Studying Pharmacy in Turkey دراسة الصيدلة في تركيا


Studying Pharmacy in Turkey

Overview of Pharmacy Major:

The origins of pharmacy science date back to the first third of the twelfth century, so it is one of the oldest sciences that have been discovered, and it has historically been associated with the process of human search for a source of healing from diseases through the use of medicinal plants and herbs since ancient times.

It is a science that studies the stages of drug production, its effects on humans, chemicals, their properties and compositions in detail. The specialty of pharmacy is one of the basic specialties of the medical sector, as it is not possible to carry out any surgeries or any clinical treatment without anesthetics manufactured by pharmacists specialized in medicines, and all patients resort to the pharmacist after consulting a doctor, as he is able to provide appropriate advice to use medicines correctly with a warning of side effects.

This specialization receives a great demand from students every year and the demand for it is constantly increasing due to its great importance in raising the level of health and medical services and supporting them, as the community inall the world and in Turkey in particular is working to train its pharmaceutical students on research and experimentation intensively to ensure the provision of new, innovative and sound pharmaceutical materials in an excellent manner and to avoid any medical error, which supports the medical and health sectors as a whole.

Advantages of studying pharmacy in Turkey:  

The pharmacy major is one of the most important disciplines in all the world and all years,  where the pharmacist's tasks and responsibilities are multiple, and many international students want to study pharmacy abroad, but in recent years many students have tended to study it in Turkey because of its high quality of education and high standard of living in addition to many advantages to study in Turkey in general and study pharmacy in particular, including: 

  • It provides advanced and high-quality pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment in Turkey, which facilitates and accelerates the receipt of science with access to the latest technology in the field. 

  • Linking the practical and theoretical aspects in Turkish universities

  • Abundance and diversity of job opportunities for graduates

  • Very acceptable tuition costs in Turkey compared to other countries

  • Low cost of living in Turkey compared to other countries

  • Lots of scholarships and discounts available

  • Highly qualified specialists and educational staff in Turkey

If you are one of those who are fascinated by chemical sciences, formulations and interesting scientific experiments that sometimes cause a volcano of chaos with a volcano of pleasure, you will be very happy with your choice to study pharmacy, especially in Turkish universities that volunteer you the best and most modern equipment and laboratories.

Duration of studying pharmacy in Turkey:

The number of years of studying pharmacy in Turkey is 5 years, and often the first 4 years of theoretical study and then start in the fifth year of practical training within hospitals and medical centers that belong to the university or the university deals with it.

Lessons and contents of the pharmacy specialization in Turkey:

  • The mathematics.

  • Physics and biophysics.

  • General chemistry.

  • Biology, molecular biology and genetics.

  • Applications of scientific technology.

  • History of Pharmacy and Deontology.

  • Physiology.

  • Medical terms.

  • Pharmacy terminology.

  • Biostatistics.

  • Public health and epidemiology.

  • Microbiology and immunology.

  • First aid.

  • Organic chemistry.

  • Analytical chemistry.

  • Medical communication skills.

  • Histology.

  • Pathology.

  • Clinical Biochemistry.

  • Pharmacological and clinical microbiology.

  • Botany

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

  • Pharmacology.

  • Pharmaceutical technology.

  • Pharmacology.

  • Fundamentals of clinical pharmacy.

  • Practical exercises.

  • Clinical Pharmacy.

  • General toxicology.

  • Graduation project.

  • Drug therapy.

  • Pharmaceutical toxicology.

  • Pharmaceutical biotechnology.

  • Pharmacy Management.

  • Second graduation project

  • Cosmetics.

  • Professional ethics.

Among the most important pharmacy in Turkey:

After graduation, the student can specialize in one of the pharmaceutical sciences and take it as his main specialization, including:

  • Pharmacology

  • Pharmaceutical Research

  • Industrial Pharmacy

Specializations of the Master of Pharmacy include:

  • Health Management

  • Pharmacists Department

  • Pharmacoeconomics 

  • Drug development 

  • Biotechnicals 

  • Pharmacokinetics 

  • Occupational Health and Safety 

  • Clinical Pharmacy 

  • Industrial Pharmacy 

  • Pharmacology and Toxicology 

  • Cosmetic Sciences 

  • Forensic Sciences 

  • Medicinal chemistry 

  • Pharmacognosy 

The student can also study the specialty of Doctor of Pharmacy in six academic years, where the student undergoes five years of theoretical study and a sixth academic year that is practically applied in the hospital, which is like a year of excellence.

The best Turkish universities that teach pharmacy:

  • The best private universities to study pharmacy in Turkey:

  • Ankara Medipol University

  • Bahçeşehir University

  • Yeditepe University

  • Altınbaş University

  • Istinye University

  • Biruni University

  • The best public universities to study pharmacy inTurkey:

  • Ankara University

  • Hacıtepe University

  • Marmara University

Costs of studying pharmacy in Turkey:

Tuition fees vary according to the university with its type, but studying in Turkish universities in general is more economical and less expensive than studying in universities in other countries. 

  • Costs of studying pharmacy in public universities in Turkey:

Although both public and private universities have excellent and high equipment and strong infrastructure, the costs of studying in public universities are lower than the costs of studying in private universities, which are about (800 to 4000) US dollars per year.

  • Costs of studying pharmacy in private universities in Turkey:

 Studying in private universities costs more than the costs of studying in public universities, where the cost of studying this specialization, for example, is about (8,000 to 18,000) US dollars per year, and many universities teaches it in English.

 Master of Pharmacy:

Master of Pharmacy in Turkey can be studied in Turkish or English, and its fees are about (4000 to 10.000) dollars.

Fields of work in the specialty of pharmacy:

The Pharmacy student can work in many fields in the public or private sectors such as:

  • Work in health institutions

  • Work in private and government hospitals, dispensaries and clinics

  • Work as Director of Medical Departments

  • Work in pharmaceutical and medical products factories as a supervisor or medical representative of products

  • Work in medical centers of all kinds, such as psychotherapy and physiotherapy centers

  • Opening a private pharmacy and working in it

  • Work in the manufacture of medicines

Skills required and developed in the specialty of pharmacy:

Students who wish to study pharmacy must have a number of qualities that will be refined  and enhanced by the study, and the study of pharmacy will add new skills to the student, and among the qualities and skills required: 

  • Communication Skills

  • Marketing skills

  • Management Skills

  • Organization and time management skills

  • Problem Solving Skills

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