Studying Biomedical Engineering in Turkey دراسة الهندسة الطبية في تركيا

Biomedical Engineering

Studying Biomedical Engineering in Turkey

Overview of Biomedical Engineering:

Medical engineering is one of the new specialties that were developed to link the medical field with the engineering field, in order to solve the problems associated with the medical field and its modern equipment and technologies that have developed a lot in recent times, as medical devices and equipment are used daily in all countries of the world and by all doctors, as they help them diagnose patients' conditions and apply appropriate medical or surgical treatments, so that some diseases are only exposed using medical devices.

This specialization combines a number of engineering sciences such as mechanical engineering, electron engineering and electrical engineering, and integrates them with medical sciences such as histology, anatomy, biology and others.

Advantages of studying biomedical engineering in Turkey:

More students choose this specialization every year all over the world in general and in Turkey in particular, as international students choose it and prefer it in Turkey's universities over other international universities because it is a developed medically, scientifically and academically developed country where it provides one of the equipment, laboratories and volunteered to serve students, as well as being of high educational quality that made its universities occupy advanced ranks among universities in the world

 Among the advantages of studying medical engineering in Turkey in particular:

  • The presence of medical  laboratories and modern equipment that help meet the needs of students in practical training

  • The renaissance and scientific and research development enjoyed by Turkey and its universities in the engineering fields in particular.

  • Many job opportunities are available to graduates due to the constant need for biomedical engineering specialists 

  • Training, application and practical practice during the study period as well as theoretical education

  • The possibility of studying in Turkish or English 

  • Appropriate tuition costs and fees that are affordable compared to universities in other countries.

  • The university degree that is characterized by being accredited and recognized in most countries of the world

  • Low cost of living in Turkey compared to other countries

  • Scholarships and university discounts available to students 

  • The high quality of education and the important position of Turkish universities

If you may love medical studies and you have engineering tendencies at the same time, this major is suitable for you andstudying it in Turkey, specifically for you, which will make you happy and creative in your study and professional life.

Duration of studying biomedical engineering in Turkey:

The duration of studying medical engineering in Turkey reaches 4 years distributed over 8 semesters, and it may increase an additional year to study the language which is considered a preparatory year. 

Lessons and contents of the biomedical engineering in Turkey:

Subjects and their names may vary from one university to another, but the main subjects taught in the field of biomedical engineering are:

  • Math Subjects

  • Physics Subjects

  • Chemistry Materials

  • General Programming

  • Electricity Materials

  • Electron Materials

  • Medical Physics

  • Medical Imaging Systems

  • Biomechanics

  • Artificial Intelligence Systems

  • Development and maintenance of medical devices

Students also undergo a number of different courses during the years of study, the most important of which are:

  • General biology.

  • Anatomy and physiology.

  • Clinical engineering.

  • Biophysics.

  • Professional responsibility and ethics.

  • Electrical circuits.

  • Biomedical devices.

  • Electromagnetic field.

  • Biostatistics.

  • Biomaterials.

  • Biomedical image processing.

  • Sensors.

Branches to which the biomedical engineering major is divided:

  • The mechanical medical engineering 

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • The genetic engineering 

  • Electronic Medical Engineering

  • Clinical Engineering 

  • Chemical or Pharmaceutical Medical Engineering 

  • Medical Tissue Engineering 

The best Turkish universities that teach biomedical engineering:

  • Best private universities to study biomedical engineering in Turkey:

  • Bahçeşehir University

  • Yeditepe University

  • Beşknet University

  • Işık University

  • Biruni University

  • Best public universities to study biomedical engineering in Turkey:

  • Ankara University

  • Izmir Democratic University

  • Kocaeli University

  • Karabuk University

  • İnönü University

  • Pamukkale University 

Costs of studying biomedical engineering in Turkey:

Tuition fees vary according to the university and type, but tuition fees in Turkish universities in general are low compared to tuition fees in universities of other countries, and public universities in Turkey are low fees compared to Turkish private universities, which are more expensive.   

It is worth noting that some universities allow the study of this specialization in English.

  • Costs of studying biomedical engineering in public universities in Turkey:

The fees of studying biomedical engineering in Turkish public universities are about (400 to 800) USD annually.

  • Costs of studying biomedical engineering in private universities in Turkey:

Thefees forstudying medical engineering in Turkish private universities are about (3000 to 12500) USD approximately.

Master of biomedical Engineering:

You can study the Master of Biomedical Engineering in Turkey in English or in Turkish depending on the university, and its fees are about (4000 to 15000) dollars per year. 

Biomedical Engineer in Turkey:

The salaries of medical engineers start from (3600) Turkish liras up to (25000) Turkish liras approximately per month, and these salaries depend on the number of years of experience of the medical engineer and the sector in which he works. 

Areas of work of the Biomedical Engineering major:

Graduates of this specialization can work in many places and fields and in government and private institutions, and their chances of obtaining better jobs increase as their practical experience increases and the level of study increases, and among the centers and jobs in which he can work:

  • Work in medical and scientific research

  • Work in centers for the production of medical devices and prosthetics

  • Work in physiotherapy centers 

  • Work in hospitals and health institutions

  • Work in medical equipment factories

  • Work in training medical staff to use equipment correctly

  • Work in the maintenance and installation of medical equipment and provide technical support to it

  • Work as a Development Engineer

  • Work as a Product Specialist

  • Work as a software developer

Skills required and developed in the study of biomedical engineering:

Students who wish to study the specialization of biomedical engineering must have a number of qualifications, qualities and skills that the study refines and enhances later, so that the student of this specialization can succeed in his academic and professional life in the best way, and these qualifications and skills include:

  • Love to help patients and people

  • Calmness of soul and poise

  • Analysis and design skills

  • Teamwork skills

  • Problem solving skill

  • Scientific Research Skills

  • Creativity and innovation skills

  • High Communication Skills

  • Honesty and accuracy in work

  • Powerful memory

  • Ability and boldness to conduct scientific experiments

  • Have a strong scientific background

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