Studying Molecular Engineering in Turkey دراسة الهندسة الجزيئية وعلم الوراثة

Molecular Biology and Genetics

Studying Molecular Engineering in Turkey

An overview of the specialization in molecular engineering and genetics:

Genetics and genetics is one of the modern sciences that worked on the genes of living organisms and worked on modifying their DNA, and it is one of the branches of selective breeding science that allows the development of generations of living organisms within certain characteristics and the exclusion of other undesirable characteristics.

The first experiments of this science began in the seventies of the last century on plants, when it produced the first genetically modified plant product, and although this science is one of the complex and difficult sciences, the current development in science and innovations made it easier and faster.

This science is concerned with modifying the different genes of living organisms, whether human, animal, plant, etc., by using and adapting genetic engineering to produce new structures that solve an existing problem or prepare a better version.

  All this and more made this an important specialization and had bright future for its students and made the demand for its studies intense by students in various countries of the world in general and in Turkey in particular.

Advantages of studying molecular engineering and genetics in Turkey:

The specialty of molecular science and genetics falls within the specialties that help in understanding the method of identifying the molecules that make up cells and understanding the behavior of living organisms in general. And merging them with living organisms for the purpose of improving them, as this science contributes to increasing agricultural crops in a short time and making them more resistant to agricultural diseases and allowing agriculture in salty soils and deserts in addition to studying insects and appropriate pesticides for each disease, and increasing milk production in cows and sheep and increasing reproduction while preserving the health of these animals and keep it in good condition.

Of course, we do not forget to mention the great importance of this specialization on the human level, as it contributed to the treatment of genetic diseases and the treatment of reproductive infertility through microscopic insemination.

Universities have provided departments for the study of genetics in some colleges, such as the College of Science, the College of Natural Sciences, and the College of Engineering. They also grant degrees of education for this specialty at the bachelor’s and postgraduate levels of master’s and doctoral degrees.

Among the advantages of studying this specialization in Türkiye in particular:

- Laboratories equipped with the highest standards and the latest tools for training students

- The availability of many and varied job opportunities in government and private institutions due to the - increasing demand for specialists in this science

- Provides a safe and comfortable environment that welcomes all cultures and nationalities

- High and generally high average salaries for graduates of this specialization

- Training and practical applications during the study period

- Low tuition fees in Turkish universities compared to others

- Low cost of living in Türkiye when compared to other countries

- Many scholarship opportunities and university discounts are available

- High educational quality in Turkish universities and highly qualified specialized educational staff.

Duration of studying molecular engineering and genetics in Turkey:

The number of academic years for specializing in molecular engineering and genetics in Turkey is 4 years, divided into 8 semesters, and the duration of the study may be increased by one year in the case of studying the language as a preparatory year.

This specialization can be studied in English or Turkish, depending on what the university offers.

Lessons and contents of Molecular Engineering and Genetics in Turkey :

It is possible that these subjects and their names differ from one university to another, but we will mention to you a number of subjects that are taught in the four years of this specialization:

- Immunology.

- General chemistry

- Stem cell biology.

- General Biology.

- Genomics and genetics ethics.

- Molecular cell biology.

- Microbiology.

- Molecular and cellular physiology.

- Genomics.

- Molecular genetics.

- Bioinformatics and management systems for databases

Among the departments of genetic engineering:

- Biophysics.

- Plant tissue culture.

- Gene therapy.

- Stem cell biology

- Molecular biology.

- Animal genetics.

- Animal genetics.

- Human genetics.

- Partial genetics.

- Behavioral genetics.

- Genetic algorithms.

- Clinical genetics.

- Classic genetics

The best Turkish universities studying molecular engineering and genetics:

Genetics departments are available in a number of Turkish public and private universities, including:

      • The best private universities to study molecular engineering and genetics in Türkiye:

- Istanbul Bilgi University

- Istanbul Okan University

- Bahçe Bilgi University

- Istinye University

- Uskudar University

     • The best public universities to study molecular engineering and genetics in Türkiye:

- Uludağ University

- Mustafa Kemal University

- Adnan Menderes University

- Abdullah Gül University

One of the areas in which genetic engineering techniques and molecules are conducted

- Medicine

- Pharmacy

- Agriculture and plants

Costs of studying molecular engineering and genetics in Türkiye:

Tuition fees vary from one university to another and according to the type of university, but the fees in  -private universities are higher than those of public universities in Turkey, although both of them have modern and advanced equipment and a strong infrastructure.

           -        Costs of studying molecular engineering and genetics in public universities in Turkey:

Tuition fees for molecular engineering and genetics in Turkey in public universities range from (300 to 1400) US dollars annually, and it is taught in some universities in English.

           -        Costs of studying molecular engineering and genetics in private universities in Turkey:

Tuition fees for specializing in molecular engineering and genetics in Turkey in private universities range between (3900 to 8000) US dollars annually, and some universities teach it in English.

Salaries for graduates of Molecular Engineering and Genetics in Türkiye:

Wages and salaries received by graduates and genetic engineering specialists vary according to the sectors in which they work and the difference in their experience and number of years. Their average income ranges between (3,500 to 11,000) Turkish liras per month.

Fields of work in Molecular Engineering and Genetics:

Graduates of molecular engineering and genetics can work in many and varied fields and in a number of centers, institutions and jobs that are available to them, and among the places and job opportunities in which they can work:

- Work in the academic field

- Work in forensic institutions

- Work in biochemical production centers

- Work in the energy sector

- Work in hospitals

- Work in pharmaceutical companies

- Work in private clinics

- Work in the agricultural sector

- Work in the Turkish Health Council

- Work in IVF centers

- Work as a molecular geneticist

- Work as a genetic counselor

- Work as a research scientist

- Work as a project manager

Required and developed skills in molecular engineering and genetics:

To study molecular engineering and genetics, the student must have a number of skills, qualifications, and characteristics that will be refined by studying the specialization later, in order to be able to achieve success in his academic and professional life. These qualifications and skills include:

- Caution and patience

- Love of teamwork

- Strong memory and a strong sense of sight

- Continuous development and learning

- The skills of linking events, causes, and results

- Planning and organizing skills

- Knowledge of scientific courses

- Physical, chemical and mathematical knowledge

- Curious for scientific knowledge

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