Studying journalism in Turkey


Studying journalism in Turkey

An overview of the journalism major:

Journalism is one of the departments of the faculity of Media and Communication, and it specializes in conveying truth and facts to the world with the aim of focusing on the problems that people face and the problems that societies face as well.

Journalism is defined as the work practiced by those in charge of managing journalistic business, as their role is to convey news to people and inform them of all the developments that surround them.

It is a specialty that every ambitious person seeks to be a voice for truth.

Advantages of studying journalism in Turkey:

Journalism specialization is one of the most important specializations in the world because of its many advantages, and as it is said about the journalist that he is the fifth authority in the state, it has a great impact on people's lives and their attitudes. Which made many students seek to study this specialty and obtain a certificate in it in all countries of the world, especially in Turkey, where studying journalism in Turkey is a dream for many high school graduates, as it works to prepare them in the fields of modern media and also seeks to enable them to use modern tools of communication ,Presentation ,presenting information, reports and news, and teaching them the skills of communicating with the target audience, as well as qualifying them and equipping them to enter the labor market with strength and high efficiency, and it also gives them a strong international certificate that competes with the certificates of European universities.

The advantages of studying journalism in Türkiye, especially:

- Qualifying students and equipping them with sufficient knowledge and skills that qualify them to enter the labor market with high efficiency

- Availability of a good number of job opportunities for graduates due to the constant need for journalism specialists

- Training, practical application, preparation and discussion of press and television reports

- The possibility of studying this specialty in Turkish or English

- Low tuition fees in Turkish universities compared to others

- Turkish university degrees recognized all over the world

- Living in Türkiye is low in expenses compared to others

- Scholarships offered by Turkish universities for international students

- High experience of media academic professors and journalists

Duration of studying journalism in Turkey:

The number of years of studying journalism is estimated at 4 years distributed over 8 semesters, and the period may be increased by an additional fifth year, which is considered a preparatory year for language study, in case of the student does not obtain a language certificate.

Lessons and contents of the journalism major in Turkey:

We will mention to you a number of the main subjects taught in the journalism major, bearing in mind that these courses or their names may differ from one university to another, including:

- Introduction to print journalism.

- News and press report.

- Interview and press investigation.

- Photojournalism.

- Introduction to radio and television.

- An introduction to public relations.

- Advertising.

- Means of communication.

- Electronic Media.

- Article and journalistic analysis.

- Press release and publication production.

- News programs on radio and television.

- Radio and television production.

- Media research methods.

- general opinion.

- Graduation Project.

- Media and computers.

- Radio systems.

- Technical skills in radio and television.

- Media translation.

- Radio presentation.

- News agencies.

- Press production.

- Management of media organizations.

The departments of studying journalism in universities are:

- The press.

- Modern media

- Public relations.

- Electronic press

- Radio, television and cinema

- Press and publishing

- Communication management and design, and many other specializes.

The best Turkish universities that study journalism:

          • The best private universities to study journalism in Türkiye:

- Istanbul Topkapi University

- Medipol University

- Beçkent University

- Bahçeşehir University

- Istanbul Okan University

- KadirHas University

         •The public universities that study journalism in Türkiye:

- Istanbul University

- Ataturk University

- Selçuk University

- Yildiz Technical University

- Ankara University

- Marmara University

Costs of studying journalism in Turkey:

Tuition fees in Turkish public universities differ from their fees in Turkish private universities, as public universities are less expensive than private ones. In general, studying in Turkey's universities, whether private or public, is low or medium and affordable compared to the fees of studying in universities in other countries.

Also there are a number of universities that offer the study of journalism in English.

Costs of studying journalism in public universities in Türkiye:

The tuition fees for studying journalism in public universities in Turkey are about (200 to 1000) US dollars annually.

Costs of studying journalism in private universities in Türkiye:

The tuition fees for studying journalism in private universities in Turkey are about (2000 to 10,500) US dollars annually.

Master's degree in journalism:

Students can study a master's degree in journalism in Turkey in English or Turkish, and its costs about (3000 to 8000) dollars annually.

Journalism specialist salary:

The salaries of journalists who study this specialization start from (6,500) TL to (18,000) TL per month, and they vary according to the number of years of experience of the journalist and the sector in which he works.

Journalism fields of work:

Due to the importance of journalism specialization and the great development witnessed by the various media outlets, journalists have had multiple and varied job opportunities in many fields, and their chances of obtaining the best jobs increase with the increase of their practical and scientific experience. Among the centers and jobs in which they can work are:

- Work as a news reporter

- Work in editing magazines and newspapers.

- Working on preparing TV programmes

- Work in copywriting and content analysis in advertising agencies

- Work in editing newspapers on the Internet

- Work in political, economic or mathematical analysis

- Working as a TV announcer

- Working as a voiceover

- Work in international news agencies

Required and developed skills in journalism major:

Journalism specialization requires the availability of many skills, abilities and attributes in students who want to study it, which are various skills that help the journalist achieve success in his work and professional life, and among these skills:

- Possess the necessary absorptive capacity for complex issues

- Strong analytical and observational skills

- Oral and written communication skills

- The ability to work under pressure

- Time management and scheduling skills

- Ability to work for long periods

- Ability to work in variable time zones

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