Studying Aviation Management in Turkey دراسة ادارة الطيران في تركيا

Aviation Managment

Studying Aviation Management in Turkey

Overview of Aviation Management:

Aviation science arose in general because of the need for it and the urgent human desire to fly in the sky since ancient times, to develop over time and reach what it is today, and thus arises the need for majors that study this science from administrative, theoretical, practical and other aspects.

In our talk about the aviation industry, you should know that it is an industry that is divided into a number of different majors, which include the scientific, practical and professional aspects necessary to equip qualified graduates to work in this field, as the study of aviation management in general focuses on everything related to the management of aircraft or airports and everything related to it from the cabin crew and the safety, security and security of the aircraft. Airports as well, in addition to the relationship of passengers with the aircraft from the arrival of passengers to the airport until the plane takes off and then lands at another airport, all this and more is the responsibility and task of the employee and student of aviation management.

Advantages of studying aviation management in Turkey:

The specialization of aviation management is one of the important specialties because of the great demand for its specialists in the whole world in general, and in Turkey in particular, which is considered a tourist country par excellence, as it receives large numbers of flights every year, which made its interest in building and equipping airports and tourism companies and expanding them an important need within the framework of meeting the requirements of the world,

It also paid great attention to university majors that help improve tourism and aviation services significantly by securing private workshops and contracting with airlines to secure a work environment parallel to real life, seeking to provide students with sufficient experience that makes them able to face all difficulties in their fields of work. 

Among the advantages of studying aviation management in Turkey in particular:

  • Have a strong background in business administration because the aviation management major falls under the College of Business Administration 

  • Following the European system in the study, where the specialization of electrical engineering is integrated with electronic engineering

  • Availability of many job opportunities for graduates due to the constant need for aviation management specialists 

  • Practical training and practice in aviation companies and institutions as well as theoretical education during the study period 

  • Making it possible to study this major for students in Turkish or English 

  •  Appropriate and affordable  tuition fees compared to universities in other countries.

  • A strong university degree that is accredited and recognized worldwide

  • Low living expenses in Turkey compared to other countries

  • Multiple scholarships and university discounts available to international students

  • High quality of education, highly qualified staff and the position of advanced Turkish universities among the universities of the world

  • Work on the construction of Istanbul Airport, which will be one of the largest airports in the world on an area of 76.5 million m2, which certainly illustrates the needs of the state and the importance of specializing in aviation management.

Duration of studying aviation management in Turkey:

The duration of studying aviation management in Turkey is 4 years, after which the student obtains a bachelor's degree, and this period may increase by one year to study the language, which is called a preparatory year.

Lessons and contents of aviation management in Turkey:

It is possible that the courses of the aviation management major or its titles vary from one university to another, but the most prominent of these subjects are:

  • Introduction to Civil Aviation

  • Introduction to the Department of Aviation Workers 

  • Introduction to Computers and Information Systems

  • Introduction to calculus

  • Air Transportation

  • Accounting Principles for Civil Aviation

  • Aircraft & Passenger Services

  • Flight Operations

  • Probability and statistics

  • Aircraft Management Basics

  • Airline Management

  • Meteorology

  • Regulatory conduct of civil aviation

  • Aviation Safety & Security

  • Aviation Legislation

  • Logistics

  • Air Traffic Rules & Services

  • Marketing airlines and airports

  • Civil Aviation Human Resources Department

  • Business Financial Management for Aviation Management

  • Quantitative methods of management

  • Navigation tools

  • Air Traffic Rules & Services

  • Marketing airlines and airports

  • Civil Aviation Human Resources Department

  • Business Financial Management for Aviation Management

  • Quantitative methods of management

  • Navigation tools

The best Turkish universities that teach aviation management:

  • Among the best private universities to study aviation management in Turkey:

  • Istanbul Okan University

  • Istanbul Bilgi University

  • Istanbul Aydın University

  • Aılım University

  • Gelişim University

  • Beykoz University

  • Among the public universities that teach aviation management in Turkey:

  • Gaziantep University 

  • Eskişehir Technical University

  • Selcuk University

  • Iskenderun Technical University

  • Ondokuz University

  • Necmettin Erbakan University

Costs of studying aviation management in Turkey:

It is natural to know that tuition fees vary according to the university and its type, but tuition fees in Turkish universities in general are low compared to tuition fees in universities of other countries, and public universities Turkish have lower fees compared to Turkish private university fees with higher cost.

It is worth noting that some universities allow students to study this major in English.

  • Costs of studying aviation management in public universities in Turkey:

The tuition fees for Aviation Management major in public universities in Turkey are estimated at about (580 to 1250) USD per year.

  • Costs of studying aviation management specialization in private universities in Turkey:

The tuition fees for aviation management major in private universities in Turkey are estimated at about (2500 to 10000) USD per year. 

Aviation Management Specialist Salary:

The salaries of aviation management graduates vary according to their experience, the number of years of experience, and according to the sector in which they work, and their wages generally range between (5500) Turkish liras and (8000) Turkish liras approximately per month. 

Areas of work of the Aviation Management specialization:

Graduates of this specialization can work in multiple jobs and fields and in institutions, both governmental and private, and students' chances of obtaining better jobs increase as they have more practical experience and higher the level of study, and among the centers and jobs in which they can work: 

  • Work at airports

  • Work in the operation of stations and airlines

  • Work in ground handling organizations at airports and in public and private institutions.

  • Work at work in the management of companies or other public institutions.

  • Possibility of establishing own business.

  • Work as a contingency plan preparer for airports

  • Work in the airport security department

  • Work in customs clearance

  • Work in aviation

  • Work in tourism companies

  • Work as a flight attendant

  • Work in the security and safety of transportation

  • Work in the Ministry of Transportation

  • Work in airlines

Skills required and developed in the study of aviation management:

Students who want to study aviation management must possess a number of qualifications and skills that the study will enhance later, in order to be able to succeed in their career and study paths strongly. These qualifications and skills include:

  • Be careful at work

  • Calm and perfection

  • Teamwork skills

  • Good monitoring skills

  • Interest inculture and knowledge

  • Ability to communicate with people

  • Skills improvement and development

  • Knowledge of legal procedures

  • Leadership skills and self-confidence

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