Studying Industrial Engineering in Turkey دراسة الهندسة الصناعية في تركيا

Industrial Engineering

Studying Industrial Engineering in Turkey

Overview of Industrial Engineering:

Engineering is generally defined as the application of scientific rules and laws on the ground to meet the needs of humanity.

The origin of this science dates back to the time of the existence of humanity, although it was not known in modern scientific terms, but it was a science used according to human needs, as evidenced by many ancient civilizations.  

Engineering science generally depends on basic scientific subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics, and one of the best engineering disciplines is industrial engineering, as it is the most desired among students, especially in Turkish universities, which are distinguished from others by owning study programs and teaching staff of high quality that keep pace with and parallel European curricula, and the programs of this specialization in Turkey aim to produce graduates who are able to be on the competition globally, not just for demand by the production and service sectors! But in order to start and develop new businesses and projects where graduates will be well versed in relevant sectors and in the creation of new businesses.

The industrial engineering major combines several disciplines such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and economics, in a way that enables engineers to employ all of this practically to obtain machines and the advanced industrial environment, which contributes significantly to raising the economy.

Industrial engineering is of great importance at all times and places and is one of the disciplines in which job opportunities are expected to increase in the coming years.

Finally, we tell you that if you are thinking of studying industrial engineering in general and studying it in Turkey in particular, this is a right choice, as Turkish universities are among the best universities in the world in terms of the quality of education, especially in the engineering fields, with all the modern study methods they provide with the best educational staff.

Advantages of studying industrial engineering in Turkey:

Industrial engineering aims to equip engineers etc. with everything necessary to be able to work in all industrial stages in addition to qualifying them to carry out administrative and technical work that needs an engineering and scientific background.

It is clear and certain that the future of industrial engineering is the spread of its concept among countries that have so far been unable to understand the real objectives of this engineering, so it is expected that in the coming years interest in it and its role in development will increase.

It deals with the design, development, operation and testing processes of various industrial systems that are in the interest of humans and improve production processes, as well as studying the administrative and engineering methods necessary for managing and conducting work in factories and improving work and production methods to develop and always reach the best.

The industrial engineer combines and integrates management with engineering and develops devices and machines to serve communities and help business owners to produce the largest number of products with high quality and low cost that helpcompete in local and global markets.

This specialization in Turkey is one of the most desirable majors for students, because Turkey is a country that is very interested in achieving self-sufficiency in the country's industrial sectors and increasing productive resources so that they do not have to import. Thus, it provides many job opportunities for industrial engineers who need them to get the best performance of modern industrial machines and to progress significantly and significantly in the industrial sector.

Although industrial engineering has many challenges, it also has many advantages.

Among its challenges: 

  • Commitment to take courses for many other branches of the instrument.

  • The need to be familiar with all other effective areas of production

  • The Industrial Engineering major includes other engineering fields such as mechanical engineering and computer engineering.

Among the advantages of studying this specialization in Turkey in particular:

  • The availability of job opportunities for industrial engineers in Turkey, especially due to the increasing industrial development in it during the current period, and its expected prosperity also in the coming years.

  • Agreements of Turkish universities with a lot of Turkish factories to provide practical training for students.

  • The costs of Turkish universities are lower than the costs of universities of other countries.

  • Living costs in Turkey compared to others.

  • It offers a lot of scholarships and university discounts.

  • The teaching staff of high quality and practical training under their supervision.

  • The diverse language of study from which you can choose what suits you.

If you are passionate about the way different industrial machines and processes work and perform, you will be very happy to choose and study industrial engineering. Especially in Turkey where the quality of education is excellent and the universities are globally recognized which will make your degree an international certificate!

Costs of studying industrial engineering in Turkey:

The costs vary according to the university and its type, but studying in Turkish universities in general is less expensive than studying in universities in other countries.

  • Costs of studying industrial engineering in public universities in Turkey:

The costs of the public university are lower than private universities, where the cost of industrial engineering in public universities is about (100 to 1200) US dollars per year, and it allows the study of the specialization often in English and Turkish.

  • Costs of studying industrial engineering in private universities in Turkey:

Although private universities are more expensive than Turkish public universities, they provide an opportunity to study in English more than others, but with higher fees than tuition fees in Turkish, and the cost of industrial engineering in private universities is about (2500 to 9800) US dollars annually.

Industrial Engineering Business Areas:

Graduates of the Industrial Engineering major can obtain job opportunities in all public and private institutions and among the job opportunities that the graduate can work in:

  • Maintenance Manager

  • Quality Control

  • Production planner

  • All areas of industries and product development

  • Manufacturing Engineer

  • Work in engineering workshops

  • Financial Services

  • Academic Fields

  • Intellectual service such as consulting and others

  • Quality fields

  • Supervising the manufacture and development of machinery such as agricultural and industrial machinery

Duration of studying industrial engineering in Turkey:

The duration of studying industrial engineering in Turkey is 4 years and extends to 5 years if you study a language year.

Lessons and contents of the industrial engineering major in Turkey:

  • Introduction to Industrial Engineering

  • Social Responsibility and Ethics

  • Information technology

  • Physics

  • Calculus

  • Computer Aided Technical Graphics

  • General Chemistry

  • Algorithm and introduction to programming

  • Numerical Analysis

  • Linear algebra

  • Probability and statistics

  • Introduction to Economics

  • Introduction to Mathematical Improvement

  • Factory Locations

  • Modern Physics

  • Manufacturing Processes

  • Operations Research

  • Differential Equations

  • Research and report writing techniques

  • Engineering Economics

  • Production Planning and Control

  • Financial Accounting

  • Modeling in Industrial Engineering

  • Work placement

  • Quality Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Design an engineering experiment

  • Management Information Systems

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Work study and work environment

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Industrial Engineering Design

  • International Trade

  • Project Management

Master of Industrial Engineering in Turkey:

The costs of studying a master's degree in industrial engineering in Turkey in English start from 2250 USD.

The costs of studying a master's degree in industrial engineering in Turkey in Turkish start  from 16,500 USD.

Best Turkish universities to study industrial engineering:

  • Best Private Universities to Study Industrial Engineering in Turkey:

  • Koç University

  • Özygin University

  • Bahçeşehir University

  • University of Economics and Technology

  • Bilkent University

  • Best public universities to study industrial engineering in Turkey:

  • Istanbul Technical University

  • Galatasaray University

  • Boğaziçi University

  • Middle East Technical University

  • Yıldız Technical University

Skills required and developed in the field of industrial engineering:

You must have several qualifications and skills in order to be happy and successful in your career and study if you choose to study industrial engineering, including:

  • Quick decision-making skills.

  • Data analysis and functioning skills and the ability to conduct experiments

  • Computer Skills and Design Programs

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Leadership

  • Time Management Skills

  • Skills to find new ways and innovate

  • Ability to work in teams

Among the abilities acquired by industrial engineering students are:

  • Identify and solve engineering problems

  • Gain knowledge of contemporary issues in all fields of industrial engineering

  • Working in teams of different disciplines

  • Communicate effectively

  • Implementation of the production plan

  • Structured Report Writing

  • Create presentations

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