Studying Prosthodontics in Turkey دراسة التعويضات السنية في تركيا


Studying Prosthodontics in Turkey

An overview of the prosthodontics specialty:

The history of prosthodontics goes back to the history of the development and renaissance of dentistry in the field of dental treatments, and people worked with it in the past in response to the need for it, even if the work was not as professional as it is today, and one of the evidences of this is what was found in one of the ancient graves, where the teeth of a mummy were found tied with a wire of gold To straighten the teeth, they used this method to install the removed teeth in the mouth in the past.

This specialty is closely linked to dentistry, as it is an integral part of it, as the dentist's work is not complete without the presence of a laboratory who makes replacement teeth for people who have lost their teeth.

This specialization generally focuses on equipping laboratory technicians and dental technicians and giving them the skill and experience necessary to manufacture, design and equip dental fixtures, dental bridges, dental braces and crowns, and all the techniques that the dentist needs in his work during the treatment of patients’ teeth until he reaches the result that the patient is looking for in oral and dental health and treatment problems and improve appearance. The main goal of prosthodontics is to rehabilitate the functions of the mouth and teeth, straighten the jaw, and restore missing or damaged parts of the teeth.

This specialty has been of great importance all over the world in general and in Turkey in particular, due to its great role in dental treatments and the constant increase in demand for it and the urgent and constant need for highly skilled dental technicians, whether in dental treatments or beautification to obtain a Hollywood smile.

Advantages of studying prosthodontics in Turkey:

Despite the strong demand of students to study this major in all universities in the world every year, the destination of students to study it in Turkey remains the best, in addition to the distinction of Turkey’s universities with their educational staff and their equipment with the latest equipment necessary for practical training and the high ranking of their universities, also characterized by their low and medium fees compared to universities in other countries. The prosthodontics specialty is one of the most required specializations in Turkey, especially after the Ministry of Health issued a decision ordering the closure of all prosthodontics centers that do not hold a university degree, enabling their holders to practice the profession without hindrance.

We do not forget to remind you that Turkish universities have a high position among international universities, and they allow their students to receive practical training in centers equipped with the latest technologies and tools necessary to equip qualified laboratory workers.

The advantages of studying prosthodontics in Türkiye as well:

- The availability of high-quality dental laboratories in Türkiye.

- Availability of many job opportunities for graduates due to the increasing demand for prosthodontics specialists

- Practical application and training during the study

- The ability to work independently and open a private laboratory

- Average and appropriate tuition costs in Türkiye compared to other countries

- Low cost of living in Türkiye compared to other countries

- Providing many facilities for international students, such as scholarship opportunities and discounts

- Distinguished educational staff provided by universities in Türkiye

If you are one of those who love the medical and technical aspects at the same time, you will be very happy with your choice to study prosthodontics, especially in Turkey, which is famous for the quality of education with its internationally recognized universities and its many health and medical centers.

Duration of studying prosthodontics in Turkey:

The number of years of studying prosthodontics is only 2 years, and it may be increased by a third academic year, which is a preparatory year for language study.

Lessons and contents of prosthodontics in Turkey:

Some of these subjects may differ from one university to another, but among the most important subjects taught in the prosthodontics major are:

- Microbiology

- information technology

- Dental sciences and dental anatomy

- Medical terminology

- Tools and equipment in cosmetic dentistry

- Fixed and removable prosthodontics

- Anatomy

- Physiological systems

- orthodontics

- Pharmacology and drugs

- Beautification of the face

- Ethics and law in medicine

- leading businesses

- Implant-supported prostheses

- Digital technologies in dentistry

- Occupational Health and Safety

Among the specializations related to prosthodontics:

- Dentist

- Orthodontics

- The mouth and teeth's health

- Dental services

- Allied dental sciences

The best Turkish universities studying prosthodontics:

• The best private universities to study prosthodontics in Türkiye:

- Arel University

- Medipol University in Istanbul

- Istanbul Aydin University

- Gelişim University in Istanbul

- Uskudar University • The best public universities to study prosthodontics in Türkiye:

- Marmara University

- Ankara University

- Istanbul University

- University of Izmir Kateb Celebi

Costs of studying prosthodontics in Türkiye:

The tuition cost differs in different universities and their types, but studying in Turkish universities in general is more affordable and less expensive than studying in universities in other countries.

  • Costs of studying prosthodontics in public universities in Türkiye:

Public and private universities have high equipment and strong infrastructure, the costs of studying in public universities are low compared to private universities, on average about (300 to 800) US dollars annually.

  • Costs of studying prosthodontics in private universities in Türkiye:

The costs of studying prosthodontics in Turkish private universities are average compared to European universities, but they are very expensive compared to Turkish public universities, as the cost of studying this major is about (1800 to 3000) US dollars annually. Master's degree in prosthodontics:

You can study a master's degree in prosthodontics in Turkey in Turkish or English, and its fees are about (2,500 to 11,000) dollars annually.

Areas of work of the prosthodontics specialty:

A graduate of this specialization in prosthodontics can work in governmental or private institutions and dental laboratories, and the graduate’s chances of obtaining prestigious jobs increase as his practical experience increases and his level of study increases.

The jobs in which he can work are:

• Work in private laboratories and prosthetic dental laboratories

• Work in private, university and government hospitals

• Opening a dental prosthodontics laboratory

• Work in dental clinics

• Work in dental and oral health centers

• Work in research and training centers

• Academic work in universities within the teaching staff

Required skills in prosthodontics:

Students who wish to study prosthodontics must have a number of qualities and qualifications that the study will refine and enhance. Studying this major will add new skills to the student, and among those qualifications and qualities:

- Patience, endurance and calmness

- Strong nerves, because working in this specialty is stressful and requires nervous and physical strength

- Possess the artistic and creative sense and high taste to distinguish colors and mix them appropriately

- The high concentration that the student of this specialization will need during work, design, carving and smoothing the new denture

- Ability to work long hours

- Organization and arrangement skills

- Promptitude

- Accuracy in details

- Self-confidence

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