Studying Prosthetics in Turkey دراسة الاطراف الصناعية وتقويم العظام في تركيا

Orthopedic Prosthetic and Orthotics

Studying Prosthetics in Turkey

An overview of the specialty of prosthetics and orthotics:

With the medical development that swept the whole world, many specialties flourished and grew in the interest of the patient and helped him to recover as required, and among the most prominent of these specialties that appeared, creating a huge revolution in the medical fields, are the specialty of prosthetics and orthotics,

And whose idea began after World War II, when wood was used as the first material used to manufacture prosthetic limbs, then some countries developed the matter and made limbs from plastic materials, and this industry and limbs began to develop and progress until they were made of special materials that are not rusty and include several elements such as aluminum, titanium and plastic. And rubber, with the adaptation of the computer in the modern era to design and manufacture these prostheses and auxiliary devices and control them.

The importance of this specialization comes from its great role in compensating the missing limbs of a person due to accidents and serious diseases that he may be exposed to, which poses many obstacles for him in his daily life, so this specialization appeared to relieve people of their pain and problems.

It is a specialty that studies the method of creating and designing prostheses, studying chiropractic, treating injuries and bone fractures to which humans are exposed, making splints, designing medical shoes and other tools and devices that are used to treat the patient.

Advantages of studying prosthetics and orthotics in Turkey:

The specialty of prosthetics is one of the smart specializations in the field of medicine, and it is one of the majors that has received great demand in recent times, and it also has a prosperous future, whether you will study it in Turkey or in universities in other countries, but studying it in Turkish universities has advantages that make you choose Turkey as a destination for your studies. This is due to the development and strength of Turkish study programs, especially in medical specialties, in addition to the integration of scientific education with practical, application and field training, and the availability of an advanced scientific environment and medically advanced laboratories, centers and hospitals in which students can train.

the advantages of studying prosthetics in Turkey:

- Availability of laboratories, centers, hospitals and factories equipped with the latest equipment.

- Availability of many job opportunities for graduates due to the increasing demand for prosthetics and orthotics specialists

- Practical practice and training during the study period

- Possibility of affiliation of graduates with the Medical Syndicate

- Average and appropriate tuition costs and fees in universities in Türkiye compared to universities in other countries

- The global recognition enjoyed by Turkish universities, especially in medical specializations

- Low cost of living in Türkiye compared to other countries

- Providing many facilities for international students, such as scholarship opportunities and discounts

- Skilled educational staff and the best technological programs

Duration of studying prosthetics and orthotics in Turkey:

The number of years of studying prosthetics and orthotics in Turkey is 4 years, and it may be increased by a fifth academic year, which is considered a preparatory year for language study.

Lessons and contents of prosthetics and orthotics in Turkey:

Some of these subjects may differ from one university to another, but we will mention to you a number of the main subjects taught in the field of prosthetics and orthotics:

- Neuroscience and movement

- Prosthetic techniques

- Prosthetic devices

- Biomechanics

- Anatomy of the human body

- Engineering drawing and medical descriptive engineering

- Physics and medical physics

- Pathology

- Techniques and methodologies for amputations and birth defects

- Orthopedics and diseases

- Principles and ethics of medical rehabilitation

- Biological microbiology

- Physiology Physiology

- Rehabilitation Psychology

- Fundamentals of research in rehabilitation sciences

- Biostatistics

- computer skills

- Anatomy of the limbs

- Prosthetics and assistive devices technologies

- Principles of public safety

- Calculus

- Science of manufacturing materials for prosthetics

- Technical computer uses in prosthetics

- Practical applications

- Movement analysis Study departments for orthopedic specialization in Turkish universities

- Basic physiotherapy

- Physiotherapy for internal diseases and the elderly

- Physiotherapy for neurological diseases

- Biomechanics

Types of prosthetics taught by students in Turkish universities:

- Cosmetic prostheses

- Powered prostheses

- Electro-Muscular prostheses

The best Turkish universities studying prosthetics and orthotics:

• The best private universities to study prosthetics and orthotics in Türkiye:

- Uskudar University

- Gelişim University

- Bilkent University

- Nisantasi University

- Al-Biruni University

• Among the public universities that study prosthetics and orthotics in Türkiye:

- Karabuk University

Costs of studying prosthetics and orthotics in Turkey:

Tuition fees differ in different universities and their types, but studying in Turkish universities in general is more affordable and less expensive than studying in universities in other countries.

  • Costs of studying prosthetics and orthotics in public universities in Turkey:

Although public and private universities have high equipment, advanced and modern equipment, and strong infrastructure, the tuition costs in public universities are low compared to private universities. For example, tuition fees for prosthetics are about (200 to 800) US dollars annually.

  • Costs of studying prosthetics and orthotics in private universities in Turkey:

Fees for studying prosthetics and orthotics in Turkish private universities are low compared to those in European universities, but the fees are high compared to Turkish public universities, as the cost of studying this specialization is about (1100 to 3000) US dollars annually. Master's degree in prosthetics and orthotics:

And you can study a master’s degree in prosthetics and orthotics in Turkey in the Turkish language in most universities, and you can study it in some universities in the English language, and its fees are about (1800 to 7000) dollars annually.

Areas of work specializing in prosthetics and orthotics:

A graduate of this specialization in prosthetics and orthotics can work in institutions, whether governmental or private, and in centers specialized in the fields of prosthetics. The graduate’s chances of obtaining excellent jobs increase as his practical experience increases and his level of study increases. Among the jobs and centers in which he can work are:

• Work in medical centers specialized in the manufacture of prostheses and prosthetic devices

• Work in the fields of marketing and sales of medical and prosthetic devices and prosthetic limbs

• Work in physiotherapy centers, medical rehabilitation and hospitals

• Work in health insurance and social security institutions

• Work in scientific research centers

• Work in private clinics, sports clubs and centers for the rehabilitation of players

• Work in follow-up programs for patients' condition during the treatment period and beyond

• Work in the academic field

The work of a graduate of this specialty may include going to patients’ homes and centers for people with special needs, and their daily tasks may include:

- Diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of disease

- Installation and design of surgical devices

- Taking measurements and using a computer

- Checking the limbs and devices and their condition if they are comfortable and working well

- Hardware repair and tuning The required skills that are developed in the study of prosthetics and orthotics:

Students who wish to study prosthetics and orthotics must have a number of qualifications and capabilities that the study will refine and enhance, and add new skills to, so that the student of this major can succeed in his academic and professional life as required, and among those qualifications and skills:

- Courage, courage and responsibility

- Computer and Internet skills

- communication skills

- Teamwork

- Ability to solve problems

- Office work skills

- Report writing skills

- The ability to work under pressure

- Flexibility and realism

- Leadership and time management skills

- General knowledge of scientific subjects

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