and it falls in Turkey under the Faculty of Education.

Among the most prominent features of studying psychology in Turkish universities in particular:

  • Obtaining a blue diploma during graduation, which is diploma that authenticate the equivalence of the diploma of psychology specialization in the European Union.

  • Adaptation of psychiatric schools in Turkey to European and American diagnostic systems

  • It provides many job opportunities in different institutions.

  • The possibility of working independently in opening a private clinic

  • Average salaries are generally high 

  • Training and practical application during the study

  • Appropriate tuition fees in Turkish universities compared to other universities

  • The low cost of living in Turkey compared to other countries

  • Providing many scholarship opportunities and discounts in Turkish universities

  • The specialized and qualified educational staff provided by universities in Turkey

If you are thinking and interested in knowing the mysteries of the human soul and explaining the behaviors of living beings in general and humans in particular, you will be very happy to study psychology, especially in Turkey, which is known for the quality of its education within its internationally recognized universities.

Duration of studying psychology in Turkey:

The number of years of studying psychology in Turkey is 4 years, divided into 8 semesters, and the applicant can finish the study within 3 years or 3 and a half years, depending on the number of hours and classes that the student registers and passes, and the duration of the study may increase by one year in the case of that the student must study a language a preparatory year. 

This major can be studied in English or Turkish depending on the university and what it offers.

Lessons and contents of the psychology major in Turkey:

These subjects and their names may vary from one university to another, but we will mention to you many of subjects taught in this specialization in the four academic years:

  • Principles of the specialty of psychology.

  • Introduction to Behavioral Science.

  • Learning and knowledge.

  • General psychology.

  • Sports Psychology major.

  • Experimental Psychology major.

  • Specialization in linguistic psychology.

  • Social Psychology major.

  • Specialization in linguistic and social psychology.

  • Industrial Psychology major.

  • The psychology of crimes.

  • Introduction to psychology.

  • Motives and emotions.

  • Developmental psychology.

  • Research methods in the specialty of psychology.

  • Psychological foundations of social behavior.

  • Cognitive development, perception and attention.

  • Philosophy.

  • Psychological counseling.

  • Field studies of psychology.

  • Psychotherapy.

The best Turkish universities that teach psychology:

  • The best private universities to study psychology in Turkey:

  • Istanbul Bilgi University

  • Istanbul Okan University

  • Bahçeşehir University

  • Istinye University

  • Altinbaş University

  • Medipol University

  • The best public universities to study psychology in Turkey:

  • Haci Tepe University

  • Mersin University

  • Boğaziçi University

  • Mersin University

  • Selcuk University

  • İnönü University

  • Istanbul University

Costs of studying psychology in Turkey:

Although the costs may vary from one university to another and according to the type of university, private universities are higher fees than public universities in Turkey, although both have a strong infrastructure and modern and advanced equipment.

  • Costs of studying psychology in public universities in Turkey:

The fees for studying psychology in Turkey in public universities range between (350 to 1000) USD annually, and they are taught in some universities in English.

  • Costs of studying psychology in private universities in Turkey:

The fees for studying psychology in Turkey in private universities range between (3000 to 10.000) USD approximately, and they are taught in some universities in English.

Master of Psychology Specialization:

The fees for a master's degree in psychology in Turkish universities are about (4.700 to 22.000) dollars annually, it is from two to three academic years.

Postgraduate studies in psychology include : 

  • General psychology. 

  • Philosophical psychology. 

  • Sports psychology. 

  • Developmental psychology. 

  • Social psychology. 

  • Counseling psychology. 

  • Physiological Psychology 

  • Cognitive psychology. 

  • Criminal psychology. 

  • Family psychology. 

  • Experimental psychology. 

  • Biological psychology. 

  • Pharmacological psychology. 

  • The psychology of addiction. 

  • Clinical psychology. 

  • Political psychology. 

  • Industrial psychology.

Salaries of psychology graduates in Turkey:

The salaries of graduates and students of this specialization vary according to the sector in which they work and the number of years of experience, and salaries range is between (4500 to 8000) Turkish liras

Areas of work of the Psychology major:

Psychology graduates can work in many of centers and jobs that are available to them in both public and private institutions, and from the places and job opportunities where they can work:

  • Work in academic and teaching field

  • Work in hospitals

  • Work in psychiatric institutions and centers

  • Work in schools and centers for people with special needs

  • Work in opening a private clinic

  • Work as a psychiatrist

  • Work as an educational consultant

  • Work as a scientific researcher

  • Work as a Human Resources Manager

  • Work in the field of professional psychology

  • Work in the field of organizational psychology

  • Work in the specialty of forensic psychology

Skills required and developed in the field of psychology:

There are many skills, qualifications and qualities that must be available in the student who wants to study the specialization of psychology, which are qualities that will be refined by studying the specialization later, but their availability in the student is necessary so that he can achieve success in his academic and professional life, and these qualifications and qualities include:  

  • Critical thinking skills

  • Skills of examining search results

  • Ability to influence others

  • Caution and patience

  • Teamwork skills

  • Love of learning and continuous development

  • Planning & Organizing

  • High expressiveness

  • Taking Responsibility

  • Love to help people

  • Interpersonal skills

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