Studying Translation in Turkey دراسة الترجمة في تركيا

Interpretation and Translation

Studying Translation in Turkey

An overview of the translation major:

The beginnings of the science of translation go back to the early days of the interaction of different human beings with each other. Although it was not a pure science as it is today, humanity used it to communicate with each other. The importance of studying translation as a specialization lies in several aspects, such as learning about translation theories and schools, practical application within laboratories specialized in translation and interpretation, teaching by specialists and experienced people, and mixing with students of different nationalities. In addition to learning about the latest requirements of the field and the latest translation techniques.

It is a specialty that is increasingly demanded annually all over the world, as it has a bright future all over the world and in Turkey in particular, as all countries pay high attention to it and demand it a lot because of its great importance in communication between countries and transfering of knowledge and science in addition to its importance in facilitating commercial activities.

Advantages of studying translation in Turkey:

Generally the decision of studying translation is a correct decision, given the importance of translation in the whole world in general and in Turkey in particular, in which this specialization occupies a great position among other disciplines, due to the important role of translation as a means of communication between different countries and the rapid transfer of news and information between all countries of the world, and Turkey It occupies a distinguished geographical location that connects the two sides of the world to each other, and it is an important tourist center as well. Therefore, studying this specialization is a right choice, of course, as it attracts many visitors from all countries of the world, which necessitates the need to pay attention to the fields of translation and its students in all its branches, and among its branches:

English Russian Arabic Chinese, French and German.

Turkish universities also provide a stimulating educational environment and link the practical aspects with the scientific, with specialized clubs and applied workshops to encourage students to develop their expertise and skills in translation. the advantages of studying translation in Türkiye:

- Teaches and enhances its learners with good communication and organization.

The availability of high-quality specialized clubs and workshops in Turkey, which provides practical training for students.

- Diversity of nationalities in Türkiye, which contributes to practical training with foreigners.

- The abundance of job opportunities for graduates.

- Linking the practical and scientific aspects in Turkish universities.

- Low tuition costs in Türkiye compared to other countries.

- Low cost of living in Türkiye compared to other countries.

- Many scholarships and discounts are available.

- Highly qualified specialists and educational staff that distinguishes Turkey. If you are someone who loves active and renewed work and communication with different people, nationalities and cultures, and you are looking for something that keeps you away from routine, you will be very happy with your choice to study translation, especially in Turkey, which is known for the quality of education with its internationally recognized universities, which makes your degree an international one.

Duration of studying translation in Turkey:

The number of years of studying the translation major in Turkey is 4 years, and the duration of the study may increase by one year in the case of studying a preparatory year for the language.

Acceptance rate for translation majors in Turkey:

Some universities require achieving a specific rate for enrollment, but some also require obtaining a higher rate when applying for scholarships.

While private universities do not require a specific average, it is sufficient for the student to obtain fifty percent in his secondary studies. Lessons and contents of the translation major in Türkiye:

These subjects may differ from one university to another, but we will mention to you the most important subjects taught in this major, which are:

- Introduction to translation studies

- Critical reading and writing

- Society and culture

- Textual analysis and effective communication

- Politics and economics

- Textual analysis and academic writing

- Technical translation

- English literature

- Linguistics

- World Civilizations

- Translation techniques

- Translation of media and advertising

- Translation theories

- Simultaneous translation

- Literary translation

- Translation history

- Translation criticism The most important translation specialties in Türkiye:

- Academic translation

- Medical translation

- Legal translation

- The sworn translator

- Proofreading

The best Turkish universities that study translation:

• The best private universities for studying translation in Türkiye:

- Aydin University

- Bilkent University

- Cankaya University

- Atilim University

- Yasar University • The best public universities to study translation in Türkiye:

- Bogazici University

- Hacitepe University

- University College of Arts and Sciences

Costs of studying translation in Turkey:

Tuition fees vary according to universities and their types, but studying in Turkish universities is generally more affordable and less expensive than studying in universities in other countries.

           - Costs of studying translation in public universities in Türkiye:

Although both public and private universities have strong equipment and infrastructure, the cost of studying in public universities is low compared to the cost of private universities, reaching an average of (200 to 800) US dollars annually.

           - Costs of studying translation in private universities in Türkiye:

Studying in private universities has a higher cost than that of public universities, as the cost of studying this major is about (3000 to 13000) US dollars annually, and some universities teach it in English. Master of Translation:

A master's degree in translation can be studied in Turkey in Turkish or English, and its fees are about (3,500 to 7,000) dollars.

Translation work areas:

The translation student can work in many fields in the public or private sectors, such as:

• Work in the ministries

• Work in embassies

• Legal translation in courts and companies

• Work in institutions related to international cooperation and international organizations

• Work in offices specialized in translation and interpretation

• Work in conference centers

• Work in the field of computer translation

• Work in hospitals

• Work in schools and institutes

• Work in publishing centers

Skills required in the translation major:

Students who wish to study the translation major must have a number of qualities that the study will refine and enhance. Studying the translation major will also add new skills to the student. Among the required qualities and skills are:

- Good language knowledge

- Focus and time management skills

- Communication skills with others

- Courtesy

- Ability in written and oral expression

- A love of reading and continuous learning

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