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Cyber Security

Studying Cybersecurity in Turkey

Overview of Cybersecurity Major:

The beginning of the emergence of cybersecurity was in the seventies of the last century, with the beginning of the stages and development of computer use and Internet connection, where many threats began to try to access important documents, viruses began to be designed, penetrations and others increased, which prompted governments in all countries to take strict measures and issue criminal sentences against these crimes, and efforts were intensified to design virus-resistant programs, design firewalls, and develop strong defense programs to prevent intrusions, and so was what we call Cybersecurity, which is the field that protects electronic systems, computer programs, digital devices and other harmful intrusions aimed at damaging programs, stealing, altering or even selling information.

With the development of the world and technology in our modern era and the entry of the digital world in many areas of life, the need for cybersecurity specialists has increased and the demand for them has increased, as has the demand for students to study this specialization from all over the world in general and in Turkey in particular.

One of the important things that you should know is the difference between cybersecurity and information security, as information security is concerned with protecting confidential data and sensitive and private information and it is concerned with the property of permissions and protecting them from damage and malfunctions, while cybersecurity is concerned with defending electronic systems and networks against attacks or potential threats.

Advantages of studying cybersecurity in Turkey:

The specialization of cybersecurity is one of the disciplines with an impressive future in the coming years, due to its increasing importance with the increase in development and technological progress, in addition to its importance that is equal to the importance of military weapons in our time, which is what we have recently witnessed in the Ukrainian-Russian war, where the two countries exchanged many threats about targeting important data and the data of large institutions in the two countries.

Turkey is one of the countries that have paid great attention to this specialization, as Turkish universities have included many facilities and laboratories for cybersecurity students, to practice practical subjects under the supervision of expert staff of professors, specialists and from different nationalities, which gives the student during his years of study sufficient knowledge that qualifies him to work in the jobs he aspires to.

Among the advantages of studying this specialization in Turkey in particular:

  • Availability of laboratories and facilities for students of cybersecurity.

  • Many job opportunities are available to graduates due to the increasing demand for cybersecurity specialists

  • High salaries

  • Practice and practical training during the study period 

  • Students acquire sufficient knowledge that qualifies them to enter the labor market directly

  • Average and appropriate tuition costs and fees in Turkish universities compared to  universities in other countries 

  • Global recognition of Turkish universities

  • Low cost of living in Turkey compared to other countries

  • Providing many facilities for international students such as scholarship opportunities and discounts

  • Availability of the best teaching staff of specialists and professors in the field

Therefore, studying cybersecurity is a right choice, especially since the world is constantly developing in the fields of technology, which will make the demand for cybersecurity specialists constantly increasing, as it is a specialty with a promising future, and we, in turn, advise you to study this specialization, especially in Turkey, which is one of the best countries in this field in the world, as well as its fame for the quality of education with its globally recognized universities. 

Duration of studying cybersecurity in Turkey:

Cybersecurity specialization is studied in Turkey within (3 to 4) years, as the academic system varies from one university to another. One year of study may increase if the student has to study a preparatory year to learn the Language.

Lessons and contents of the cybersecurity specialization in Turkey:

Some of these subjects may vary from one university to another, but we will mention to you a number of subjects taught in the cybersecurity major:

  • Digital logic design.

  • Computer networks and data transmission.

  • Information security and cybersecurity.

  • Database management.

  • Data structures and algorithms.

  • The visual programming.

  • Analysis and design of secure systems.

  • Database systems management and security.

  • Internet application programming.

  • Mobile device programming.

  • Information masking techniques.

  • Discrete math for cryptography.

  • Privacy in a networked world.

  • Computer Engineering.

  • Operating systems.

  • The societal impact of information technology.

  • Concurrent programming.

  • TCP/IP networks.

  • Cryptographic theory.

  • Ethical hacking.

  • Forensic science of information systems and investigations.

  • Information Security Audit.

  • Network of threats and risks.

  • Senior Project Management.

Departments related to the study of cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity is one of the many branches of computer science, including:

  • Software Engineering

  • Data Science

  • Computer Information System

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cyber Security

  • Robotics

Cybersecurity Specializations:

  • Digital Forensics Specialization

  • Software and Application Development Specialization

  • Network Engineering

  • Cloud Support Engineering

  • Technical Support Engineering

  • IT Support

The best Turkish universities that teach cybersecurity:

The study of cybersecurity in Turkey is limited to private universities only, as this specialization has not been launched in Turkish public universities, except for Al-Furat University, which recently began teaching it.

  • Best private universities to study cybersecurity in Turkey:

  • Bahçeşehir University

  • Antalya Bilim University

  • Üsküdar University

  • Işık University

  • Gulf University

Fees of studying cybersecurity in Turkey:

  • Fees of studying cybersecurity specialization in private universities in Turkey:

The fees for studying cybersecurity in Turkish private universities are average and appropriate compared to the study fees in European universities, where the fees of studying this specialization is about (2900 to 9000) USD annually.

It is worth noting that some universities teach this specialty in English.

Master of Cybersecurity:

Some Turkish universities offer a master's degree in cybersecurity, including:

  • Bahçeşehir University

  • Atılım University 

Areas of work of cybersecurity graduates:

A graduate of cybersecurity can work in institutions, whether governmental or private, and in a number of jobs, and the graduate's chances of obtaining excellent jobs increase as his  practical experience increases and his academic level rises, and one of the jobs that he can  work In which:

  • Work in the technical support department in programming companies

  • Work in the field of criminal investigations and cybercrime

  • Work in security and databases

  • Work as a consultant in the areas of operating systems and data security

  • Work as an information specialist

  • Work in the academic field

  • Work as an incident analyst

  • Work as a software developer

  • Work as a systems engineer

  • Work as a vulnerability analyst and security and penetration tester

  • Auditor for security code accounts

  • Security software engineer and developer

  • Researcher in computer science

Salaries of cybersecurity professionals in Turkey:

Although the salaries of employees in this field in Turkey are low compared to their salaries in other countries, their salaries are generally high as the cybersecurity assistant earns about (10.000 to 15.000) Turkish liras, and the network and cybersecurity specialist earns about (15.000 to 20.000) Turkish liras

While the chief cybersecurity specialist earns about (25.000 to 35.000) TL.

Skills required and developed in the study of cybersecurity:

Due to the difficulty of this specialization, students who wish to study cybersecurity must have a number of qualities, skills and qualifications that help them pass their studies and succeed in their academic and professional life as required, including: 

  • Analytical and innovation skills

  • Ability to solve problems

  • Sufficient knowledge of how programming languages work

  • Monitoring the technology market in general

  • Ability to analyze information and data

  • Learn about engineering, math, science, and technology

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