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Study Marketing in Turkey

An overview of the marketing major:

Marketing is a set of steps that the marketer follows, starting from analyzing the target audience's desires for the product and analyzing the factors that attract him to it, to studying the market and all its aspects to finally reach a marketing and production plan that suits the audience's desires.

Marketing has several methods, including traditional marketing, which is done by placing advertisements in newspapers, magazines, etc., and also electronic marketing that appeared with the advent of the new millennium. Marketing is done through websites to introduce the product and its advantages in a way that attracts the largest number of interested individuals and converts them into customers.

Marketing has great importance as it is considered one of the most important specializations of the future because of its many and varied fields of work and attractive high salaries, this is due to good reasons, including the emergence of a large number of modern companies and the expansion of industrial sectors that require an increase in the demand for marketing specialists, in addition, businessmen know the role of marketing and its crucial importance in supporting their projects, improving the image of their products, and spreading them around the world within a wide range and at the lowest possible costs.

Marketing is one of the main pillars of any old, modern or future company, as no company that does not pay sufficient attention to marketing can succeed.This specialization generally aims to promote various services, whether it is a commodity, product, electronic program, or otherwise, by delivering specific messages to consumers to introduce them to the product in a correct and timely manner.

Marketing also deals with a number of successive operations in the company, starting from studying competitors, studying consumers, and studying the market, to choosing the appropriate product, pricing it, and displaying it in the markets.

Marketing in our world today has a pivotal role, as we do not find a place devoid of advertisements, whether on the streets, in shops, or on smartphones, in almost all places, and it is certain that behind all these advertisements there is an elaborate marketing plan for them.

Advantages of studying marketing in Turkey:

The study of marketing specialization receives great attention in the whole world in general and in Turkey in particular, as it is one of the richest countries in advertising and promotional companies and also the ideal destination for businessmen who pay sufficient attention to the field of marketing, which will give students the opportunity to see the field of promotion and marketing directly where most private Turkish universities cooperate with various companies to set up various applied trainings for students and introduce them to real professional life , the advantages of studying marketing in Türkiye are:

  • Development and progress in the world of e-marketing and e-commerce in Türkiye.

  • There are plenty of job opportunities for graduates due to the constant need for marketing specialists in Turkey in particular.

  • Focusing on the practical side as well as the theoretical aspects and bridging the gap between them in the universities of Turkey.

  • Allowing the possibility of part-time in some Turkish universities.

  • Appropriate costs and tuition fees in Türkiye compared to universities in other countries.

  • A strong and globally recognized university degree, which qualifies you to work through it anywhere around the world.

  • Low cost of living in Türkiye compared to other countries.

  • Availability of many scholarships and university discounts for international students.

  • The high quality of education and the status of Turkish universities that compete with international universities.

  • Introducing the double major feature in some Turkish universities, which allows the student to choose another major to study for free in addition to the marketing major.

Duration of studying marketing major in Turkey:

The duration of studying marketing in Turkish universities is 4 years, and it may reach 5 years in the case of studying a preparatory year for language.

Lessons and contents of the marketing in Turkey:

We will provide you with a number of major courses that are taught in the marketing major, bearing in mind that these subjects or their names may differ from one university to another, Such as:

  • Principles of Marketing.

  • Marketing channel management.

  • consumer's behavior.

  • Digital and electronic marketing.

  • Marketing research.

  • Sales Administration.

  • Marketing strategy.

  • Business marketing

  • Introduction to economics

  • Introduction to accounting

  • psychology

  • Human Resource Management

  • Production and operation management

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Advanced business statistics

  • Basics of Marketing

  • management approaches

  • leading businesses 

  • International marketing

The specializations available in the field of marketing are:

  • E-Marketing

  • E-business management

  • leading businesses

  • Business Management

  • Economy

  • Accounting

  • financing

Some of digital marketing departments:

  • Content writing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Website interface development

  • ads

  • Content development

The best Turkish universities that study marketing:

  • The best private universities to study marketing in Türkiye:

  • Istanbul Bilgi University

  • Ostim Technical University

  • Ankara Medipol University

  • Istanbul Aydin University

  • Bahcesehir University

  • Okan University

  • Altinbaş University

  • Some of public universities that study marketing in Türkiye:

  • Kayseri University

  • Kocaeli University

  • Selcuk University

  • Mersin University

  • Mustafa Kemal University

  • Ataturk University

Study Marketing costs in Turkey:

It is obvious to know that tuition fees vary according to universities and their type, but tuition fees in Turkish universities in general are considered low compared to tuition fees in other universities in other countries, and Turkish public universities have low fees compared to tuition fees in Turkish private universities, which are more expensive.

It is worth noting that some universities allow studying marketing in English.

  • Costs of studying marketing in public universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for the marketing major in public universities in Turkey are estimated at about (300 to 650) US dollars annually.

  • Costs of studying marketing in private universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for the marketing major in private universities in Turkey are estimated at approximately (1400 to 8000) US dollars annually.

Master's degree in Marketing:

The student can study a master’s degree in marketing in Turkey in English or Turkish, depending on the university and what it offers, and tuition fees are estimated at about (4,000 to 12,000) dollars annually.

Marketing specialist salary:

The salaries of graduates of this specialization start from (5,500) Turkish liras to reach approximately (12,500) Turkish liras per month, and these wages are determined according to the number of years of experience of the marketer and the sector in which he works, whether it is private or public.

Marketing work areas:

Marketing is one of the most required fields and professions in the global market today and has a promising future. It is characterized by flexibility in work, as you can work  from home or remotely, and among the institutions and jobs in which you can work:

  • Work in real estate companies

  • Work in import and export companies

  • Work in trade and logistics companies

  • Work in banks

  • Work in advertising companies

  • Work on websites

  • Work in marketing research companies

  • Work as a sales specialist

  • Work as a researcher in the field of marketing.

  • Work in all companies and banks.

Required skills that are developed in the study of marketing major:

There are many skills, qualities and qualifications that must be available in the marketer to succeed in the field, practical and academic life, including:

  • The ability to properly exploit appropriate opportunities.

  • Interest in Commercial Business.

  • High communication skills.

  • Creative thinking and innovation skills.

  • High ability to express and write.

  • Analytical skills to analyze the desires of the target groups.

  • The ability to handle electronic devices.

  • The ability to keep pace with continuous development.

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