Studying Economics in Turkey دراسة الاقتصاد في تركيا


Studying Economics in Turkey

Overview of Economics:

Economics science is considered from the social sciences that are concerned with the study of human activity and includes the production, distribution and exchange of goods and commercial services between institutions and the countries of the whole world, and this science combines different fields and sciences such as psychology, sociology and economics, and it also studies two types of economics, the first one is microeconomics, which focuses on making decisions related to the conduct of business and competition in the markets, and the second is macroeconomics, which focuses on countries and societies in a holistic manner, studying public works related to the local economy, including Inflation, interest rates, economic growth, unemployment rates, etc.

Economics aims to achieve economic development and growth at the local and global levels, in addition to achieving economic efficiency and educating individuals to understand various economic phenomena and use economic data, information and analysis of various economic phenomena.

Advantages of studying economics in Turkey:

With the economic development that is sweeping all over the world and knowing the importance of economics in supporting the economy of countries and the increasing demand for it, it was necessary to draw attention to this science and pay attention to it, develop and teach it in various universities of the world, especially in Turkey, where the economics major in Turkey is one of the most desirable majors that are popular with Arab and foreign students, due to the economic growth and its accelerated development in Turkey and the interest of Turkish universities in developing educational curricula in a way that keeps pace with economic modernity, In addition to the fact that Turkish universities compete and occupy a high ranking among the universities of the world and lead them in the fields of economics in particular.

Among the advantages of studying economics in Turkey in particular:

  • Linking the economics major with the business administration major, which gives better job opportunities for graduates

  • Qualifying students and equipping them with sufficient knowledge that qualifies them to enter the labor market with high efficiency

  • It provides a lot of job opportunities for graduates due to the constant need for economists 

  • Training, practical application and practice for students in companies, various institutions and factories

  • The possibility of studying this specialization in Turkish or English 

  • Low tuition fees in Turkish universities compared to others

  • Turkish universities keep pace with the developments of concepts and systems of economic theories around the world

  • Turkish University Certificates Recognized Worldwide

  • Low-cost living in Turkey compared to others

  • Scholarships and tuition discounts offered by Turkish universities

  • Availability of the best academic teaching staff specialized in economics

Duration of studying economics in Turkey:

The number of years of study of economics is estimated at 4 years distributed over 8 semesters, and the period may increase to an additional fifth year, which is a preparatory year for language study, in the event that the student does not have a certificate in the language.

Lessons and contents of the economics major in Turkey:

We will mention to you a number of the main subjects taught in economics, knowing that these courses or their names may differ from one university to another, including:

  • Principles of Microeconomics

  • Principles of Macroeconomics

  • Principles of Statistics

  • Principles of Business Administration

  • Accounting Principles

  • Industrial Economy

  • Statistical analysis

  • Public Finance

  • Economic theories

  • International Trade

  • Research Methods in Economics

  • Mathematical Economics

  • International Finance

  • Financial Economics

  • Managerial Economics and Economic Development

Among the disciplines associated with the economics major:

  • Accounting Major

  • Business Administration Major

  • Finance and Accounting Major

  • Information Technology Major

  • Economics Major

  • Human Resource Management Specialization

  • Public Relations Specialization

  • Aviation Management Major

The best Turkish universities that teach economics:

The best private universities to study economics in Turkey:

  • Başkent University

  • Atılım University

  • Beykent University 

  • Işık University

  • Istanbul Commercial University

  • Ibn Haldun University

  • Istanbul Kultur University

  • Istinye University

  • The best public universities to study economics in Turkey:

  • Adiyman University

  • Kocaeli University

  • Haci Tepe University

  • Gaziantep University 

  • Selçuk Mosque

  • Atatürk University

  • Sakarya University

Costs of studying economics in Turkey:

Tuition costs in Turkish public universities differ from their costs in Turkish private universities, where public universities are less expensive than private. In general, studying in Turkey's universities, whether private or public,  is considered low-cost,  medium, and affordable compared to the costs of studying in universities in other countries.

It is worth noting that some universities allow the study of this specialization in English.

  • Costs of studying economics in public universities in Turkey:

 The tuition fees for economics major in public universities in Turkey are estimated at about (250 to 800) USD per year. 

  • Costs of studying economics in private universities in Turkey:

 The tuition fees for economics major in private universities in Turkey are estimated at about (4000 to 10.000) USD per year.

Master of Economics:

Students can study the master's degree in economics in Turkey at an estimated cost of about (2300 to 9500) dollars per year.

Economics Major:

The salaries of graduates of this specialization start from (6500) Turkish liras up to (15500) Turkish liras approximately per month, and depend on the number of years of experience of  the specialist and the sector, whether private or public.  

Areas of work of the economics major:

Due to the strong link between the specialization of economics and other majors, graduates have had multiple and varied job opportunities in many fields, and their chances of obtaining better jobs increase with their practical experience and academic achievement, 

the centers and jobs in which they can work:  

  • Work as an economic analysis

  • Work in the Ministry of Economy

  • Work as a Financial Manager 

  • Work in the Ministry of Development

  • Work in private and government banks

  • Work in the Capital Markets Council

  • Work at the Capital Markets Authority

  • Work in insurance and finance companies

  • Work at the Turkish Statistical Institute

  • Work as an economic researcher

  • Work as a teacher in academic field, schools and universities

  • Work in stock exchange centers

  • Work as an auditor

  • Work as a Chartered Auditor

  • Work in personnel and human resources management

Skills required and developed in the study of economics:

The economics major requires the availability of many skills, abilities and qualities in the students who want to study it, which are various skills that pour into different fields such as mathematics, numbers, business administration, and others, which requires high abilities that help the specialist to achieve successes in his work and study, and these skills include: 

  • Ability to carry out scientific research and reports

  • Administrative and organizational capabilities

  • Possess mental and creative skills

  • Interest in the fields of economics, accounting, finance and taxation

  • Analysis skills

  • Love science and continuous development

  • Ability to think numerically and deal with numbers

  • Arithmetic skills

  • Follow economic news and trade worlds

  • Communication and communication skills

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