Studying Graphic Design in Turkey دراسة التصميم الجرافيكي في تركيا

Graphic Design

Studying Graphic Design in Turkey

Overview of Graphic Design Major:

Graphic design is one of the modern and popular specialties in the job market due to its importance in promoting the work of companies, institutions, products, and other sectors. There is a need for designs and visual presentations produced by skilled graphic designers that illustrate the idea, attract customers, and increase the value of the product.

This specialty focuses on collecting a large number of images related to a specific topic to create content that includes logos, animated images, or visual panels to convey the desired message to the audience in an eye-catching way.

Graphic design students study multiple lessons in art, history, printing, visual communication, advertising photography, colors, fonts, design elements, and other drawing techniques. It is an art that aims to convey a specific message to the targeted audience by attracting visual attention and evoking certain emotions in them.

Advantages of studying graphic design in Turkey:

Graphic design holds great importance in our current era and is considered one of the most important future professions due to the increasing demand for it and the need for graphic design specialists that align with modern technological advancements and evolving advertising methods. Among the most important universities that offer this major are Turkish universities, surpassing other universities around the world, due to Turkey's great interest in keeping up with modernity and the advantages that Turkish universities possess, making them the ideal destination for international students who wish to study abroad in general and this major in particular.

Among the advantages of studying graphic design in Turkey in particular:

  • Modern devices and advanced technology are provided for teaching graphic design.

  • There are many job opportunities available for graduates due to the high demand for graphic design specialists.

  • Practical training, application, and practice are provided alongside theoretical study.

  • The possibility of studying in Turkish or English language.

  • The cost of studying is very reasonable compared to universities in other countries.

  • The university degree is accredited in most countries around the world.

  • The cost of living in Turkey is low compared to other countries.

  • Scholarships and university discounts are available for international students.

  • High quality educational programs are provided.

  • The teaching staff is of different nationalities and highly competent.

Duration of studying graphic design in Turkey:

The number of years of study for graphic design in Turkey varies according to the university. Some universities offer this major for only two years, while others offer it for four years. Students can choose to study it in either English or Turkish. It is also possible that an additional preparatory year may be required to study the language

Lessons and contents of the graphic design in Turkey:

  • The graphic design major combines practical and theoretical subjects in its study, which may differ in name from one university to another. The most important subjects include:

  • - Drawing

  • - Design and Graphic Arts

  • - Semiotic Theory of Design

  • - The Art of Creative Thinking

  • - Free Drawing

  • - Aesthetics and Artistic Appreciation

  • - Packaging Design

  • - Computer Applications in Graphic Design

  • - Theories of Visual Communication

  • - Graphic Design Techniques, Materials, and Tools

  • - Design Basics

  • - Animation

  • - Technical Drawing and Perspective

  • - Design Psychology and Methodology

  • - Color Theory and its Applications

  • - The Core of Advertising

  • - History of Graphic Design

  • - Basics of Three-Dimensional Design

  • - Design History and Theories

  • - Traditional and Electronic Design and Publishing

  • - Graphic Presentation

Available specializations in Graphic Design specialization:

- Interior design

- Fine arts

- Film industry

- Animation and cartoons

- Fashion design

The best Turkish universities that teach graphic design:

  • The best private universities to study graphic design in Turkey:

  • Istanbul Aydın University 

  • Gelişim University 

  • Atılım University.

  • Yeditepe University 

  • Kadir Has University 

  • Bilkent University

  • Haliç University

  • Nişantaşı University

  • Among the public universities that teach graphic design in Turkey:

  • Bülent Ecevit University

  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet University

Costs of studying graphic design in Turkey:

It is certain that tuition fees vary depending on the university and its type, but generally, tuition fees in Turkish universities are considered low compared to tuition fees in other countries' universities.

Additionally, Turkish government universities have lower fees compared to private Turkish universities, which have higher costs.

  • Costs of studying graphic design in public universities in Turkey:

They are lower than the costs and fees of private universities in general.

  • Costs of studying graphic design in private universities in Turkey:

The tuition fees for Graphic Design major in private universities in Turkey are estimated to be around (2000 to 12000) USD annually.

Master of Graphic Design:

The student can study a master's degree in graphic design in Turkey in English or Turkish depending on the university and the language it provides, and its fees are about (4500 to 7000) USD annually.

Graphic Design Specialization:

The salary of a graduate in this specialization starts from 4500 Turkish liras to 13500 Turkish liras approximately per month. This salary depends on the number of years of experience of the graphic designer and the sector in which they work, whether it is private or public.

Areas of work of the Graphic Design major:

Graphic designers can work in various jobs and fields, both in government and private institutions. Their opportunities for better jobs increase with their practical experience. Some of the centers and jobs they can work in include:

  • Working in various media institutions.

  • Working in film studios and photography.

  • Working in the field of animation.

  • Working in advertising agencies.

  • Working in website design companies.

  • Working in mobile application companies.

  • Working in branding agencies.

  • Working as a teacher in the academic field.

  • Working independently.

The required skills that are developed in studying graphic design:

Students who wish to study graphic design must possess a number of qualifications and skills that help them succeed in their work and distinguish them from others. Some of these qualifications and skills include:

  • The ability to be creative and innovative

  • Wide imagination

  • High craftsmanship and skill in selecting colors

  • High persuasion skills

  • Good communication skills

  • Having a wide culture

  • The ability to use modern devices

  • Attention to detail

  • Artistic skills and taste

  • The ability to use a computer

  • The ability to deal with feedback.

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