Studying Physical Education in Turkey دراسة التربية الرياضية في تركيا

Physical Education and Sports Teaching

Studying Physical Education in Turkey

Overview of Physical Education:

Sport is one of the basic activities practiced by a person since childhood and spontaneously, as the child grows up loving to play all the games that require him to perform some physical movements or move his mental perceptions.

In view of the importance of sports for the health of the body, mind and human being, the need and vision necessitated the addition of physical education to the curricula in general, so that the task after that must be done is to prepare the teacher who supervises the teaching of this subject in schools, so the need was necessary to open colleges and institutes to teach sports specialization and equip its students to be future sports coaches and teachers.

This major is concerned with teaching its students the necessary sports and technical skills that they need in order to carry out large sports projects that help improve the physical and physical fitness of humans.

There is also a bright future waiting for graduates of this specialization in Turkey and other countries of the whole world, where many sports clubs need supervisors or coaches for teams or amateurs who play in the ranks of the club from the young generation.

Advantages of studying physical education in Turkey :

Sports specialization is one of the most important distinctive disciplines that attract a large number of students currently, due to the great development witnessed by the sports sector in the whole world in general and in Turkey in particular, in addition to the multiplicity of jobs that graduates can work in on the one hand, and the diversity and abundance of sports facilities on the other hand. 

The physical education major also has many advantages that benefit the student of this specialization, including:

  • Increased physical endurance

  • Make the body more flexible

  • Increase energy and stay fit

  • Strengthen bones and increase their density

  • Strengthen muscles and keep away from anxiety and depression

  • Acquire a number of functional, professional and self-skills

  • Qualify for the use of modern technologies and machines for training

  • Increase self-confidence and make the right decisions at the right time

  • Familiarity with everything related to sports and sports facilities and using them correctly and properly

Among the advantages of studying this specialization in Turkey in particular:

  • The costs of Turkish universities are lower than the costs of universities of other countries.

  • Living costs in Turkey compared to others.

  •  Many scholarships and university discounts are offered.

  • The teaching staff of high quality.

If you have sports hobbies and want to unite and combine your hobbies with the major you want to study, you will be very happy to choose and study physical education. Especially in Turkey, where the quality of education and universities are recognized globally, which will make your degree an international certificate!

Costs of studying physical education in Turkey:

The costs vary according to the university and its type, but studying in Turkish universities in general is less expensive than studying in universities in other countries.

  • Costs of studying physical education in public universities in Turkey:

The costs of public universities are lower than private universities, although both have a strong infrastructure and appropriate and advanced educational and social facilities, and the cost of physical education in public universities is about (500 to 750) US dollars annually. 

  • Costs of studying physical education in private universities in Turkey:

Private universities are more expensive than Turkish public universities, where the cost of physical education in private universities is about (1500 to 3000) US dollars annually.

Fields of work of physical education:

Graduates of the physical education major can obtain job opportunities in public and private institutions and among the job opportunities that the graduate can work in:

  • Trainer in gyms or fitness centers

  • Teacher or trainer of sports in schools and universities

  • Manager of a gym or fitness center

  • A player or coach on the jury of a sport such as football, basketball, etc.

  • Sports Marketing

  • Sports talent finder

  • Sports Media

Duration of studying physical education in Turkey:

The specialization of physical education can be studied in high schools or institutes for two years, while some Turkish universities include this specialization inspecialized colleges and is studied for 4 years.

Lessons and contents of the physical education major in Turkey:

  • Introduction to Physical Education

  • Mathematical Teaching Techniques

  • Classroom Management 

  • Education Applications 1

  • Educational Sociology

  • Principles and methods of mathematical teaching

  • General ethics and sports ethics in education 

  • Special Education and Inclusion

  • Basics of Physical Education and Sports

  • Applications for Community Service 

  • Knowledge of training assets 

  • Popular Games Material 

  • Human anatomy and kinesiology 

  • Physical Education - Curricula 

  • Physical Education and Sports Education 

  • Sports Training and Nutrition Principles 

  • Movement Training 

  • Team Sports 1 

  • Team Sports 2 

  • Team Sports 3 

  • Educational games Material 

  • Information Technologies 

  • Sports Learning and Teaching 

  • Swimming 

  • Education Applications 2 

  • Health Information and First Aid 

  • Motor development 

  • Principles of measurement and evaluation in sports education 

  • Guidance in schools 

  • Physical exercise 

  • Research methods in physical education 

  • Learn the art of skill 

  • Organization and administration in physical education and sports 

  • Physical Education and Physical Education Programs 

  • Fitness Material 

  • Programming exercises for a healthy life 

  • Athletics 

  • Physiology practice 

  • Sports in nature 

  • Adaptation of physical education and sports

  • Teaching sports rhythm and dance 

  • Tennis

It is amonth of sports disciplines within the physical education major  :

Students of this specialization have the right to choose the sports specialization in which they wish to complete their studiesin the third year of study, and the most famous of these sports disciplines are: 

  • Football including training and refereeing

  • Fitness Management

  • Basketball

  • Boxing

  • Handball

  • Weightlifting

  • Volleyball

  • Tennis Ball

  • Athletics

  • Mountaineering

  • Gymnastics

  • Swimming

  • Hockey ... and others.

Master of Physical Education in Turkey:

The cost of studying a master's degree in physical education in Turkey is about (3500 to 9000) US dollars

Among the Turkish universities that teach physical education:

  • Fenerbahçe University

  • Okan University

  • Bilgi University

  • Istanbul Aydın University

  • Gelişim University

Skills required and developed in the field of physical education:

You must have several qualifications in order to be happy and successful in your professional and academic life if you choose to study physical education, including:

  • Sports skills and physical ability to exercise.

  • The ability to use educational technologies for this field of equipment, devices and others.

  • Communication skills.

  • Positive competition spirit.

  • Fitness

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