Studying Digital Game Design in Turkey دراسة تصميم الالعاب الرقمية في تركيا

Digital Game Design

Studying Digital Game Design in Turkey

An overview of the digital game design major:

The digital games major is one of the newly developed disciplines that entered the field of education after it was for a period of time limited to graphic design specialists and programming engineers, and although it is a newly established specialty, it has met with great demand and popularity all over the world for many reasons, including the technological revolution in 2022 and the increase in demand This specialization is popular among young people because it is the highest paid in the modern business market, and because it combines communication, management, digital art and technology, although it requires long hours of creative and innovative work, designing appropriate images, writing game stories, and then applying them using programming languages.

In this specialization, the student learns the basics of planning to build games in terms of time, history, strategies and advanced stages in them, in addition to knowing the volumes of visual and technical effects that the game must contain. He also learns how to download games via the Internet and on devices with the provision of their own encryption and appropriate protection systems.

Advantages of studying digital game design in Turkey:

With the modern technological revolution, the increase in investment in the field of games, the increase in users of digital games tremendously, and the connection of the new generation of different ages and genders to the digital world, the developers of digital games have become aware of the needs of the digital era and the requirements of people regarding games, which made them sponsors of the real growth of the digital games market, which is becoming increasingly important And developed and expanded day after day and year after year.

All of this and more made universities in the whole world move towards offering and teaching the specialty of digital games, and in Turkey in particular, where Turkish universities began to attract modern disciplines to keep pace with labor markets and because international students prefer studying in Turkey over other countries for many reasons, and this specialty falls under the name of engineering Electronic, graphic design and digital arts in general.

Among the advantages of studying digital game design in Turkey are:

  • Availability of modern devices and advanced tools that meet the needs of students in practical learning

  • Provides many job opportunities for graduates due to the great need for digital game design specialists

  • Training, practice and practical application in addition to theoretical education

  • The wages and salaries of digital game design professionals are rising

  • Possibility of independence in own work

  • The possibility of studying in one of the Turkish or English languages

  • Appropriate costs and tuition fees compared to the costs of universities in other countries.

  • The strength of the university degree, which is characterized by being accredited and recognized in most countries of the world

  • The low cost of living in Türkiye compared to other countries

  • Availability of many scholarships and university discounts for international students

  • The high quality of education and the prestigious position of Turkish universities among the universities of the world

Duration of studying digital game design in Turkey:

The number of years of studying digital game design in Turkey is about 4 years distributed over 8 semesters, and an additional year may be added, which is considered a preparatory year for language study, in the event that the student does not hold a language certificate.

Lessons and contents of the digital game design major in Turkey:

Courses may differ from one university to another or their names differ, but among the most prominent courses in this major in general are:

  • Programming basics.

  • Fundamentals of game design.

  • Game production.

  • Game history and analysis.

  • Design thinking.

  • 3D digital art.

  • Digital game design project.

  • Introduction to game engines.

  • Media and communication theories.

  • Fundamentals of game design.

  • Game production.

  • Game history and analysis.

  • Digital game mechanics and design.

  • Psychology of visual perception.

  • Mathematics for digital game design.

  • Game character design and digital game coding.

  • Sustainable development and cinema.

  • art history.

  • Virtual reality applications and digital games.

  • Physics of digital game design.

  • Storytelling and digital texts for the game.

  • Cyber ​​security.

  • Social media marketing

Among the departments of digital game design:

  • Games design

  • software

  • video games

The best Turkish universities studying digital game design:

  • The best private universities to study digital game design in Türkiye:

  • Bahcesehir University

  • Istinye University

  • Istanbul Aydin University

  • Beykoz University

  • Bilgi University

  • Among the public universities studying digital game design in Türkiye:

  • kocman University

  • Mugla University

  • Eastern Mediterranean University

Costs of studying digital game design in Türkiye:

Although tuition fees vary according to the university and its type, tuition fees in Turkey's universities in general are considered low compared to tuition fees in universities in other countries, and Turkish public universities are also considered to have low fees compared to tuition fees in Turkish private universities, which have higher fees.

It is worth noting that a number of Turkish universities allow studying this major in English.

  • Costs of studying digital game design in public universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for digital game design in public universities in Turkey are estimated at about (380 to 800) US dollars annually.

  • Costs of studying digital game design in private universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for digital game design in private universities in Turkey are estimated at approximately (2000 to 8200) US dollars annually.

Master's degree in Digital Game Design:

The cost of studying a master's degree in digital game design in Turkey in English or Turkish is about (9000) US dollars per year.

Digital game designer salary:

The wages of graduates of this specialty start from (3000) Turkish liras to approximately (9000) Turkish liras per month, and the increase in this wage depends on the number of years of experience of the designer and the sector in which he works.

Areas of work of the digital game design specialization:

Graduates of this specialization can work in various jobs and fields, and in governmental and private institutions alike, and the students’ chances of obtaining better jobs increase as their practical and scientific experiences increase, and among the centers and jobs in which they can work:

  • Work as a screenwriter and game storyteller

  • Work as a graphic designer

  • Work as a content planner in the field of digital games

  • Work as a game character designer

  • Work as a game designer

  • Working in video game programming

  • Work in the development of digital games

  • Software development work

  • Work in technical support departments

  • Work as a web developer

  • Work as a computer programmer

  • Work in the field of teaching in universities and schools

  • Work in the design of sound and visual effects and montage in satellite channels.

  • Work in the design of television ads

  • Work in the design of educational CDs

  • Work in multimedia production and animation

  • Work in graphic design offices and websites

  • Work as a software and game software developer

  • Work as a mobile application developer

  • Work as a computer programmer.

  • Work in the field of technical support.

The required skills that are developed in the study of digital game design:

Students who want to study digital game design must have a number of qualifications and skills that will be refined by their studies, in order to achieve the success and distinction they seek. These qualifications and skills include:

  • The ability to use modern technology and computers

  • be patient

  • higher concentration

  • Honesty and responsibility

  • The ability to make decisions quickly

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Continuous learning and development

  • Algorithmic thinking skills

  • Interest in technology

  • Intelligence and love of scientific subjects

  • Creativity skills

  • Great talent and artistic sense

  • Passion for digital technology

  • Flexibility

  • evolvability

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