Studying Human Resources Management in Turkey دراسة ادارة الموارد البشرية في تركيا

Human Resources Management

Studying Human Resources Management in Turkey

Overview of Human Resources Management Major:

The specialization of human resources is one of the newly developed majors, and despite its development, it is advanced at the present time, although we are witnessing a tremendous technological development in various fields, but the human element is still the most important among the elements because it is the organizer and the main engine of all technology and modern means, so it was necessary to establish a special section for human resources in all bodies and institutions, where students of human resources management work in this section.

The human resources specialist is called HR in English, and he is the person who manages the files of employees and manages recruitment processes in various companies and institutions, and he occupies an important position in all the places in which he works for the great course in organizing the work of employees administratively and achieving the best and largest possible benefit from them, which is what the human resources graduate learned and mastered during his university studies from knowing the best ways to manage  Employees and workers and deal with them correctly in order to achieve increased production efficiency for the benefit of the company or institution

Advantages of studying human resources management in Turkey:

The specialization of human resources is of great importance, as human resources are considered a controlling and driving force for various daily operations in government, private and other departments, and its importance appears in managing manpower, attracting what companies need from vacancies, managing employee training files, salaries and bonuses, concluding deals and contracts with various companies and institutions, in addition to solving problems related to employees that may badly affect their productive competencies.

Although the whole world has been interested in teaching this specialization, we find that studying it in Turkey has many advantages that make you choose it without other universities in other countries, as the universities of Turkey offer the strongest study programs at the level of universities in the world in general administrative majors, which included the specialization of human resources, which guarantees the student professional qualification, training and learning by highly qualified experts.

Among the advantages of studying human resource management in Turkey in particular:

  • Diversity of job opportunities available to them in which they can work in various fields

  • Higher salaries for HR professionals

  • Providing job opportunities in the best and finest institutions and in different fields such as engineering, medical, educational and others

  • Refine the skills of specialists through their continuous interaction with employees and employees on a permanent basis

  • Offering study programs for this major in English as well as Turkish

  • Low and appropriate tuition fees in universities in Turkey compared to universities of other countries.

  • The strong Turkish university certificate, which is characterized by its accreditation and recognition in most countries of the world

  • The low cost of living in Turkey is relatively compared to other countries

  • Providing many scholarships and university discounts for students from all over the world

  • The high quality of education in Turkey and the important position of Turkish universities among the universities of the world

Duration of studying human resources management in Turkey:

You can study human resources in Turkey within two years in associate degree programs or institutes in some universities, or during 4 years in undergraduate programs in other universities. The duration of study may increase by one year if case of the student will study the language in a preparatory year.

Lessons and contents of the specialization of human resources management in Turkey:

We will mention to you a number of the most important main courses taught in the field of human resources management, knowing that these courses may vary from one university to another, including: 

  • Principles of Human Resource Management and Leadership.

  • Principles of public administration.

  • Principles of Business Administration.

  • Organizational behavior.

  • Department of General Culture.

  • Knowledge management.

  • Decision analysis.

  • International Human Resource Management .

  • Public relations.

  • Strategic management of human resources.

  • Characteristics and principles of negotiations.

  • Scientific research methodology.

  • Small Business Management.

  • Recruitment.

  • Administrative control.

  • Total Quality Management.

  • Training and Development Department.

  • Feasibility study and project evaluation.

  • Management of diverse culture.

  • Administrative communications.

  • Compensation management.

  • Reward management.

  • Development and change in institutions.

  • Operations Research.

  • Principles of Accounting and Economics.

  • Field training.

  • Advanced computer applications.

Specializations related to human resource management:

  • Marketing and Finance

  • Business Administration Major

  • International Relations Major

  • Accounting Major

  • Digital Marketing Specialization

The best Turkish universities that teach human resources management:

  • Best private universities to study human resources management in Turkey:

  • Okan University 

  • Istanbul Ariel University

  • Istanbul Aydın University

  • Bahçeşehir University

  • Beşkent University

  • Yeditepe University

  • Among the public universities that teach human resources management in Turkey:×××××××

  • Istanbul University

  • Alanya University

  • Kayseri University

  • Izmir Democratic University

  • Aydin Adnan Menderes University

  • Süleyman Demirel University

Costs of studying human resources management in Turkey:

Tuition fees generally vary according to universities and their types, but the tuition fees in general in Turkish universities are low compared to the tuition fees of universities of other countries, and Turkish public universities are considered low fees compared to Turkish private university fees with higher costs.

 Some universities offer study programs for this major in English.

  • Costs of studying human resources management in public universities in Turkey:

The fees for studying human resources management in public universities in Turkey are estimated atabout (300 to 900) USD annually.

  • Costs of studying human resources management in private universities in Turkey:

The fees for studying human resources management in private universities in Turkey are estimated at (2700 to 6000) USD annually.  

Master of Human Resource Management:

It is possible to study a master's degree in human resources management in Turkey in English or in Turkish, depending on the university the student chooses to study, and its fees are estimated at (2500 to 9500) USD annually.

Human Resource Specialist:

The salaries of graduates of human resources specialists start from (5500 to 8000) Turkish liras approximately per month, and it is depending on the number of years of experience of the specialist and the type of sector, whether public or private. 

Areas of work of the specialization of Human Resources Management:

Graduates of this specialization will be able to work in government and private institutions, and in a number of jobs, and students' chances of obtaining higher jobs increase as they have more practical experience and the higher level of their studies, and among the centers and jobs in which they can work:

  • Work as a Human Resources Manager

  • Work as an Human Resources Consultant

  • Work as a training and development manager

  • Work in administrative departments 

  • Work in the field of data analysis

  • Work as a contract specialist

  • Work in the academic field in schools , institutes and universities

  • Work in private companies

  • Work as an Administrative Affairs Officer

Skills required and developed in the study of human resources management: 

In order for a student of the specialization of human resources management to achieve success in his professional and academic life, he must possess a number of qualities, qualifications and skills that will be refined and enhanced by the study and also add to him new skills, including: 

  • Be patient and cautious

  • Teamwork skills

  • Attention to knowledge and continuous development

  • Ability to learn a foreign language

  • Adequate knowledge of work

  • Ability to solve problems

  • Show empathy for others

  • Knowledge of legal rules

  • The ability to influence others

  • Interest in the social sciences

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