Studying Fashion and Textile Design in Turkey دراسة تصميم الازياء في تركيا

Fashion and Textile Design

Studying Fashion and Textile Design in Turkey

An overview of the fashion and textile design major:

The field of fashion and fashion design began at the beginning of the twenty-first century to gradually develop since then and reach what it is today due to the increased interest in the latest fashion in every time and place and the interest in modern innovative fashion, fashion design and textiles.

The art of making and designing fashion and textiles is considered an art of design, as it specializes in designing and adding aesthetic and creative touches to different costumes.

Among the steps that the fashion design process goes through is choosing fabrics, taking appropriate sizes, and creating designs using computers, so that the designer then translates ideas into reality, and one of the advantages of this art is that it is characterized by fun, renewal, innovation, and diversification.

One of the objectives of the Fashion and Textile Design major is to train designers and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to present distinctive and innovative designs that follow aesthetic and functional values, and to have the ability to create names for fashion and trademarks, in addition to following up on technology developments and adapting them to serve their work within the framework of what fashion requires.

Advantages of studying fashion and textile design in Turkey:

Due to the importance of fashion and textile design at all times and places, universities in various countries have taught this art as an independent specialty to prepare and train students specializing in the field of fashion and fashion to keep pace with development and modernity in the field and compete in global markets to meet the desires and requirements of people everywhere, and among the universities that distinguished themselves in This specialty is the universities of Turkey, and this is due to the fact that fashion design is one of the most important major industries in Turkey.

Among the advantages of studying fashion and textile design in Türkiye, in particular:

  • Universities that prepare practical workshops ready and equipped with the best tools and materials for student training.

  • Learn ways to identify and choose the appropriate type of fabric among the different types

  • Qualifying students and equipping them with the necessary knowledge that qualifies them to enter the labor market with high efficiency

  • Learn about the requirements of the labor market and the reality of the fashion and design markets at the local and international levels

  • Provides many job opportunities for graduates due to the constant need for fashion and textile design specialists

  • Integration of theoretical study, application and practice

  • The possibility of studying this specialty in Turkish or in English

  • Low tuition and tuition costs in Turkish universities compared to others

  • Certificates from Turkish universities recognized around the world

  • Low-cost living in Türkiye compared to others

  • Scholarships and scholarships offered by Turkish universities

  • Availability of the best academic and specialized educational cadres in the science of fashion and textile design

If you have a passion for the world of fashion, design, and fashion, studying this major in Turkish universities in particular will support your talent and develop your abilities in order to lead you towards excellence and achieve ambition.

Duration of studying fashion and textile design in Turkey:

The number of years of studying fashion and textile design is estimated at 4 years distributed over 8 semesters, and the period may be increased by an additional fifth year, which is considered a preparatory year for language study.

Lessons and contents of fashion and textile design in Turkey:

We will provide you with a number of major courses taught in the field of Fashion and Textile Design, bearing in mind that these courses or their titles may differ from one university to another, including:

  • Basic arts

  • The genesis of art

  • Characteristics of threads and means of using them in fashion design

  • Conducting an applied study of portrait drawings and quick drawing techniques

  • effects of urban life

  • Introduction to photography

  • printing technique

  • print design

  • Textile preparation processes and machines

  • Fundamentals of tissue ecology

  • Computer design

  • Design basics

  • Fashion design

  • sewing techniques

  • fashion shaping styles

  • History of fashion fashion

  • Practical application activities at the work site

  • Contemporary art theories

  • Basic concepts of aesthetics

  • Fashion marketing

  • accessories design

  • leading businesses

  • Design

  • Business relations

  • Society Sciences and the Arts

Departments of fashion and textile design in Turkish universities are:

  • Design and printing

  • fabric design

  • fashion design

  • original print

  • Interior textile accessories

The best Turkish universities studying fashion and textile design:

  • The best private universities to study fashion and textile design in Türkiye:

  • Isık University

  • AltinbasUniversity

  • Istanbul Aydın University

  • Gedik University

  • Atilim University

  • GelisimUniversity

  • Among the public universities that study fashion and textile design in Türkiye:

  • Marmara University

  •  Gaziantep University

  •  Pamukkale University

  •  Sakarya University

  •  Mersin University

  • Kocaeli University

Costs of studying fashion and textile design in Turkey:

Tuition fees in public universities in Turkey differ from those in private universities, as public universities are less expensive than private ones.

In general, studying in Turkey's universities, whether private or public, is low or medium, compared to the costs of studying in universities in other countries.

It is worth noting that some universities allow studying this major in English.

  • Costs of studying fashion and textile design in public universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for fashion and textile design in public universities in Turkey are estimated at about (300 to 1000) US dollars annually.

  • Costs of studying fashion and textile design in private universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for fashion and textile design in private universities in Turkey are estimated at about (3,000 to 10,000) US dollars annually.

Master's degree in Fashion and Textile Design:

Students are allowed to study a master's degree in fashion and textile design in Turkey in Turkish or English, and its fees are estimated at about (3200 to 10000) dollars annually.

Fashion and textile design specialist salary:

The salaries of graduates of this specialty start from (3800) Turkish liras to approximately (10000) Turkish liras per month, and depend on the number of years of experience of the specialist and the sector in which he works, whether it is private or public.

Areas of work for the specialty of fashion and textile design:

As a result of the association of fashion and textile design with other disciplines, graduates have had many and varied job opportunities in various institutions and companies, and among the centers and jobs in which they can work:

  • Self-employment by establishing a factory or own brand

  • Work as a visual presentation and design specialist in a store

  • Work as a fashion accessory designer

  • Work as a fashion editor

  • Work as a style consultant

  • Work as a design planner

  • Work in coordinating fashion for the stars

  • Work as a consultant in the field of fashion

  • Work as a content writer for magazines and fashion websites

  • Work in fabric design

  • Possibility of independent work

The skills required and developed in the study of Fashion and Textile Design:

The fashion and textile design major requires the availability of several skills and capabilities in students who wish to study it, which are various skills that pour into different fields and help the specialist to achieve success in his profession, and among these skills:

  • Possess knitting and detailing skills

  • Have a talent for drawing

  • Be patient and persistent, because access to fashion is not easy and takes time

  • Having a creative imagination that helps you create distinctive and different designs.

  • Attention to continuously developing sewing, designing and drawing skills.

  • Good communication skills with others

  • Ability to work long hours and endurance

  • Time management, discipline, commitment, accuracy and honesty at work

  • The ability to innovate and go beyond the ordinary

  • Teamwork ability.

  • Rich and creative imagination and innovative aesthetic vision.

  • General knowledge of culture.

  • Link to fashion and follow it

  • The ability to distinguish and perceive colors and shapes in their fine details.

  • The ability to express designs with artistic and aesthetic lines

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