Studying Mechanical Engineering in Turkey دراسة الهندسة الميكانيكية في تركيا

Mechanical Engineering

Studying Mechanical Engineering in Turkey

An overview of the mechanical engineering major:

Engineering specialties in general are among the majors that attract students every year all over the world, and one of the most important and popular specialty of engineering is mechanical engineering. 

It is a major that attracts male students greatly. There are fewer female students in this major, because mechanical engineering is concerned with the design, operation and manufacture of mechanical machines such as turbines, vehicles, pumps, engines, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, building services systems, firefighting and other things that help people and make their lives better.

Although many people believe that it is a specialty related to cars only, this belief is wrong, as there are many fields and job opportunities for studying mechanical engineering, all of which revolve around creating technologies that meet the needs of humanity, so that every product or service in our lives may have been modified in some way by a mechanical engineer.

Advantages of studying mechanical engineering in Turkey :

Due to the increase in development in sectors that depend on machines, technology and devices in general, such as the industrial sector and the health sector, the interest in mechanical engineering has come to be one of the most important specializations in the current era, as different sectors need continuously for mechanical engineers to work on investing kinetic and thermal energy to design machines that contribute In increasing production with the highest possible quality and lowest costs, in addition to maintaining various machines and supervising manufacturing quality.

Turkey Among the most countries that have proven themselves in the engineering fields in general and the field of mechanical engineering in particular, Turkey is one of the best options due to the great interest, development and excellence witnessed by the engineering specialties in Turkey from the strength of courses and educational programs and teaching staff with high efficiency and laboratories and tools that allow application Practical with the latest devices and tools.

The most important principles of studying mechanical engineering are the principle of understanding the relationship between dynamic movement, forces, automatic control, and vibrations, and realizing the basic relationship of different dynamic forms of heat, air conditioning, refrigeration, energy, fluids, and manufacturing and production processes.

Universities in Turkey that study mechanical engineering aim to qualify their graduates to enter the labor market with capabilities that distinguish them, such as the ability to simplify and analyze complex systems, the ability to innovate, research and design to meet the regional and local markets with the ability to operate, maintain and manage production lines to achieve high production and the lowest possible costs.

Among the advantages of studying mechanical engineering in Turkey are:

- Laboratories equipped with the highest standards and the latest tools for training students

- The availability of many job opportunities in government and private institutions due to the increasing demand for mechanical engineers

- Provides a safe and comfortable environment that welcomes all cultures and nationalities

- High and generally high average salaries for mechanical engineers

- Practical training, application and practice during the study period

- Low and average tuition fees in Turkish universities compared to others

- Low living costs in Türkiye when compared to other countries

- Availability of scholarship opportunities and many university discounts

- High educational quality in Turkish universities and highly qualified specialized educational staff.

- The qualitative leap made by Türkiye in engineering fields and disciplines

Duration of studying mechanical engineering in Turkey:

The number of academic years for the mechanical engineering major in Turkey is 4 years, divided into 8 semesters, and the study period may be increased by an additional year if the language is studied in a preparatory year.

This specialization can be studied in English or Turkish, depending on the university and what it offers.

Lessons and contents of the mechanical engineering major in Türkiye:

It is possible that the subjects and their names differ between universities, but we will mention to you a number of subjects that are taught in the four years of this specialization:

- Computer programming.

- General chemistry.

- Introduction to engineering sciences.

- Calculus.

- Physics.

- Technical drawing and design.

- Thermodynamics.

- Analysis and design of DC circuit.

- Probability and statistics.

- derived equations.

- Kinesiology.

- The science of resistance.

- Engineering materials.

- Numerical analysis.

- Fluid mechanics.

- Design of machines.

- Methods of making machines.

- System dynamics and control.

- heat transfer.

- Machine theory.

- Professional ethics.

- Occupational Health and Safety.

It includes many electives, including:

- Mechatronics.

- Transfer technology.

- Renewable energy technologies.

- Electrical machines.

- Production of composite materials.

- Mechanical installation of buildings.

Among the departments of mechanical engineering:

- Automotive mechanical engineering

- Marine mechanical engineering

- Aircraft mechanical engineering

- Power Mechanics Engineering

- Energy Mechanics Engineering

- Mechatronics Engineering

The best Turkish universities that study mechanical engineering:

          • The best private universities to study mechanical engineering in Türkiye:

- Istanbul Okan University

- Ozyeğin University

- Altinbaş University

- Istinye University

- Antalya bilim University

- Beykent University

- Işık University

- Halic University

- Arel University

         • The best public universities to study mechanical engineering in Türkiye:

- Kocaeli University

- Izmir University

- Akdeniz University

- Celal Bayar University

- Selcuk University

- Uludağ University

Costs of studying mechanical engineering in Türkiye:

Tuition fees vary from one university to another according to the type of university, whether it is private or public, but the fees in private universities are higher than public universities in Turkey, although both of them have modern and advanced equipment and strong infrastructure.

It is worth noting that some Turkish universities teach this major in English.

             -       The costs of studying mechanical engineering in public universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for a mechanical engineering major in Turkey in public universities range from (400 to 900) US dollars annually.

            -       The costs of studying mechanical engineering in private universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for a mechanical engineering major in Turkey in private universities range from approximately (2400 to 12500) US dollars annually.

Master's programs in mechanical engineering in Türkiye:

- Master's degree in Fluid Mechanics and Heat.

- Master's degree in solar energy and renewable energies.

- Master's degree in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering.

- Master's degree in Industrial Mechanical Engineering.

- Master's degree in Applied Mechanics.

Salaries of graduates of mechanical engineering in Türkiye:

Graduates of the mechanical engineering major receive salaries that vary according to the sectors in which they work and the experience they have and the number of years, so their average income is between (7000 to 15,000) Turkish liras per month.

Fields of work in the field of mechanical engineering:

Mechanical engineering is one of the most prestigious jobs, and its students can work in many and varied fields and jobs in a number of public and private centers and institutions, including:

- Work in mechanical engineering companies

- Working as a refrigeration and air conditioning mechanical engineer

- Work in the manufacturing centers of measuring and control devices

- Work as an engineer in construction projects

- Work in the electrical machinery and vehicles industry

- Work in energy supply companies

- Work in industrial production

- Work in heavy machinery factories

- Work in oil facilities

- Work in the bio-applications and robotics industry

- Work in the design and maintenance of industrial machines

- Work in the design and maintenance of aircraft engines and industrial machines

Required and developed skills in the mechanical engineering major:

To study the mechanical engineering major, the student must possess a number of skills, qualifications, and characteristics that will be refined in the university study later, in order to be able to achieve success in his academic and professional life, and among those skills and qualifications:

- Caution and patience

- Ability to plan and control production

- Creative and innovative thinking

- Love of teamwork

- General scientific knowledge in mathematics, physics and chemistry

- Passion for machines and their manufacture

- Planning and organizing skills

- Knowledge of scientific courses

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