Studying Environmental Engineering in Turkey دراسة الهندسة البيئية في تركيا

Enviromental Engineering

Studying Environmental Engineering in Turkey

Overview of Environmental Engineering:

One of the most important requirements in our time is to take care of human health and quality of living, and this can only be achieved by providing the right environment, hence  the need to engineer the environment.

Where the environmental engineering major is a branch of civil engineering, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering, where it teaches several topics such as chemistry, ecology, biology, hydraulics, geology, hydrology, sports and others,

This specialization works on the use of engineering and scientific applications to serve and protect the environment and to produce solutions that will protect living organisms, increase environmental quality, control pollution, diversify and increase energy and its sources to the highest extent possible.

The environmental engineer's interests include other topics such as the water sector, quality control, soil conservation from pollution, pollutant management, and urban planning.

The environment is defined as three types: the biological environment that contains living organisms such as animals, plants and bacteria, the social environment that contains all matters related to human industries and their impact on the environment or the impact of the environment on it, and finally the natural environment, which includes the elements that surround humans from soil, water and air.

Advantages of studying environmental engineering in Turkey:

Environmental engineering, which is based on the use of engineering applications to protect and serve the environment, is one of the most important and best majors taught in the whole world and in Turkey, especially where Turkish certificates have high value and local and international recognition. In addition to the fact that Turkish universities have made a great qualitative leap and remarkable development in the fields of education in general and engineering fields in particular because of the great importance they have attached to them and the centers, laboratories and modern equipment they have also provided to them with the aim of educating, training and qualifying students to integrate into the labor market directly and with the highest efficiency.

Among the advantages of studying environmental engineering in Turkey in particular:

  • Provides the best technologies and modern equipment in the laboratories of engineering colleges.

  • The scientific and research leap achieved by Turkey and its universities in the engineering fields in particular.

  • Possibility to work in multiple jobs.

  • Integrating theoretical and practical education in Turkish universities

  • Availability of studying this specialization in Turkish or English

  • Relatively low tuition costs compared to universities in other countries.

  • The university degree is strong and recognized locally and internationally.

  • Low living expenses in Turkey compared to other countries

  • Many scholarships and university discounts are available.

  • The quality of education that characterizes Turkey's universities and their high position among the universities of the world.

All this and more has made Turkey an important study destination for many international and foreign students.

Duration of studying environmental engineering in Turkey:

Environmental engineering can be studied in Turkey and obtain a bachelor's degree within 4 years divided into 8 semesters, which is a major taught within the scope of the Faculty of Engineering, and the years of study may increase by an additional preparatory year to study the language, if the student does not have acertificate in the language. 

Lessons and contents of the environmental engineering major in Turkey:

subjects vary from one university to another and according to the type of university, whether public or private, but the most important courses in environmental engineering in general are:

  • The general chemistry 

  • Statistics and Probability

  • Introduction to Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Chemistry

  • Environmental Microbiology

  • Aerobic environment

  • Fluid mechanics

  • Thermodynamics

  • Chemical reactions

  • Hydrology for Environmental Engineering

  • Solid Waste Management

  • Principles of Environmental Modeling

  • Design of water treatment plants

The best Turkish universities that teach environmental engineering:

  • Best private universities to study environmental engineering in Turkey:

  • Bahçeşehir University

  • Istanbul Ariel University

  • Aydin University

  •  Best public universities to study environmental engineering in Turkey:

  • Kocaeli University

  • Yıldız Technical University

  • Istanbul Technical University

  • Middle East Technical University

  • Marmara University

  •  Haci Tepe University

Costs of studying environmental engineering in Turkey:

Tuition fees vary according to the university and type, but tuition fees in Turkish universities in general are low compared to the tuition fees in other universities, and Turkish public universities are considered to have low fees compared to Turkish private universities, which are more expensive.

It is worth noting that you can study this major in English in some universities.

  •  Costs of studying environmental engineering in public universities in Turkey:

 The tuition fees for environmental engineering major in Turkish public universities are estimated atabout (400 to 1050) USD per year.

  • Costs of studying environmental engineering in private universities in Turkey:

Tuition fees for environmental engineering major in Turkish private universities are estimated at about (2000 to 8000) USD per year. 

Salaries The Environmental Engineer:

The salaries of environmental engineers vary according to their experience and the sectors in which they work, but in general, their salaries range from (5000 to 6000) Turkish liras per month, which is considered high when compared to their salaries in Arab countries.

Areas of work of the Environmental Engineering major:

Graduates of this specialization can work in multiple jobs and fields and in various institutions, whether governmental or private, and their chances of obtaining a better job increase as they have more practical experience and higher levels of their studies, and from institutions Where Environmental Engineer can work:

  • Work in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization

  • Work in the State Railways Directorate

  • Work in the State Planning Service

  • Work in hydraulic works

  • Work at the Energy Market Regulatory Authority

  • Work in the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

  • Work in the directorates of environment and urbanization in the provinces

  • Work in the provincial directorates for water and forestry affairs

  • Work in special provincial administrations

  • Work in provincial and district municipalities

  • Work in the Directorate General of Highways

  • Work in the Ministry of Forestry and Water

  • Work in medium and large enterprises and factories in the private sector

  • Work in the Ministry of Health

  • Work in public institutions such as regional industrial directorates

  • Work in the Ministry of Industry and Trade

  • Work at the Turkish Statistical Institute

  • Working at Turkish Petroleum Corporation

  • Work in the Ministry of Transport

  • Work in universities

Skills required and developed in the study of environmental engineering:

Students who want to study environmental engineering must have a set of qualifications and skills that will be refined and enhanced by the study later, in order to be able to achieve success in their academic and professional life in the best way. These qualifications and skills include:

  • Becareful and patient

  • Teamwork skills

  • Analytical skills 

  • Interest in science andbiology

  • Ability to monitor

  • Desire, love of learning and continuous development

  • Interest in research in general and conducting research

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