Studying Aeronautical Engineering in Turkey - costs and advantages دراسة هندسة الطيران في تركيا

Aeronautical Engineering

Studying Aeronautical Engineering in Turkey

An overview of the aeronautical engineering major:

Since his first existence, man has always dreamed of flying in the sky, and the monuments mention the flight attempts of Abbas Ibn Firnas, the Arab world, who actually tried to fly. Drawings of the painter Leonardo da Vinci were also seen showing his perception of how to fly, so that after which human attempts continued successively until the first balloon was invented in the world and the development continued greatly. Even the aircraft we see today were created and evolved.

The aeronautical engineering major is one of the most important engineering disciplines in the whole world, and it is a major specialization in which it includes a number of departments and categories on the manufacture and development of air vehicles of various types and aircraft, without being limited to studying the design and manufacture of aircraft as is common among people, which also includes the study of aircraft. The atmosphere in general, such as missiles, helicopters, satellites, and some space vehicles, and the curriculum of this specialization depends on major sections such as manufacturing, design, improvement, development, and maintenance, all of this in addition to studying increasing the efficiency rate of aircraft performance or other air vehicles, and from here the mutual relationship between aeronautical engineering and mechanical engineering arose.

Advantages of studying aeronautical engineering in Turkey:

The Aeronautical Engineering major is one of the important engineering disciplines that requires its students to have special skills and a great passion in the field, and it is one of the disciplines with a great and promising future due to the expectation of an increase in air traffic in the whole world, and for its great role in raising the levels of the economy and reviving it, which makes countries compete for it in pursuit of stability.

Among the most prominent countries that have taken an interest in this field, we find Turkey, which is distinguished by its educational programs for all engineering fields in general, and for the field of aerospace engineering in particular, as it has achieved a number of successes and developments in this sector in record time and time, which indicates the strength of its educational systems, in addition to the fact that Turkish universities are among the best world universities.

This specialization aims to qualify specialized persons and equip them with sufficient knowledge, practical knowledge and applied skills necessary to enter the labor market with high efficiency.

Among the advantages of studying aeronautical engineering majors in Türkiye are:

  • A modern and powerful training environment to hone students' skills

  • It provides a lot of job opportunities in various institutions and companies due to the increasing demand for aviation engineers year after year

  • Provides a safe and comfortable environment that welcomes all other cultures and nationalities

  • Generally high average salaries for aeronautical engineers

  • Practical exercises, applications and practice in addition to theoretical study

  • Average and appropriate tuition fees in Turkish universities compared to others

  • Low living costs in Türkiye when compared to other countries

  • Availability of scholarships and various university discounts

  • High educational quality in Turkish universities and highly qualified specialized educational staff.

  • The qualitative leap and developments made by Türkiye in engineering fields and disciplines in general

This specialization is considered one of the most beautiful and enjoyable engineering disciplines, as it provides space for students to be creative in designing aircraft and experiment with any ideas that may contribute to the development of aircraft work and improving their quality. Despite the fun and distinction of this specialization, it is not an easy one. Rather, it requires students' effort, basic skills, and internal passion.

Duration of studying aeronautical engineering in Turkey:

The duration of the study of aeronautical engineering major in Turkey is 4 years, divided into 8 semesters, and the duration of the study may be increased to a fifth year in the case of studying the language as a preparatory year.

You can study this major in English or Turkish, depending on the university and what it offers to its students.

Lessons and contents of the aeronautical engineering in Turkey:

The subjects and their names for the aeronautical engineering major differ from one university to another, but we will mention to you a number of subjects that are taught in the four years of this major:

  • Introduction to computer programming.

  • Computer drawing.

  • mathematics.

  • physics.

  • Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering.

  • general chemistry.

  • Aeronautical engineering and design.

  • Statistics Science.

  • Introduction to electrical engineering.

  • linear algebra.

  • probability and statistics.

  • dynamics.

  • Material strength.

  • differential equations.

  • numerical analysis.

  • fluid mechanics.

  • Thermodynamics.

  • aerospace materials.

  • Aerodynamics.

  • Flight mechanics.

  • Automatic control.

  • Experimental Methods in Engineering.

  • flight stability and control.

  • Payment systems.

  • Aircraft design principles.

  • Aircraft design.

  • Occupational Health and Safety.

  • leading businesses.

Among the departments of aeronautical engineering:

  • Major in Aeronautical Engineering

  • Aviation management or air navigation management

  • Specialization in Aeronautical Engine Engineering

The best Turkish universities that study mechanical engineering:

  • The best private universities to study aeronautical engineering in Türkiye:

  • Okan University Istanbul

  • Antalya Bilim University

  • Izmir Economic University

  • Bahcesehir University

  • Istanbul Aydın University

  • The best public universities to study aeronautical engineering in Türkiye:

  • Middle East Technical University

  • Adana University of Science and Technology

  • Istanbul Technical University

Costs of studying aeronautical engineering in Turkey:

It is normal for tuition fees to differ from one university to another according to the types of universities, whether they are private or public, but the fees in private Turkish universities are generally higher than the fees in Turkish public universities, although both of them have the most advanced equipment with strong infrastructure.

It is worth noting that there are a number of Turkish universities that teach this major in English.

  • Costs of studying aeronautical engineering in public universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for aeronautical engineering in Turkey in its public universities range from (218 to 2280) US dollars annually.

  • Costs of studying aeronautical engineering majors in private universities in Türkiye:

Tuition fees for aeronautical engineering in Turkey in its private universities range from (3400 to 9800) US dollars annually.

Salaries of aerospace engineering graduates in Türkiye:

Aeronautical engineering graduates receive salaries that vary according to the sectors in which they work and the experience they have and the number of years. Their average income ranges between (4,250 to 15,000) Turkish liras per month.

Fields of work in the field of aeronautical engineering:

The areas of work of aviation engineers are very wide, as they can work in government institutions, airports, aircraft manufacturing companies and airlines, as well as work in the academic field, and in everything related to systems, control and programming, and from places and job opportunities for them as well:

  • Work in air transport companies

  • Work in tourism marketing companies

  • Work in airport management

  • Work in airport planning

  • Work in shipping and cargo companies

  • Work in the field of aircraft maintenance

Required and developed skills in the field of aeronautical engineering:

To study aeronautical engineering, the student must possess a number of skills, qualifications, and attributes that will be refined in the university study later, in order to be able to achieve success in the aspects of his academic and professional life. These skills and qualifications include:

  • Caution and attention

  • Accuracy and speed

  • Mechanical, technical and manual competencies

  • Take responsibility

  • Driving ability

  • Teamwork ability

  • Fitness

  • Analysis skills

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