Studying Nursing in Turkey دراسة التمريض في تركيا


Studying Nursing in Turkey

An overview of the nursing profession:

The history of nursing back to the beginning of human existence, as it is part of the human nature, For fact every interest of any human being in another is Nursing, such as the case of a mother who cares for her sick children and women help each other in the process of childbearing and other many cases that humanity has witnessed since it existed, but with progress in Over time, nursing has taken shape in an educational framework as it is taught in schools, universities and institutes to become one of the basic and indispensable pillars of medical work.

In addition to the doctor and the pharmacist, we now find the nurse, who represents the right hand of the doctor. His role focuses on following up the patient and his health condition and providing health care to him, and this specialization also increases with the increase in medical specializations until it has become attractive to many students and witnessed a great turnout from students all over the world in general and in Turkey in particular, as it has a bright future and the demand for its graduates increases every year Because of the importance of their role in the medical and health sector.

Advantages of studying nursing in Turkey:

Despite the importance of nursing at the global level, we find a special interest in it in Turkey, which considers it one of the finest professions that a person can work in, because of its great importance in the medical fields and patient care, and Turkish universities have been able to teach this specialty wonderfully. As it provided practical training for students in hospitals, laboratories and laboratories at the university, seeking to provide students with practical and applied experiences in addition to theoretical studies, and it also prepared all the necessary means for developing nursing as a specialty that will produce highly qualified nurses. The study of nursing has several advantages also in the whole world in general and in Turkey in particular, and among the advantages of studying in Turkey:

- The availability of high-quality medical facilities and centers in Turkey, which provides practical training for students.

- Provide job opportunities for graduates

- Linking the applied practical side with the theoretical scientific side in Turkish universities

- Medium and appropriate tuition costs in Türkiye compared to other countries

- Low cost of living in Türkiye compared to other countries

- Availability of many scholarship opportunities and discounts

- Distinguished educational staff provided by universities in Türkiye If you are one of the medical aspects, caring for patients, helping and meeting others, you will be very happy with your choice to study the specialty of health administration, especially in Turkey, which is famous for the quality of education with its internationally recognized universities and all the many health and medical centers it also includes.

Duration of studying nursing in Turkey:

The number of years of studying nursing specialization in Turkey is 4 years, and the duration of the study may be increased by one year in the case of studying the language with a preparatory year.

It is worth noting that many Turkish universities allow studying this major in English, and the student can choose the language of study he wants, either Turkish or English.

Lessons and contents of nursing specialization in Turkey:

These subjects may differ from one university to another Among the subjects taught in this major in the 4 academic years:

- Anatomy.

- Physiology.

- Introduction to nursing.

- Basic principles and practices in nursing.

- Internal medicine nursing.

- Pathology.

- pharmacology.

- Microbiology.

- Surgical nursing.

- Infectious disease nursing.

- Women's health and disease nursing.

- Child health and illness nursing.

- Psychiatric and mental health nursing.

- Biostatistics.

- practical training.

- Public health nursing.

- Epidemics science.

- Management of nursing services.

- Many electives. Among the master’s and doctoral specializations for nursing specialization are:

- Community health nursing.

- Maternal and child health nursing.

- Elderly care nursing.

- Emergency and accident nursing.

- Burn nursing.

- Clinical nursing.

- Central care nursing.

- Neonatal intensive care nursing.

- Surgical nursing.

- Nursery nursing.

- Nursing fractures and bones.

- Internal medicine and oncology.

- Primary care and mental health nursing.

- Maternal and child nursing.

- Nursing anesthesia and endoscopy.

Specializations that branch out from the nursing specialization:

- Mental health nursing

- Care of the elderly

- Operations, anesthesia and accommodation

- Emergency and accidents

- Oncology nursing

- Surgical nursing

- Internal nursing

- Diabetic nursing education

- Intensive intensive care

- Diseases and bones

- operations room The best Turkish universities that study nursing:

• The best private universities to study nursing in Türkiye:

- Atilim University

- Medipol University in Istanbul

- Istanbul Aydin University

- Gelişim University

- Uskudar University

• The best public universities to study nursing in Türkiye:

- Adiyaman University

- Ankara University

- Yildirim Beyazit University Costs of studying nursing in Turkey:

The tuition fees differs in different universities, but studying in Turkish universities in general is more affordable and less expensive than studying in universities in other countries.

             -      The costs of studying nursing in public universities in Türkiye:

Although public and private universities have solid equipment and infrastructure, the fees of studying in public universities are low compared to the fees of private universities, with about (300 to 800) US dollars annually.

             -      The costs of studying nursing in private universities in Türkiye:

Studying in private universities has higher costs than studying in public universities, as the fees of studying this major, for example, is about (3000 to 8500) US dollars annually. This major is taught in a number of universities in English Master of Nursing:

A Master of Health Administration in Turkey can be studied in Turkish or English, and its fees are about (3,500 to 9,000) dollars.

Areas of work of the nursing profession:

The nursing student can work in a number of fields related to health fields, health care homes, governmental or private institutions, and medical centers, and among the places he can work in:

• Work in public or private hospitals

• Work in physical therapy and rehabilitation centers

• Work in universities and schools .

• Work in organizations and centers such as family centers and maternity and childhood centers

• Work in health education and training centers

• Work in nursing homes

Skills required in the nursing profession:

It is imperative for students wishing to study nursing to possess a number of skills and qualifications that the study will refine and enhance, and this study will also add new skills to the learner, and among those qualifications and skills are:

- communication skills

- Teamwork, because a graduate of this specialization will deal with a full medical team in hospitals

- Bear the pressure because nurses usually work until late at night

- Endurance and patience, because dealing with different types of people

- Physical strength and good health to bear the hard work 

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