Studying Health Facilities Management in Turkey

Health Facilities Management

Studying Health Facilities Management in Turkey

Overview of Health Facilities Management:

Due to the human interest in the medical aspects and the treatment of himself and others from old time, medical specialties and studies arose later and thus the science of Health Facilities Management arose as a result of the development of medicine, and the science of Health Facilities Management is known as the science of hospital management, it targets staffs in medical teams of doctors, dentists and pharmacists, and aims to create a manager capable of managing health facilities with full knowledge necessary for his work and duties to do this work properly, as this extends Specialization is taught by the ability to manage all available human resources and medical supplies in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for patients, and teach them to rationalize the use and exploitation of medicines and medical devices in hospitals and others. It also teaches students to work in a medical team and nurtures in them the spirit of teamwork to achieve medical goals and meet patients in the best way.

The specialization of Health Facilities Management has an important bright future in the whole world in general and in Turkey in particular, so the demand for it increases annually, as all countries from ancient times and until now are always interested in developing health facilities, hospitals and medical institutions and establishing large projects in this sector.

Graduates of this specialization can work in several fields, which we will mention later.

Advantages of studying Health Facilities Management in Turkey:

The decision to study Health Facilities Management in general is a right decision, given the importance of medicine and medical institutions in the whole world in general and in Turkey in particular, which in turn is characterized by great openness and pioneering experience in its health systems within health centers and hospitals,

It is one of the important disciplines in Turkey for its contribution to organizing and improving the performance of health institutions, raising the quality of their services, and  rationalizing the consumption and use of their costs in the best possible way, and Turkish universities are distinguished by equipping  their students to the fullest, equipping them with practical and applied knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge, teaching them the skills of analysis of the aspects of communication and the application of advanced projects, and giving them the ability to communicate with the health sectors at international levels.

The study of this specialization has several advantages in the whole world and in Turkey in particular, and among the advantages of studying it in Turkey:

  • Gives learners the ability to work flexibly, well communicated, connected and time management 

  • Provides high-quality medical facilities and centers in Turkey, providing practical training for students

  • Providing many job opportunities for graduates

  • Linking the practical and scientific side in Turkish universities

  • Low tuition costs in Turkey compared to other countries

  • The low cost of living in Turkey compared to others

  • Availability of many scholarships and discounts

  • The educational staff that Turkey characterized with 

If you are one of those who love active work, management, planning, organization, helping and meeting others, you will be very happy to choose to study Health Facilities Management, especially in Turkey, which is known for the quality of education with its internationally recognized universities and all its famous tourist attractions.

Duration of studying Health Facilities Management in Turkey:

The number of years of studying the Health Facilities Management major in Turkey is 4 years and it is taught as an independent department in some universities, while it is included in the Faculty of Economics and Science in some other universities, and the duration of the study may increase by one year in case of the student must study a preparatory year to learn the language. 

Lessons and contents of the Health Facilities Management specialization in Turkey:

These subjects may vary from university to another, but we mention the subjects taught in this major in the four academic years:

  • Introduction toeconomics

  • accounting

  • Medical Documentation

  • Marketing Management

  • Health Law

  • English

  • Health Institutions Legislation

  • Structured behavior

  • Business Administration

  • Finance

  • Management Law

  • Management of health institutions

  • Human Resource Management

  • Strategic Management

  • Check

  • Turkish language

  • history

  • Personnel Law

  • psychology

  • Staff Training

  • Firs aid fundamentals

  • General nutrition

  • Labor Law and Social Security

  • Statistics and economics in health

  • Medical Devices & Supplies

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Communications

  • Cost Accounting

  • Research & Evaluation

  • Operations Management

  • Health Insurance

  • Human body structure and physiology

  • Organs

  • Ethics and management

  • Information Systems

  • Financial Management

  • Health Law

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Psychology and Sociology

The best Turkish universities that teach Health Facilities Management:

  • Best private universities to study Health Facilities Management in Turkey:

  • Istanbul Ariel University

  • Istanbul Aydin University

  • Agi Badam University

  • Başkent University

  • Best Public Universities to Study Health Facilities Management in Turkey:

  • Ankara University

  • Marmara University

  • Istanbul University

Costs of studying Health Facilities Management in Turkey:

The cost of study varies according to the universities and types, but studying in Turkey's universities in general is more economical and less than studying in universities in other countries.

  • Costs of studying Health Facilities Management in public universities in Turkey:

Although both public and private universities have strong equipment and infrastructure, the costs of studying in public universities are low compared to private universities, it is about (400 to 1050) USD annually.

  • Costs of studying Health Facilities Management in private universities in Turkey:

 Studying in private universities has higher costs than public universities, where the cost of studying this specialization, for example, it is about (2700 to 4600) USD annually.

Master of Health Facilities Management:

The Master of Health Facilities Management in Turkey can be studied in Turkish or English, and its fees are about (2000 to 9000) USD.

Areas of work of the Health Facilities Management:

The Health Facilities Management student can work in many areas related to health fields, health care homes, and government health institutions such as the Ministry of Health and medical centers as a department, work or planning, and the departments which student can work in:

  • Hospital Management

  • Health Financing

  • Health Insurance

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Health Service Organizations

  • Health technologies and their use

  • Health Tourism Companies

  • Rehabilitation Centers

  • Public & Private Hospitals

  • University Hospitals

  • Home Care Foundation

Skills required and developed in the field of Health Facilities Management:

Students wishing to study the specialization of health management must have a number of skills and qualifications that the study will refine and  enhance and add new skills to the student, including:

  • Leadership Skills

  • Management skills

  • Ability to solve problems

  • Teamwork skills

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