Studying Civil Aviation in Turkey دراسة الطيران المدني في تركيا

Civil Aviation

Studying Civil Aviation in Turkey

An overview of the civil aviation specialty:

After the emergence of aviation science in the past and its development until it reached what it is today, the need arose at one stage to teach it as a pure science and to open colleges and universities that study it and to pay great attention to its important role in supporting the state’s economy and its extreme importance in facilitating people’s lives and moving from one country to another quickly Ease and safety.

The civil aviation specialization includes all aircraft except military aircraft, and it is one of the most interesting and distinguished majors, as the student acquires multiple experiences in it, such as self-control of aircraft, the method of guiding the aircraft, dealing with multidisciplinary knowledge devices, communication with air traffic controllers, and many other things.

The student learns all of that and more because most of the schools specializing in the field of aviation operate with a close relationship with airports, which helps students to know how airlines work and contributes to practical study, training and application in addition to theoretical study. Practical studies for aviation specialization include field visits to airports and a training period In it, in order to get used to and qualify to start in the labor market and gain sufficient experience on how it works.

Advantages of studying civil aviation in Turkey:

The study of civil aviation specialization in the whole world in general and in Turkey in particular is considered one of the best studies, and the specialization is considered one of the distinguished specializations that qualify the student and give him high skills after undergoing high-level training programs that help him enter the labor market directly, as Turkey provides its university students with qualified educational cadres And of high quality.

one of the most important things to mention is the universities that grant certificates such as ATPL and PPL in addition to important licenses such as the ATP license, these certificates and licenses may be required by some airlines in the world, in addition to a bachelor's degree in aviation, in order to allow specialists to work as pilots.

Among the advantages of studying civil aviation in Turkey:

  • Existence of mutual flight training programs in flight schools that are connected to each other internationally

  • Teaching educational programs keeping pace with developments and changes in the aviation sector

  • Providing many job opportunities for graduates due to the constant need for civil aviation specialists

  • Connecting theoretical education with practical and application.

  • The possibility of studying civil aviation in English

  • Appropriate costs and tuition fees compared to universities in other countries.

  • The strong university certificate, which is characterized by being accredited and recognized in most countries of the world

  • Living costs are low in Türkiye compared to other countries

  • Availability of numerous scholarships and university discounts for students

  • The special attention that Türkiye attaches to the aviation sector

  • The high efficiency of educational staff and the quality of education that characterizes Türkiye

If you like adventure and specializations, we are pleased to inform you that civil aviation specializes in the most exciting and enjoyable disciplines, especially when studying it in Turkey, which makes it one of the most beautiful parts of the earth, in addition to the academic importance of Turkey’s universities, and we do not forget to direct you to the importance of presenting the highest levels of seriousness, commitment and accuracy In appreciating and respecting time, along with a great sense of responsibility.

Duration of studying civil aviation in Türkiye:

The number of years that a student studies to obtain a Bachelor of Civil Aviation is 4 years divided into 8 semesters, and it is possible for the student to study a fifth year also called a preparatory year in which he studies the language.

Lessons and contents of the Civil Aviation major in Türkiye:

We will mention to you a number of the main subjects that are taught in the field of civil aviation, bearing in mind that these subjects or their names may differ from one university to another, and among these subjects:

  • Aerospace laws

  • Civil aviation rules

  • Computer and programming

  • Physics and mathematics

  • Flying tools

  • meteorology

  • Flight safety

  • Flight planning and control

The best Turkish universities studying civil aviation:

  • The best universities studying civil aviation in Türkiye:

  • Okan University

  • Atilim University

  • Girne University

  • Ozyegin University

  • The best universities studying aviation in Türkiye:

  • Beykoz University

  • Istanbul Aydin University

  • Atilim University

Types of flight licenses:

  • Private Pilot License PPL

  • Civil Aviation License or IR License

  • Commercial Pilot License CPL

  • Air Transport Pilot License ATPL

Costs of studying civil aviation in Turkey:

Certainly, tuition fees vary according to the university and its type, but tuition fees in Turkish universities in general are low compared to tuition fees in universities in other countries, and Turkish public universities have low fees compared to tuition fees in Turkish private universities, which are more expensive.

It is worth noting that some universities allow studying this major in English.

Costs of studying civil aviation in public universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for civil aviation majors in public universities in Turkey are estimated at about (580 to 1250) US dollars annually.

Costs of studying civil aviation in private universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for civil aviation majors in private universities in Turkey are estimated at approximately (6,500 to 15,000) US dollars annually.

Civil pilot salary in Turkey:

The condition of a civil pilot in Turkey is considered the same as in European countries, and his salary depends on the type of aircraft he pilots, in addition to the number of years he has flown in.

Areas of work of the civil aviation specialization:

A holder of a bachelor’s degree from the College of Civil Aviation works initially as a flight assistant in an airline company, and is later promoted to become a pure pilot, depending on his intelligence, diligence, commitment, and capabilities.

Duties of civil aviation graduates:

  • Operate the aircraft professionally and safely

  • piloting the plane

  • Take off and land safely during the flight

  • Examination of aircraft operational systems and navigation systems

  • Take the decision to make an emergency landing when needed

  • Talking to passengers and flight crew about the course of the flight and reassuring them when an emergency occurs

  • Develop and analyze flight plans before take-off

  • Checking aircraft fuel and calculating the amount on a regular and permanent basis during the flight

  • Ensure the safety and comfort of passengers

The required skills that are developed in the study of civil aviation specialization:

Students who want to study civil aviation must possess many qualifications and skills, which the study will refine later and add to it as well, so that they can fully enjoy success in their academic and professional lives. These qualifications and skills include:

  • Good observation skills

  • Interest in science, learning and continuous development

  • High communication skills with people of different nationalities

  • Promptitude

  • Knowledge of legal procedures

  • Leadership skills and self-confidence

  • language skills

  • The ability to make decisions

  • Problem-solving skills

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