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Studying Business Administration in Turkey

An overview of Business Administration:

The business administration major is one of the modern majors, as the concept of management witnessed a great development in the last century due to the philosophical ideas that were associated with management concepts. Management is based on the manager's personal skills and experience that he gained in his previous field of work.

However, the science of business administration depends on a set of principles, foundations and scientific theories that shed light on the behavior of employees and the factors that affect it, the work environment and the factors of professional development of employees, and the specialization of business administration pays high attention to economic and political conditions and studies them because of their great role in influencing various businesses.

The study of Business Administration aims to equip students and provide them with theoretical knowledge and information and link them to the reality of work environments, as well as refine them with the assets of administrative processes in general such as planning, guidance, organization, marketing, control, follow-up, evaluation and others.

Advantages of studying business administration in general and in Turkey in particular:

The business administration major is one of the most desirable studies for students, as a large numbers of students register in it annually, because of its great importance in all businesses and times, and because of the increasing demand for its specialists year after year, they choose it to study in all universities of the world, especially in Turkey, where many international students go to study in general, and study the business administration major in particular, due to the high value programs it offers and its universities occupy a great position among the universities of the world, as well as its internationally recognized certificates.

Among the advantages of studying business administration in Turkey in particular:

  • Distinctive educational environment with the best and latest technology.

  • Qualifying students and equipping them with sufficient knowledge that qualifies them to enter the labor market with high efficiency

  • Study of social and economic conditions

  • Many job opportunities are available to graduates due to the constant need for business management specialists 

  • Mixing scientific and practical style.

  • The possibility of studying this specialization in Turkish or English 

  • Low tuition fees in Turkish universities compared to others

  • Turkish university degrees are recognized all over the world

  • Low-cost living in Turkey compared to others

  • Scholarships and tuition discounts offered by Turkish universities to students

  • Provides the best academic staff specialized in business administration

Duration of studying business administration in Turkey:

The number of years of study of the business administration major is estimated at 4 years distributed over 8 semesters, and the period may increase to an additional fifth year, which is a preparatory year for language study, if the student does not obtain a certificate in the language.

Lessons and contents of the business administration major in Turkey:

We will mention to you a number of the main subjects taught in the field of business administration, knowing that these courses or their names may differ from one university to another, including:

  • Business Mathematics

  • Financial Accounting

  • Introduction to Management

  • Introduction to Economics

  • Fundamentals of Law

  • Business Finance

  • Accounting and Cost Management

  • Operations Management

  • Social Responsibility and Ethics

  • Human Resource Management

  • Marketing Management

  • Corporate Finance

  • Financial Institutions and Markets

  • Organizational behavior

  • Managerial Economics

  • Consumer behavior

  • Working Environment

  • Management Strategies

Among the specializations and departments of business administration:

  • Human Resources Specialization

  • Public Relations Specialization

  • Specialization of public administration

  • Marketing Specialization

  • Supply Chain Specialization

  • Finance Specialization

  • Entrepreneurship Major

  • Business Administration Major

  • Accounting Major

The best Turkish universities that teach business administration:

  • Best private universities to study business administration in Turkey:

  • Izmir Economic University

  • Istanbul University

  • Işık University

  • Bilgi University

  • Altınbaş University

  • Bahçeşehir University

  • Atılım University

  • Yeditepe University

  • Among the public universities that teach business administration in Turkey:

  • Yildiz Technical University

  • Istanbul University

  • Marmara University

  • Ankara University

  • Ege University

  • Abdullah Gül University

  • Pamukkale University

  • Selcuk University

Costs of studying business administration in Turkey:

The costs of studying in Turkish public universities differ from the costs in Turkish private universities, as public universities are less expensive than private. In general, studying in Turkey, whether in private or public universities, is low cost and affordable compared to the cost of studying in universities of other countries.  

It is worth noting that some universities teach this specialty in English.

  • Costs of studying business administration in public universities in Turkey:

The tuition fees for the business administration major in public universities in Turkey are between (300 to 1500) USD annually.

  • Costs of studying business administration in private universities in Turkey:

 The tuition fees for the business administration major in private universities in Turkey are between (2000 to 8000) USD annually.

Master of Business Administration:

Students can study the Master of Business Administration after completing their bachelor's degree in Turkey and its fees are about (3000 to 9000) dollars annually.

Business Administration Specialization:

The salaries of graduates of this specialization start from (3500) Turkish liras up to approximately (20.000) TL per month, depending on the number of years of experience of the specialist and the sectorin which he works, whether private or governmental. 

Business Administration Major Fields of Business:

  • Graduates of the Business Administration major can work in many professions, whether in the private or government sector or in self-employment, and their chances of obtaining better jobs increase with the increase in their practical and scientific experience, and among the fields of jobs in which they can work:

  • Work in developing strategies

  • Work in project management

  • Work in human resources management

  • Preparing and managing the budget

  • Work in marketing

  • Work in data management and analysis

  • Working in digital marketing

  • Work in the sales department

  • Work in production management and planning

  • Work in the field of accounting

  • Work in financial planning and management

  • Work in public administration

  • Work as a sales manager

  • Work as a business consultant

  • Work as a financial analyst

  • Work as a human resources specialist

  • Work as a real estate agent

  • Work in the field of insurance

  • Work in the field of logistics

  • Working on a special project

  • Work as an administrative program coordinator

  • Work as an advertising manager

Skills required and developed in the study of Business Administration:

The Business Administration major requires the availability of multiple abilities and skills for students who choose to study it, which are various skills that pour into different fields such as mathematics, management, and others, which requires high abilities that help the specialist achieve success in his work and study, and these skills include:  

  • Good knowledge of technology

  • Teamwork skills

  • Organization and time management skills

  • Leadership andmanagement skills

  • Analysis skills

  • Love of science and continuous development

  • Persuasion skill

  • Possessing a leadership personality

  • Ability to communicate well

  • Culture of dialogue

  • Ability to use correspondence in the official format

  • Good knowledge of English and Mathematical Sciences

  • Ability to make decisions

  • Ability to solve problems

  • Taking Responsibility

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