Studying International Trade and Logistics in Turkey دراسة التجارة الدولية في تركيا

International Trade and Logistics

Studying International Trade and Logistics in Turkey

An overview of the International Trade and Logistics major:

The beginning of the spread of international trade dates back to the seventeenth century with the beginning of openness between countries, which opened the way for commercial cooperation between them and urged them to resort to making treaties and commercial contracts and other matters that guarantee the continuity and effectiveness of cooperation. Trade and its methods continued to develop between countries year after year until it reached What it is today of great status and high importance, official organizations and bodies that dealt with all commercial agreements, transactions and contracts between countries also appeared. The most important of these organizations is the World Trade Organization and the chambers of commerce.

With the increase in the importance of international trade and its development, the universities of the world have taken care to teach it as an independent specialization, because of its great importance in the renaissance of countries and their economic recovery and the provision of many job opportunities, as well as the impact of this sector on various other sectors such as ports, shipping and unloading companies, chambers of commerce, stock exchange banks, etc. International education is one of the most important and prominent specializations required in our world due to the rapid and increasing growth in the global economy and trade between countries.

Among the things that students of this specialization study are the way international markets work and analyze them, and the way to design marketing strategies and trade at the local and global levels.

Advantages of studying international trade and logistics in Turkey:

Given the importance of international trade as one of the most important factors of international renaissance, growth and prosperity, including commercial operations and the exchange of multiple commodities and products between countries, the universities of the world paid great attention to it and studied international trade, which aims to study marketing management, the work of markets and their analysis, methods of marketing goods, trade strategies and skills Communication with clients.

This specialization is also concerned with equipping students and training them to be global experts who understand the requirements of the international business world, with what it covers of broad topics and fields such as economics, finance, marketing, logistics, social and political sciences, and other sciences that further develop students’ skills in negotiation, problem-solving, and understanding the factors affecting the flow of services. and goods between countries.

Among the most prominent universities that study international trade with distinction and high efficiency are Turkish universities, in which among the advantages of studying this major in particular are:

  • The permanent need in Turkey for specialists in international shipping, trade and other commercial transactions

  • Turkey's need to continuously supply its cadres due to the permanent expansion of international and commercial relations with other countries

  • It provides diverse job opportunities for graduates due to the constant need for international trade and logistics specialists.

  • Practical training to qualify the student to enter the labor market

  • Possibility of studying in Turkish or English

  • Costs and tuition fees that are affordable when compared to universities of other countries.

  • The university certificate, which is characterized by being accredited and recognized in all countries of the world

  • The low cost of living in Türkiye compared to others

  • Permanent scholarships and university discounts for international students

  • The high quality of education and the important status of Turkish universities

  • An educational cadre of senior professors of economics and international trade.

Duration of studying international trade and logistics in Turkey:

A student can study international trade and logistics in Turkey and obtain a bachelor's degree in it within 4 years distributed over 8 semesters, and an additional year of preparation for language study may be added, if the student does not have a language certificate.

Lessons and contents of the international trade and logistics major in Turkey:

During your studies in International Trade and Logistics, you will study the following subjects, knowing that these subjects and their names may differ from one university to another:

  • Introduction to microeconomics.

  • Introduction to business.

  • Financial Accounting.

  • Mathematics for Economists.

  • Social responsibility and ethics.

  • Operations Management.

  • Business finance.

  • Accounting and administrative costs.

  • Business Law.

  • Statistics.

  • Finance and banking.

  • international economy.

  • international business.

  • Managerial economics.

  • leading businesses.

  • International trade statistics.

  • The economics of globalization.

  • Transport Economics.

  • International Trade.

  • Economic development.

  • An international economic geography.

  • international trade policies.

  • Research methods in international trade.

  • International commercial law.

  • Contemporary issues in international trade.

  • Principles of international economics.

  • principles of law.

  • Import and export systems

Among the departments of international trade and logistics:

  • International Relations

  • E-commerce and business management

  • Economy

  • logistics

  • Marketing and e-marketing.

The best Turkish universities that study international trade and logistics:

  • The best private universities to study international trade and logistics in Türkiye:

  • Bahcesehir University

  • Istanbul Bilgi University

  • Istanbul Aydin University

  • Istanbul Okan University

  • Medipol University

  • Istanbul Gelişim University

  • Kultur University

  • Ishik University

  • Altinbaş University

  • Among the public universities studying international trade and logistics in Türkiye:

  • Isparta university 

  • Ege University

  • Uludağ University

  • Osmanpasa University

  • Selcuk University

  • Ataturk University

Costs of studying international trade and logistics in Turkey:

The tuition costs vary according to the university and its type, but tuition costs in Turkish universities in general are low compared to tuition fees in universities of other countries, and public universities in Turkey have low expenses compared to the tuition fees of Turkish private universities, which are more expensive.

It is worth noting that some universities enable you to study this major in English.

  • Costs of studying international trade and logistics in public universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for international trade and logistics in public universities in Turkey are about (400 to 1000) US dollars per year.

  • Costs of studying international trade and logistics in private universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for international trade and logistics in private universities in Turkey are about (3000 to 8000) US dollars per year.

Master of International Trade and Logistics:

Students can study a master's degree in management information systems in Turkey in English or in Turkish, and the cost is about (2200 to 7000) US dollars per year.

International Trade and Logistics Specialist Salary:

Wages for graduates of this specialization start from (5,500) Turkish liras to reach approximately (6,500) Turkish liras per month, and this salary depends on the number of years of experience for the specialist and the sector in which he works, whether private or public.

Fields of work in the field of international trade and logistics:

Graduates of this specialization can work in various jobs and in both governmental and private institutions, and their chances of obtaining better jobs increase as their practical and scientific experience increases, and among the centers and jobs in which they can work:

  • Work in international economic organizations.

  • Work in the administrative field in commercial companies.

  • Work in the International Monetary Fund of the United Nations.

  • Work in the ministries of foreign trade.

  • Work in international trade points.

  • Work in airports and ports.

  • Work in import and export companies.

  • Work as an analyst and economist.

  • Work as a customs broker.

  • Working as an international trade teacher in universities and institutes.

  • Work in economic organizations

  • Work in human resource management

  • Work in the centers of import and export companies

Required and developed skills in studying international trade and logistics:

Students who want to study international trade and logistics must possess a number of qualifications and skills that enable them to succeed in their academic and professional lives in the best way, and among those qualifications and skills:

  • Pay attention to details

  • Be careful and patient.

  • The ability to take risks

  • Enjoy the spirit of adventure and daring

  • Have a high level of persuasion.

  • High communication and communication skills

  • Tact and politeness

  • The ability to learn foreign languages

  • Continuous improvement and learning

  • Ability to plan and organize

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